Denix British Lee-Enfield SMLE 303 Non-firing Replica Rifle World War II

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herax: it doest have been used any war replica is bild from metal and tree to look like real its copy

Nicholas Pietrzak: lol nonfiring replicas

the doge pupy: It's from ww1 btw

Mike Fontana: Will this eject shells if you put them in

Darren Saltiel: Self important ? Your entire country throughout history is built on the notion of self importance guided by British rule and a superiority complex . And you dare to call me self important that's a laugh

smokemagnet: Beat it woman, you're stepping on our snacks!....

Hugo Maqueda: It does not work so give it to me

Den Kiwi: i collect uniforms  and these are great to place  on the mannequins   to "finish off" the look     hope they make a NO.4 one day

gpgpgpgp1000: A great use for this, the reason I bought mine, is you can make the Star Wars Jawa Ion blaster without destroying a real Lee-Enfield.  The stock is real wood so you can cut it down for the Jawa gun. The original prop was a modified Lee-Enfield with a grenade launching "cup" on the end.

No Man's Sky Naturalist: A fairly decent replica, in that Denix has made a working bolt assembly, a working magazine catch and removable magazine. Also, if you file down the bayonet mount just a tad, a real SMLE bayonet will attach to it. I've owned a real SMLE No. 1 Mk. 3* (the weapon which this is based on) and unless you know it well, it's hard to spot that this is not a real SMLE, unless you handle it and start trying to put the safety on, or load the magazine or something. The giveaway in terms of looks are the holes in the foresight guards - they'd be right for an SMLE No4, but not for a No1. Also, the stacking swivel has no gap so stacking is impossible - easily fixed with a metal saw and some black paint.

There is one major drawback with this replica, and that's the swivel band - it's way too big and it will eventually work its way loose. The best way to fix it is to buy a real swivel band and file down the handguard and forestock to accept it. That way you can attach a surplus SMLE sling to it. Minor disappointments are the lack of working rear sight adjustment and the lack of a working safety catch.

As an expat Briton who occasionally participates in WW1 living history events here in the USA, I really appreciate not having to buy a real SMLE, with all the federal licensing that requires. Sure, it doesn't shoot, but I'm not in the hobby to "play army", nor am I big on target shooting with outdated weapons, and if I were to use this for home defense, I wouldn't last long, because .303 ammo is kinda hard to find. So this does what I need it to do, and without having to worry about weapon safety.

Ur mom: Can you disassemble die nix replicas

PandaCheese: Love how people say these don't look real I have used Innoc versions of this for Drill and Ceremonial purposes (Innoc means just the firearm with the firing pin cut and bolt welded shut) ahd this looks extremely similar to the real thing you would have to look really close to tell the difference. The fact is it would trick more people with the moving bolt than an Innoc one with no moving bolt (and the Innoc one is real!) so  it is pretty detailed... Just saying I taught .303 Drill I know what one of these looks like ahaha

赤軍兵士: いいですね

Panzerfanlol c:: @kent sum
they don't have amazing detail compeered to the Airsoft guns because airsoft is built to scale, and in the same models if you look at some documentaries they state that the Kalashkanov Is built in the factorys where they make real ak-47s

Panzerfanlol c:: do they send to UK with ok shipping cost?

AJ Nelson: Thanks

AJ Nelson: I can't decide either the Lee-enfield, M1 Garand, or the m1 carbine? Recommendation please?

QWASZX642: well no airsoft gun you buy for 100 is full metal and real wood and im almost certain they dont make lee enfield airsoft guns

kent sum: hey just to say if someones gunna spend a few hundred on these dam things how come they dont pay attention to deatail i mean my airfoft guns look more real than these freaking thing 200 for replica 100 for airsoft airsoft cheaper and looks better,on most of these guns but a few are actually pretty good 

kushsugar: Hey guys, do you ship the 303's to Australia? And just another question, Do you sell These Non Firing 303's On Ebay? And do you need a license to purchase it, and for it to get through customs? 

Denix British Lee-Enfield SMLE 303 non-firing replica rifle World War II 5 out of 5

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I'M A TIME LORD FOR I LIVE IN TWO WORLDS! everyone should be a custodian of history.....
I'M A TIME LORD FOR I LIVE IN TWO WORLDS! everyone should be a custodian of history.....
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Denix British Lee-Enfield SMLE 303 non-firing replica rifle World War II