Car Engine Overheating - Causes And Symptoms Of Over Heating Car Engine

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Charlton Woods: dont eva say somel should be fired for missing ur dirty battery cables.that is a courtesy service unless the customer ask for it.u ass hole

Cory Clark: 2005 Suzuki Forenza. When I first start car it'll overheat. I put the car in neutral and coast to a stop. Before I get to a complete stop it runs normal then does fine until I shut the car off. Also have no heat but no signs of coolant in floor board. New thermostat so I'm lost here.

Melissa Clark: I have a 2004 Nissan Sentra I had heating problems where it was overheating I change the radiator the water pump and the thermostat flushed it out filled it up with water let it run for mop 15-20 minutes or so and it don't run hot no more my gay says it's not running hot but dies and will not crank back up for at least 3 or 4 hours I have to let it completely cool down completely like a cold motor before I can start it back up I did take some starting fluid because it act like it wasn't getting no fuel I put some starting fluid in it in the breaker it cranked up and ran for a little bit and died again I don't understand what's Happening Here could you please help me cuz as of right now I am stuck on the side of the road

Anthony G: My kids car has the following symptoms. Temp gauge stays in the middle where it is supposed to be. We pulled a hill after running it to normal temp. Water in resoivoir is bubbling at normal temp, upper hose is very pliable but temp gauge stays in the middle. He initially reported this as overheating and I did find the hose going into the recovrry was half off and leaking which I fixed. No other leaks found. The big concern right now is no notable pressure in upper hose when car is at normal temp and the bubbling water in the recovery resoivor. Any thoughts?

April Washington: I have changed my radiator and water pump on my 98 nissan Altima but my car still running hot

bariki majura: nice tutorial

letsthinkitover1: how is the hurricane ??? be safe.

Rowdy Savage Slayer!: Can u give me your opinion . If on 1990 Honda Accord the thermostat is spoze to be a 180 An a 190 got put in. Can it cause. A radiator tank mind you plastic thanks. Cause it to split at a seem.

Cause I noticed that. Temp gauge. In car. Would. Get all most to h before. Thermostat would. Open. An eltric fan to kick on so what do u think

Brandon Zack: is it possible the battery can cause it too?

new to car thingy.

Michael Duncan: Much more of a helpful video, my 98 Silverado has been going up to 230 when its a idle with the ac on, it never does.. Usually sits at about 210 no more! I changed the water pump last year and didnt change the hoses like an idiot, flushed the radiator cause its blocked with a lot of crud from someone mixing Dex coolant or stop leak it looks all rusty anyways I had pressure on it when flushing it and seen the top hose on the water pump was leaking like crazy but you couldn't see it very much when I drove it cause I didnt drive far.. I'm just going to get a new radiator, and fan clutch might as well change all hoses too, did you quit making videos????

Jasmin Rodriguez: i found a leak in my radiator hose and replaced it. my fan is working, water pump is fine. but it still over heats when I'm on streets with stop signs and lights and when I'm on the freeway it's fine. any suggestions?

wizzy wizzy: can plugs cause overheating. my honda fit showing overheating after going for about 50. pressure testing done, radiator, radiotor cap and gasket confirmed fine. fern working. what could be other causes.someone suggested worn out plugs might be straingning engine leading to overheating. could this be a possibility. please assist

Vicki Wittmeyer: can't hear fans working..
only gets hot when I stop for awhile or driving slow.
antifreeze bubbles by the time I get home..
Cooling Fans???
Mine are way in front. So can't hear if running.. But, I ran car for 15 minutes. Never saw Fans move..
So could it be Fans then?
Is there a way I can test fans to see if working????

matt g: Helped A LOT. Thank you so much

Bonnie Mariani: My friend's car is over heatig, people tell her its her freeze plug. Do you really have to take of the engine to replace plug? Chrysler Town & Country....please response. thank you.

diamonds__: My car almost over heated so I got the thermostat changed and added coolant as well but three days later it almost overheated again. Their was a loud clunk at the bottom of my car before it went to the hot side

Vicki Wittmeyer: It was hot outside. Also drove it for 20 min. Only hot at stops or slow driving...

Vicki Wittmeyer: I have a 1995 chey lumina.
Ran car for 15 minutes but still fans didnt come. So im not sure if heater fan is working... any way to Test It?

Vicki Wittmeyer: how do you test if the fans for the heater are working?

Santosh Kalindi: superb video; explaining all required stuffs. excellent job.

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Car Engine Overheating - Causes and Symptoms of Over Heating Car Engine 5 out of 5

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Car Engine Overheating - Causes and Symptoms of Over Heating  Car Engine
Car Engine Overheating - Causes and Symptoms of Over Heating Car Engine
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Car Engine Overheating - Causes and Symptoms of Over Heating  Car Engine