Car Engine Overheating - Causes And Symptoms Of Over Heating Car Engine

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Jasmin Rodriguez: i found a leak in my radiator hose and replaced it. my fan is working, water pump is fine. but it still over heats when I'm on streets with stop signs and lights and when I'm on the freeway it's fine. any suggestions?

wizzy wizzy: can plugs cause overheating. my honda fit showing overheating after going for about 50. pressure testing done, radiator, radiotor cap and gasket confirmed fine. fern working. what could be other causes.someone suggested worn out plugs might be straingning engine leading to overheating. could this be a possibility. please assist

Vicki Wittmeyer: can't hear fans working..
only gets hot when I stop for awhile or driving slow.
antifreeze bubbles by the time I get home..
Cooling Fans???
Mine are way in front. So can't hear if running.. But, I ran car for 15 minutes. Never saw Fans move..
So could it be Fans then?
Is there a way I can test fans to see if working????

matt g: Helped A LOT. Thank you so much

Bonnie Mariani: My friend's car is over heatig, people tell her its her freeze plug. Do you really have to take of the engine to replace plug? Chrysler Town & Country....please response. thank you.

diamonds__: My car almost over heated so I got the thermostat changed and added coolant as well but three days later it almost overheated again. Their was a loud clunk at the bottom of my car before it went to the hot side

Vicki Wittmeyer: It was hot outside. Also drove it for 20 min. Only hot at stops or slow driving...

Vicki Wittmeyer: I have a 1995 chey lumina.
Ran car for 15 minutes but still fans didnt come. So im not sure if heater fan is working... any way to Test It?

Vicki Wittmeyer: how do you test if the fans for the heater are working?

Santosh Kalindi: superb video; explaining all required stuffs. excellent job.

Maria Ortega: The cooling fans don't turn off at all

Jose Torres: I had a mechanic replace the heater valve in my Mercury Mountaineer. The car is overheating. Is there a possibility that the heater valve was put on backwards?

Ronda Witt: my car overheats when I turn on the ac..then over heats...looses antifreeze....onto the ground

Arts&Trusts: Hey great video!
Quick question to cool down car via turning on the heater should it be set to cold or hot?? thanks

TK WX: I live in Arizona and it over heats in the day but it doesnt overheat at night. I drive a '99 chrysler 300m. I dont know what the hell to do. I replaced the thermostat, i checked the fans. I just dont know what the next step is.

Tameka Mouton: hi can you tell me why my ac pipe is freezing up and my thermostat is at c for cool its not moving now I don't know what the man did to my car they was fine yesterday morning when I picked up my car is when I had these problems

Mustafa-alnaimi - مصطفى النعيمي: I have 2011 ford tours getting overheat I change The fan on the radiator cooling fan control module.. but the problem it's same thing.. and also I have one of the headlight not working the passenger side one . Can you help me please??

CAR MAC 1: hi can you help me me? my 2000 grand am cooling fans don.t come on my fuses are good relays are good when i unplug the cooling sensor switch the fans come on. i Replaced the cooling sensor and the fans came on. drove the car at a stop light car got hot fast checked the fans and thay where not working what can it be Thanks Tony.

Hermz Naniong: I drive a 2014 Ford Fiesta. I had oil change and replaced the cooling fan, head gasket, thermostat and coolant sensor but I my engine still overheats at idle or slow traffic, especially when aircon is running. An on board diagnostic device which I borrowed from a friend displays P0017 and P0016 error code suggesting failure in camshaft position sensor and crankshaft sensor. Is that the real cause of overheating problem? What should I do now? Thanks

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Car Engine Overheating - Causes and Symptoms of Over Heating  Car Engine
Car Engine Overheating - Causes and Symptoms of Over Heating Car Engine
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Car Engine Overheating - Causes and Symptoms of Over Heating  Car Engine