How To Take Apart A Nook Simple Touch (TM)

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Isaac Tanner-Dempsey: Try a factory reset before you take apart your nook. I broke my screen doing it. The following procedure details how to perform a factory reset. A factory reset will deregister your device, removing all digital books and files, including side-loaded content. The titles you have purchased will remain in your Barnes & Noble account. NOTE: We recommended that you back up all side-loaded content you wish to save to an SD card or computer before proceeding. 1. Confirm the device is powered off and that the microSD™ card slot is empty. 2. Hold the Power and Home key simultaneously; A grey NOOK logo should appear. Continue to hold both buttons down and release immediately after the screen turns black. 3. If successful, a grey NOOK Logo will appear and the screen will refresh momentarily and flash yellow. A Factory Reset prompt will appear. 4. To continue, press the Home key. 5. To exit, press the Power key.

Glowyrm: Can't really hear you on the potato microphone you used.

Gautham B: Matthias, Thanks a ton man! You are a lifesaver..! Thanks for the very helpful video..! Cheers!!

jlh Hertel: I took my NST apart as suggested and got the battery recharged but now I can't get the case together. The back and front are off by a fraction of an inch. Is there any way to aline it exactly? Any help woild be appreciated, thanks forthe video.

Cyntexas: I am not seeing an SD card. Did the NST come with one? I couldn't see on your video how you got it out. I see the numbers inside the door, but nothing seems to be there.

Matthias Dailey: You can't really fix the screen, but you might be able to replace it. Look online for replacement screens for your model. As for the button, you could disassemble the nook and see what's broken. If the motherboard is cracked, then you'll have to replace that too. You might end up having to buy a new nook.

heliosm298: Thank you sooo much!!!!! I had to open up my nook to fix it and this is the best video I have seen so thank you!!!!

LJUBICABOR: Hi, I managed to reboot my nook following your instructions but now I can't put my cover back. On your video it looks so easy, but mine always slips to the bottom. I would leave it like that, but then I can't put the power button back.

Matthias Dailey: Hm that's interesting. I just double checked. Maybe we have different models. Mine is model number BNRV300.

Jacqueline Avis: Thank you SO much! I was damaging my fingers and the plastic trying to rip the damn thing apart because that's what the forums say... glad I found your video. It was a simple matter of sliding it downwards, so silly. Thanks.

fallsinger: if you mean to pry up the power button, I just used my fingernail and went at it from the bottom of the button, not the top. It was a lot easier

UrAnus: Do you know where can I get a new battery?

nvr2late2learm: Thanks so much. My nook is working thanks to you.

Matthias Dailey: Devices are getting harder and harder to take apart these days. I tried taking apart my phone the other day and cracked the screen. (Admittedly, it was my fault because I was prying the glass with a screwdriver....)

Randy Nook: TechRepublic reported that the chips the same, but it is ambiguous whether they simply do not mention or whether the following are not present on the NST mobo that they do mention on the Glow mobo: CKP TI A3T9, Texas Instruments BQ27520 System-Side Impedance Track Fuel Gauge, Texas Instruments 2624I, Texas Instruments MSP430F2272 16-bit Ultra-Low-Power Microcontroller Texas Instruments YE04 18K G4 A919 Texas Instruments HP4067 1AK G4 D024

Cyntexas: Ok thanks! I appreciate the reply so quickly. I have not added one so I know now that there isn't one. My Mom's has gone to a screen freeze on Homer, and I am hoping to get it restarted by unplugging the battery since nothing else has helped.

sliuyz L: Hi, you are a life saver! My nook stuck at the READ FOREVER sign after unsuccessful root and I cannot even turn it off and re-root. I tried to take off the back cover and remove the battery but only end up made small scratches. How I wish I had seen this earlier... Thanks again! Very much!! And my nook is back to life now~

djl1560: The screw under the power button is indeed a Torx 5 size. On my NST it is covered with a tiny little sticker that needs to be scraped off to get the T5 inserted. This whole process fixed my 'dead' NST. Thanks for posting!

Matthias Dailey: I'm not an expert, but I would agree that disconnecting the battery might solve the problem. Maybe the Nook crashed. There isn't a real "off" state (it's always on; it just "sleeps"). So disconnecting the battery is the only way to get a fresh reboot.

WryBenjamin: I should have seen this video before I tried to pry open the cover by myself :(

Googil Naji: but how the hell do you get the screw driver in?

Matthias Dailey: If you press them together correctly, they should slide into alignment. Try inspecting the points of contact for debris.

fallsinger: My nook is frozen after having been left off for about 1 month. When I took it out to use it, the battery was dead and the screen showed the "battery too low to power on" message, so I plugged it in, but then the screen got these horizontal lines across the text and the ink faded in some places, and now it won't turn on despite the battery being fully charged (as indicated by the green light when I plug it in and the fact that it was plugged in overnight). Will disconnecting the battery help?

Vitiuxa: Thank you very much. I dropped my Nook and the part around the n button kinda popped up, but i fixed it easily after i removed the back cover.

Mercedes Schaffer: i took apart my nook like u said but the back cover wont slide back in all the way!!!!!! but it charging again that is a good thing.... so what should i do or what am i doing wrong

stef henry: Thank you very much! Your video was incredibly helpful. My Nook is working again :D

luminaia: Thanks for taking the time make this vid. Super helpful.

TheEsekherif: ty we dont have nooks in our country it got frozen i didnt know what to do thx to you i do know

Christine Lacayo: My nook simple touch was ruined because my sister added pressure to it by accident. This caused for most of the pixels in the top left corner to turn white and it looks scratched on the inside plus its nook button wont work. Do you think its fixable ?

44doogie: There is actually a sticker covering the top of the screw, at least on my unit. I was unable to manually peel off the sticker, so I simply stuck the Torx into the top and poked through the paper.

teethr33: Thanks, my nook is frozen right now and this is very helpful in removing the battery.

SuziePenguin: Thanks for making this video. You just saved me buying a new NST. It wasn't under warranty so I figured why not take it apart since it wasn't holding a charge anyway. Took it apart, unplugged the wires connecting to the battery, gave all the inside bits the hairy eyeball, a stern talking-to, and a clean out with some canned air. Put it all back together, turned it on - discharging at 95%! Got it on the wall adapter giving it a top off before lunch. Yay! Thanks again.

Karla Sanchez: My nook has a frozen charging screen. I did the steps on this video but it stayed the same. what's another method I can use?

Alberto Arévalo: hello. is there any hardware reset buttom in there or something that help me completly reset the device ? (any of the other reset methods worked)

Matthias Dailey: I don't know... You could check on the internet. Maybe Amazon has something.

Vineet Tyagi: Mine is same. Were you able to fix yours?

Matthias Dailey: Yeah, that's what happened to me too. I dropped it one day and the battery shifted from its place inside, so the cover was bulging. So I had to take it apart.

Matthias Dailey: I don't think mine came with a SD card included. It should be plainly visible in there. And when you push it in, it pops out.

Andrew Singleton: I've got a broke nook. Buttons feel like they respond (The glowlight will come on) But the screen does not change. Doesn't go to sleep mode doens't change to 'your nook is powered off' it' stuck on the last page i've read. Any ideas?

gmeyer1324: Thank you so much! Just saved $70 bucks on a return/refurb. My nook went under water at the beach. I left it in a bag of rice overnight to get rid of the moisture, but it still wouldn't turn on. I took off the cover and it was full of sand. It works perfectly now. Thanks again!!!

Randy Nook: Can you confirm whether the NST w/o glowlight has the same chips as the one with glowlight. I have not been able to find this anywhere. ifixit dot com has a teardown of the glowlight. Look at the pic and list for Step 10. I would put a direct link but youtube wont let me...

luminaia: Just a note -- I found the T-5 Torx was too small. T-6 is what worked for me.

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How to Take Apart a Nook Simple Touch (TM)
How to Take Apart a Nook Simple Touch (TM)
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How to Take Apart a Nook Simple Touch (TM)