Car Engine Overheating - Causes And Symptoms Of Over Heating Car Engine

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Jevin Mathew: Hi, my Honda Accord 2011 2.4L car'sengine overheated 3 times, (one time, slight smoke came), because of a faulty radiator. Now I have replaced the radiator and drove around 1000km+, with the car performing the same as before it had the radiator issue. It drives smoothly and perfectly. What I'm worried about is, was the car's engine damaged by that heat? Will it reduce the longevity of the car? I plan on using it for another 10 years or so. Until I can afford a new one. Will it be reliable enough for another 200,000 kms easily? Its odo is now at 90,000 kms.

Juan Rodriguez: Question both cooling fans work no leaks but at a stop my car overheats what should I do

danial raza: Guys help me
I have datsun 120y is over heating
I check my raidiator is clean

Daniel Madden: 07 hummer H3 140,000 miles, I bought it a year ago at 130k I get overheating when Im sitting at idle or slowing down. If Im at idle I put it in nuetral and rev the gas and it brings the cooling down to normal just above the half way. I replaced the ECT sensor, the oil pressure sending sensor, the thermostate. I asked the mechanic to do a radiator flush, he merely drained it and filled it when he changed thermostate. I asked for pressure test he did not do it. If I let it sit and idle for 15 minutes, it performs ok. If I drive on freeway it performs ok. Now Im guessing I should buy new radiator cap, hoses, I was informed by previouse mechanic he replaced water pump befor I bought it. I see no signs of leaks. possibly slight leak at water pump but no spots on ground, I have seen top hose hot and hard with pressure while bottm hose not hot and soft. So I thought it was thermostate. The fan seems to be working it operates with serpetine belt and feels strong. I dont know if there is supposed to be a gasket on thermostate the mechanic installed without one. Im wondering if the system has air I have been driving for three days. I wonder if radiator is clogged, if I have leaky hose, If radiator cap is not letting pressure escape into overflow, it appears to not open and top hose is hard and hot with pressure. I see no signs of head gasket leak ???
I had low oil pressure so I changed oil sending unit, I found oil on terminals. Mechanic did not do oil pressure test. When I use conventional Castrol 5-30 I burn no oil between changes, I tried using Amsoil Synthetic I had to add 1 quart every 1k miles, I went back to Castrol with Lucas oil stabalizer oil light went off. I still need to do a engine compression test. oil pressure test. I spent 700 and engine gauge still goes up and down, when slowing down or stop, when engine reads hot idle becomes rough, I then rev engine it returns to normal. Can you help me ??? It is crazy the mechanic had old VW bus siting in garage for week he could not fix idle, I found answer on my phone he adjusted distributor and it worked fine, but I cant seem to help him fix my car. I have only changed a flat tire,on my car in forty years of driving I have always taken good care maintainance. But I love this Hummer H3 and I want her to run like new she looks new. It has the straight five. Appreciate your help if possible.

Francisco de la luz Gonzalez: just had a mechanic tell me 700$ to do this fix

andrew armington: I have a 2004 Chevy Venture that I have taken in twice and have replaced the radiator hoses the radiator cap and the thermostat and it tends to overheat to redline on the highway and he tells me that what needs to be replaced next is the head gasket what is your opinion

Cesar n jovana Ugalde: I replaced the radiator on my saturn 2001 sl with a new one my car never overheated it was jst leaking, but now no more leak but overheats.... But when i touch the radiator its cool but the hoses are hot...oh nd now it wnt throw out heat when i change it to the heater???

Jeremy Ettawakapow: Hi I’m from up in Canada here , currently taking an automotive course in university but I’d like to know since I’m not there yet and solving problems Soo my car has been overheating for awhile now I do in town driving and my car rises around 90C to 120C (not sure how much that is in F ) I had my coolant flushed and replaced and noticed my fan is not moving even at idle ....what can I do ??

Dx Eagles: i have an audi a3 and it's mostly overheating when i stop and heating is on inside and their are lots of white stuff when i open the engine oil cap. should i replace the waterpump or just to check the fans. help me please

Alvin Balonglong: great. thanks for the video.

Jeremy McCloud: ive noticed the older kia sorentos run hot but not overheating

T Don: Hi, can you suggest what the issue may be, car leaks coolent, pipes get hot and solid, air lock when water cap opened, no hot heater only blows cold air, on a long journey looses all it's coolent

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Cory Clark: 2005 Suzuki Forenza. When I first start car it'll overheat. I put the car in neutral and coast to a stop. Before I get to a complete stop it runs normal then does fine until I shut the car off. Also have no heat but no signs of coolant in floor board. New thermostat so I'm lost here.

Melissa Clark: I have a 2004 Nissan Sentra I had heating problems where it was overheating I change the radiator the water pump and the thermostat flushed it out filled it up with water let it run for mop 15-20 minutes or so and it don't run hot no more my gay says it's not running hot but dies and will not crank back up for at least 3 or 4 hours I have to let it completely cool down completely like a cold motor before I can start it back up I did take some starting fluid because it act like it wasn't getting no fuel I put some starting fluid in it in the breaker it cranked up and ran for a little bit and died again I don't understand what's Happening Here could you please help me cuz as of right now I am stuck on the side of the road

Anthony G: My kids car has the following symptoms. Temp gauge stays in the middle where it is supposed to be. We pulled a hill after running it to normal temp. Water in resoivoir is bubbling at normal temp, upper hose is very pliable but temp gauge stays in the middle. He initially reported this as overheating and I did find the hose going into the recovrry was half off and leaking which I fixed. No other leaks found. The big concern right now is no notable pressure in upper hose when car is at normal temp and the bubbling water in the recovery resoivor. Any thoughts?

April Washington: I have changed my radiator and water pump on my 98 nissan Altima but my car still running hot

Barickhan majura: nice tutorial

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Car Engine Overheating - Causes and Symptoms of Over Heating  Car Engine
Car Engine Overheating - Causes and Symptoms of Over Heating Car Engine
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Car Engine Overheating - Causes and Symptoms of Over Heating  Car Engine