Chevy Silverado Tailgate Latch Repair

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Skytrekin: Autozone has a door lock rod clip assortment pack P/N 75450 also has the right clip inside it. It was a little over $3 The white one fits perfectly.

Patt H.: Great video! I'm glad you showed the broken piece. I took care with mine after watching this & got mine off successfully.

deborah lay: I just broke my brothers tailgate last week borrowing his truck...I am sure this is what broke... thank you soooo much ...

Benny “CoffeeBner” Salvador: Cool thanks for the how to video.

Jerry Hamilton: Any idea of how to get to the rod if the clip is broken at the outer edge where the tailgate meets the bedside?  Both my clips at the tailgate handle are fine, but the rod is hanging loose on the passengers side.  Trying to find a fix for that.

Mike Vormwald: You need (German) Max 1 adhesive - best adhesive I've ever used. Glues anything to anything instantly.

Charles Skelly: LMSTactical Thank You for NOT editing out the broken outer shield piece or your struggle in how one might think to go about replacing the little plastic clip. It is in watching others and struggling of our own is how we all learn. Thanks

Tom Root: Thanks for the upload!  The Stealership said it would take more than an hour to fix, even with a novice as yourself, it took less than 16 mins never doing it before!  I appreciate you guys that make it easy for us out here!!!

PJ Strawbridge: Just happened to me.  Going to fix it this weekend as long as I can find the replacement linkage/clip.

Stacee jones: Thank you.... my dad let me use his Silverado truck and the same happen on me... I didn't know what I was going to do, but thanks to you now I know....

Raz8177: Good job sir, helped me out... thanks!

Welder Nate: If you pick up on the tailgate while lifting the handle it's likely less to break unless the retard that broke mine.

Mark Housman: Thanks Your video was helpful, if a bit long. I too broke the plastic casing (bezel). I ordered new clip online, had to get a set. The part # is 88981030 if anyone's looking. about $14 with shipping

Clinton Roberts: Thank you for the great video! It made the repair of my tailgate very easy. I appreciate you sharing with us!

James Fenton: There is no way to get that part off if the temperature is below 50f, let it sit in the Sunshine or put the truck in the garage.
Mine was the right hand side as well, seems the right side is somehow weaker.
My customer was understanding, but I had to install velcro strips and screw's, one on each side, to "Finish" this job.
It is designed in obsolescence in my opinion.

James Fenton: The best part is how to avoid getting the cover broken during removal. I repair lots of doors and windows, and access is the problem that you helped solve. I note that all plastic parts are So fragile, it seems to be designed in obsolescence. Thanks for the info for access. Welcome to the club, I am as disappointed as you are regarding the plastic parts, you would figure the old metal clips would still be used, however, they make more money selling these "cheesy" parts than real durable stuff. Also if the vehicle has been outdoors or at high altitude for long the plastic gets brittle due to UV exposure.

Shawn Schaefer: It work for me... thank you ?

Lou Flores: I have a 06 Silverado and have replaced them twice since 05 when I purchased the pick up.

Paul's Mom: Thanks for the video, really helped a lot. I was able to loosen the 3 bolts on the inside of the tailgate and do the repair using an alternator tool without removing the plastic guard. saved some time and the possibility of breaking the clips.
Thanks again!

allisonians: Thank you so much LMS!!!! I have an old 99 Silverado. I broke the outer casing too! Only my truck has lived outside and the plastic is brittle(RRRrrr)... Anyway. My tailgate will be working in a sec. Funny thing making the calls to parts stores and such, I bought the part for the bars for $8 at the dealer. The parts store had the outer part for $8, the 'Chevy Dealership' had it for $45. After market vs. dealer price. It would be so funny to have a Shiny new part around a oxidized old handle and upper/lower fender piece. Bahahaha! Anyway, just wanted to say thanks! I couldn't have fixed it myself elsewise! :D Grateful PNWesterner! :D

Chevy Silverado Tailgate Latch Repair 5 out of 5

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Chevy Silverado Tailgate Latch Repair
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Chevy Silverado Tailgate Latch Repair