Force Of Execution (2013), Steven Seagal - Original Trailer

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IamHueGraves: movie looks awful... but Bren Foster is in it... I feel conflicted

THE16THPHANTOM: what??? segal is like the modern Bruce Lee. he's just bad ass. i like all his movie(the ones i've seen)

DW1014: This was better then I though, but still a bad movie. Seagal's "accent" was annoying as hell. That co-star that was doing martial arts made the movie, he's really good.

Bokoyfourtwenty Tabagrong: Another crapty movie by segal. 

Peter Lodolo: Molto bello non vedo l'ora di vedere Steven Seagal nel nuovo film de " I mercenari 3" girato in Bulgaria.

Wilfried Bony: Best movie of 2013.

Seth Gecko: does somebody know what's the track playin' in the strip club at 31:00?

Eric Fernandez: It doesn't matter how many guns, washed up actors or martial artists Seagal throws in his movies they're all the same movie nothing new or special & they all serve to glorify him. He needs to drop the 80 lb. loaf of crap he's carrying in his belly & get a clue about how to make good movies.

Mary Ann Campbell: I don't know what is going on, but I still like him. 

dfrostband: Pure oscar material

marcski100: If any one is considering walching this you should crap in your microwave and turn it on and waltch that and it will be much better then the movie 

jayden777: More people are saying that he doesn't do his fights like in the past. They cut so much, over-edit that you can't see much more than him shooting a gun and talking. What happened to this man? The invention of the microwave and mini fridge did not serve him well. I used to love his earlier films like Under Siege, Above the Law, etc. He's made a name for himself and doesn't seem to care anymore, thus tarnishing it.

DOUGLAS HOTCHKISS: now that he's been hangin out down south he sounds even more like a fag.

SvR2011XBOX360: stop bitching bitches or Steven will kick your ass! lol

Faris Khrais: One of the most stupidest and craptiest movies of was the plot about?! Is it about the guy that got his hand broken? Is it about the gang war? And even the gang war in this film didn't have any purpose !!! Get yourself improved Mr Steven...

Daniel Allen: What's all the fuss about? Rather enjoyed this movie. Stop whining. If you don't like it, than don't watch it. You either like Steven Seagal or you don't? You guys knew what you were getting, just by looking at the cast members and this trailer. Stop crying, pleeeeaaasse...

STILL IN harsh-times: im sure the guy with the gottee was killed in the first movie freak i aint even seen machette 2 and freak heres number 3 with the return of the fat lord with a gottee

19pablo84cambridge: Where is Chuck Norris??

J3TPILOT1991: Seagal REALLY REALLY needs to lear how to act, he also REALLY REALLY needs to get some other type of role besides boring voiced tough guy.

red: Wow, what a crap movie, Steven Seagal must either hang his shoes up or rethink the type of movies his taking, shocking movie for Steven Seagal

Jake Hauck: Steven Seagal is the worst actor to ever live. All his movies suck, and he is a prick. He is a complete fake.

RonHoward: Steve, do us a favor: retire while you're sill a bit respected. Stop digging your grave like any Van Damme. 

Weaksauceization: Any good? 

petarr777: Best tactical battle emulation in Steven Seagal movies. Must contain at the beginning a disclaimer "Not for politically correct sissies." Now all offended go watch a disney cartoon.

STILL IN harsh-times: is this machette 3 i aint even seen number 2 yet freak...........

Shaun Milfler: this movie belongs to 80

HDscreenerX: wtf is this? another cheap expandables? don't get me wrong steevo, im a big fan of your 90s movies but enough is enough

jordan999fire: I looked up Death Race 4 hoping I would find one (I didn't) but I watched a different vid and this advertisement popped up and I was like YES!!!!!!!

tasos xpeke: Anyone knows the song in 57 minute of the movie when they enter into the club ?

Nikos Pappas: Nothing looks bad in this movie, seagal always the best. I don't know what's wrong with you peeps.

Bombadouken: I don't know why are a lot of you guys badmouthing about Steven Seagal. He is Fricken Awesome!!

Θωδωρής Βαρζόπουλος: What is the song in the trailer?

Harris Meita: Latest Videos Force of Execution 2013

deatstar11: Ok so just watched this film. Mildly amusing and somewhat...racial(?) Basically, we have two sets of bad guys with a third subset of... bad guys. In the one corner, we have the good bad guys who are white (Segal and his crew) And in the other corner we have the bad bad guys which are black (Rhames and his crew). Somewhere in the middle we have the third Latino subset of bad guys which are kinda but not really allied with the black bad guys. Their role is a bit ambiguous yet no less nasty then the other two groups. Danny Trejo plays the role of the good (bad ass) Latino that whites love to have on their side as long as he's willing to die for and serve their interests against his own kind and act as a buffer between them and the bad black guys. All three groups would be equally distasteful if not for the white woman thats thrown in to make the boundaries of kinda good and very bad more clear. The Latino gang abducts her and the white gang comes to save her from the black gang which through the Latino gang attains her (you with me?) So in order to make the white gang look somewhat honorable and more palatable to the viewer, the white woman has to be roughly treated by the black and Latino gangs. Everything is so stereotypically done. What with the white gang being highly organized complete with secret passageways throughout their lair, an armada of weaponry, communication by radio, a network of surveillance cameras, and high tech gadgetry to unloose upon the homeboys. The black gang is somewhat less organized yet thoroughly callous and bloodthirsty employing the ever popular drive by tactic and tough street talking jargon which Rhames and his crew deliver in every scene with utmost cold bloodedness and diabolical cigar smoking detachment. All the genre defining cliches are present. We get to see scantily clad strippers working the poles and adorning the top baddies, we have our "Take the body out into the desert and dig a hole" scenario. We have the inevitable poor slouch tied up and "worked over" scenes and we have the baddest ass fighter who's tough but stoically silent and unassuming.(Segal being too old and fat to fit that role these days) Plenty of fancy foot and hand work, plenty of lead flying around, and a very obvious lack of law enforcement leaves the stage for all three groups of bad guys to perform at their utmost badness without interruption from meddlesome cops.

Nikos Vasileiadis: Seagal freaked his carreer with all those b movies. Where is the Seagal that we knew? From Nico,Hard to Kill,Under Siege and other amazing movies?

Carl Winter: full of crap actors, seaguls just a fat freak with no voicebox n the black guys a retard frm the hood

wheelmanstan: ving rhames is such a great badass actor, I wish he did more big budget films

Nate ObCuzz: Steven Seagal is my hero!! freak ALL YALL.

J English: no need to download this movie when you can stream it right here.

Jason Stone: Was gonna download it, but I'm glad i watched half of this before i did.

Vincent McDaniel: Steven Segal is a professional. I've done three films with him and loved each one.

Movie Club: Force of Execution (2013) Action - Rated R Not yet released (voting begins after release) Plot unknown. Director: Keoni Waxman Writers: Richard Beattie, Michael Black Stars: Danny Trejo, Steven Seagal, Ving Rhames 

venomlegions: Already downloaded the movie last night!

Royal Lion: Steven Seagal is really awesome! I like all his movies! he just disappeared for a while... 

Scott Mims: Thought that was Kenny Powers!

mp3talon: no thanks

MrArbeter: How can such a crappy movie like this end up in Piratbay top 100? It dosent deserve to be watched for free. Il watch it the movie makers pay me to watch it

Gerry Burgess: Wow just watched this movie, steven is so one dimensional. only good parts are the scenes without steven... 

Alexei Romanov: he is FAT FAT FAT!

Living Social: I got a groupon from Miami and almost got tricked. The description was way off for that the deal they were offering. I found groupon reviews that several people had the same issue. Luckily Groupon honor a refund, but my time was wasted.
Force Of Execution (2013), Steven Seagal - Original Trailer 4.5 out of 5

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Force Of Execution (2013). Steven Seagal - Original Trailer
Force Of Execution (2013). Steven Seagal - Original Trailer
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Force Of Execution (2013), Steven Seagal - Original Trailer