Force Of Execution (2013), Steven Seagal - Original Trailer

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hackerp49: Enjoyable direct to video crap

KJ Youngblood: songs playing during movie trailer

XZaapryca: This is one of the worst movies ever made. I love it. Ving's character does this kick and I crap myself laughing every time. Great watch while you're relaxed.

MsPopota69: what a freakin piece of crap! seagal kill your self please!!!

Falsetymology: $ifu $teve $checkel Is... Three Hundred Pounds

Mehmet Sari: e

Mehmet Sari: e

ihatecountry777: So steven seagal is black now?

Give it up for Jackson Heights own, Mr. Randy Watson: Why is Ving Rhames slumming it with bloated Segal like this?

Mantle4ever: How is it gonna look when the "fat old fart" makes quick work out of all of you keyboard warriors who criticize Seagal. I would bet any amount of money that most who do are under six feet tall and are in fact little twirps who couldn't handle fighting an elderly woman.

Dominique Davis: Does anybody know the song when entering the club at 28 minutes of the movie???

Lyrical Block 32: This movie kicks ass!!!! Never got my eyes blink ..

Prav Dhaliwal: Watching this movie while "buzzed" is the crap lol...good job seagal keep em comin !

Donnie SonOfTheDon: A comment on IMDb with the Alexander character on One Good Man called him "a fat old fart with a potty mouth." This is hilarious about a once respected martial arts action film maker of some repute. Perhaps he'll keep on in his senior years with Ginsu Dementia Hit Man.  I like it! LOL!

StyrbjornStarke: The 80s want their movie back

FreedomWorkShop: Pointless trash written by people that, mentally, never left their teens. I wouldn't watch this if I were in a waiting room for 14 hours and it was the only thing in the room besides a TV and a DVD player.

Vitaliy Markevich: This is Steve's best movie

Chris Dodges: Gillie Da Kid @1:13

Barone Reale: Bud Spencer was more suitable for this movie!

IamHueGraves: movie looks awful... but Bren Foster is in it... I feel conflicted

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Force Of Execution (2013), Steven Seagal - Original Trailer 5 out of 5

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Force Of Execution (2013), Steven Seagal - Original Trailer