Kim Kardashian Hair Tutorial Pt.1

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Kiyannah: One of the FIRST videos that really got me into hair♥️ Now I have my own channel 😢 such an inspiration ✨

AlexandriaJay: crazy how i use to watch this video 6 years from now! You were great back then and great right now! So inspirational

Stylez ByTiff: I love all your hand channels you really inspire me I need help and your advice I'm tired working g 9to5 and need a master plan to support me and my son. I am good at doing hair, fashion. please if u have any advice please share it. thanks for your inspiration❤

Brenda campbell: I wish I could have the look

Myana Fuller: Pretty!

Cherlie Lafosse: I Like. You're. Hair

Stef J: You're really pretty

Mel Stevens: I go plug in my karmin g3 clipless right now!

Jack Belshaw: @sjbddaa yep. i am lucky to get my gift mascara from maybelline for nothing. Listen to this, is really easy to register for your gift, just give ur email and delivery address. i found it here >>

The Jefferson Life: Omg your videos then and now!! I still love it...Boom Babe

BLAZ3in: 1st of ur pretty & nice method

chiinky_baby: I came across this video when you first uploaded it !!! I've been subscribed since then !!! lolz for the past two yrs youve saved my hair lol

Simone Wade: My question is, and it seems like I can never just get a straight answer out of people that make these videos is how much in total did you pay for the weave hair and how long did it take for it to come in the mail? Well I don't know if you ordered yours online or not but if so how long did it take, if i could get a answer back that would be great, thanks!|

Alyssa Thomas: Do u always put the longer lengths at the back and work up to the shortest hair at the front? When I get my hair done it's usually always done in the reverse way (shortest at back) but I like how ur hair looks.

Amber Young: You are soooo gorgeous doll. How long were the Brazilian Weave lengths in your newer videos? I'm tring to get ideas for prom. What brand was the hair?

Chante McNish: Hey ladies. Want a Kim K look? I just wanted to invite you all to check a new business about weave hair that if you're interested in affordable brand name weave. I'm not sure what prices you're use to but just visit the fan page for more information to if FHD can beat them. Thanks for checking it out!

Erin N.: what inches are the rods?

Zipporah Woodruff: lOVE YOUR VidEO!!&& YOUR NAME!!MY MiddlE NAME iS MONEt tOO!!=)

tiarra monet: This video was uploaded 2 years ago. If you check my newer videos, editing is in full effect. Thank you!

IcedLipGloss: btw you can totally edits out certain parts to make the vid shorter and to the point, such as when you had to count to 30 lol

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Kim Kardashian hair tutorial Pt.1 5 out of 5

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Kim Kardashian hair tutorial Pt.1
Kim Kardashian hair tutorial Pt.1
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kim kardashian hair tutorial pt 1
kim kardashian hair tutorial pt 1
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Kim Kardashian hair tutorial Pt.1