Car Engine Overheating - Causes And Symptoms Of Over Heating Car Engine

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booty pirates: Ok my coolant keeps going out the overflow even when the coolant is still cool my engin says its over heating ive changed the hoses and the head gaskets as well as the heater cantrol vaulve also I've flushed out the heater core as well as the radiator and changed the radiator cap also the thermostat has been changed after all of that my 2000 ford ranger 4.0 v6 is still over heating so I've removed the thermostat so I can drive back an forth to work. I'm thinking it's sucking in air somewhere bc when I park it on a hill side to bleed the radiator for air the air bubbles don't stop coming out even if I keep the truck running for hours... do u have any idea what it may be im out of ideas

Patrick Alarie: Anybody can help me? The temperature gauge doesn't work on my car so I can't realy on it to tell me if the engine is overheating but I have a feeling mine is. I checked everything that this video talks about and all seems ok except one thing I'm not sure. I noticed the radiator fan doesn't run when I start my engine at idle, should the fan always be running? I have a 1998 Ford Escort, no air conditioning system.

Michael Wells: how change belt for 2003 Ford Taurus

Cesar Lascaster: I have a gmc 1997 1500 z...something that I just got. I notice that the temperature gages were rising all the way to the red line then it came back to normal. when that happens heater is not working it only blows cool air. so what I did, I checked the radiator when it was cold, to my surprise it was almost empty. so I pour two coolant/antifreeze started the engine went home from work next day I rode the truck no problems so far. at the end of the day it started all over again. but this time there was coolant. so what's going on here?

Cesar Lascaster: I like this.

Sarah Lassiter: also my heat and ac do work normally

Sarah Lassiter: hey, so I am doing some research to figure out why my 2000 Chevy blazer smokes out of the heater vents. and I get a strange burning smell that I can't quite pin point. but I know that it does not have the maple syrup (antifreeze) smell. the guages do not over heat but I get the smoke coming out the vents and the odor. I only really get the smoke when I am driving uphill or accelerating a little harder. i also noticed that the muffler suddenly became very loud up towards the front end of the vehicle. I've checked all fluids and top off low ones. any idea of what may be causing this problem?

Mike Hotwagner: I have a 1999 Buick Park Ave. I need to know if it's the engine because it had overheated in they drove on it a little bit longer and I don't know what happen now there is a loud noise and someone said that it sounds like it's the engine I don't have anything that leaks I keep up on everything with The only thing I didn't do was add oil which I needed to do that day do I need to get a new engine or is there a fix I can do really need some help here

Jason Fleming: I just found out that a clogged or bad fuel filter can cause overheating

Terrell Williams: dam man I'm learning alot

Cbo Cbo: my car starts to heat up when im at a stop but when i start driving the temperature needle goes down? what can it be?

Joser Jonjay: hi there my Ford Explorer is overheating but I've checked for leaks there is nothing but wen I turn off da truck it starts smoking from the radiator wat would the problem be please

anthony mok: Hey man recently I was driving and I turn my AC on but it doesn't work so I still turn it on to fog out the windshield and my car started gradually heating up ? Need help and now when I accelerated it heats up.

02markcal: You should add checking your fan clutch to your list of items that can cause overheating.

Ray Gallegos: My 2001 4.7 Jeep Grand Cherokee over heated and has idling problems and won't stay running , I opened the radiator and found transmission fluid mixed with the anti-freeze.. I replaced the radiator, t-stat, water pump and spark plugs but I still have the idling problem.... what else should I look for the fix this problem? Thank you....

nathan stonehocker: what would make it not what. to stay running and when the engine. gets hot then when we turn the car off. wait for half hour then go down there to start it and it don't want to start no more and it's a 93 Ford Taurus v6 3.8 liter

josh smith: hears a brain tease for you i bought a 1999 dodge Dakota ii put a day permit on it the other day to help my friend and everything started out ok then after driving it for 20 min on a main road about 80kmh i came to a red light the truck started to sputter and shutter i glanced down at the gauges as the "idiot light" came on and my oil pressure dropped to nil luckily it happened right beside a gas station i pulled in shut it down jumped out checked the oil thinking i was out it was fine it cooled a bit and we got back in drove for about 5 min and it happened again this time we let it sit for about 20 min we made it to the job where it cooled for about a hour and a half we drove home having to stop once to let it cool now the next day i sat in the drive way and brought it up to the temp it was yesterday it ran fine lintel i put it in gear reverse or drive the oil gauge would drop and the gauge light would turn on then i put it in park and it turned off no idea what is wrong with it but hope its not the oil pump

Uipa Antonio: Hey i was wondering if you can help me out. I have an 2001 Hyundai Sonata and when I'm driving the temp gets halfway the car jerks and the check engine light comes on. Idk why it does that I clearly thinking that it's the coolant but idk please help.....?????

Keenen Davis: hey I got a 2006 mazda 3 sedan i have no idea why my temperature gauge keeps going up however i did check my coolant level before and after and i realized that there was alot more coolant in the bottle as if the coolant is being backed up when this occurs my heat blows cold and couple times i see streaks of coolant in my driveway does anyone have any idea as to what is causing this

Wester: My truck is overheating. It is a 2007 dodge ram. The catalytic converter just went bad. When I checked my coolant it was low and I filled it up. There is clearly a leak somewhere. I also smell something through my Air conditioner, kind of like a burning smell. There is no smoke. Any tips?

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Car Engine Overheating - Causes and Symptoms of Over Heating  Car Engine
Car Engine Overheating - Causes and Symptoms of Over Heating Car Engine
Car Engine Overheating - Causes and solutions!!
Car Engine Overheating - Causes and solutions!!
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Car Engine Overheating - Causes and Symptoms of Over Heating  Car Engine