Denix British Lee-Enfield SMLE 303 Non-firing Replica Rifle World War II

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Darren Saltiel: This is pathetic move to a free country and buy a real smle replicas are a spit in the face to those who want freedom and just a tease to those who cannot own real firearms

XsizmGamer: Can you disassemble die nix replicas

PandaCheese: Love how people say these don't look real I have used Innoc versions of this for Drill and Ceremonial purposes (Innoc means just the firearm with the firing pin cut and bolt welded shut) ahd this looks extremely similar to the real thing you would have to look really close to tell the difference. The fact is it would trick more people with the moving bolt than an Innoc one with no moving bolt (and the Innoc one is real!) so it is pretty detailed... Just saying I taught .303 Drill I know what one of these looks like ahaha

武装親衛隊: いいですね

Andre Fowler: @kent sum they don't have amazing detail compeered to the Airsoft guns because airsoft is built to scale, and in the same models if you look at some documentaries they state that the Kalashkanov Is built in the factorys where they make real ak-47s

Andre Fowler: do they send to UK with ok shipping cost?

taiko729: okay cool

Ben Heavy: Can this take a Lee-enfield NO.4 spike bayonet? Can you push bullets in to the mag?

kent sum: hey just to say if someones gunna spend a few hundred on these dam things how come they dont pay attention to deatail i mean my airfoft guns look more real than these freaking thing 200 for replica 100 for airsoft airsoft cheaper and looks better,on most of these guns but a few are actually pretty good

Rifleman Moore: The woodwork is the main component. The muzzle cap has a short section of barrel in it, then it stops, if you take apart the woodwork there's no barrel within.

C J Campbell: denix do both the hook quillon and cut quillon smle bayonet for this rifle...but some examples may need to be filed around the lug to fit...some fit..some dont.


506PIR101Airborne: the sad thing is that my real one costed me as much as a replica would

gpgpgpgp1000: Toys don't usually cost about $150 - $200, or weigh in at 7 pounds.

Garrus Vakarian: For a Denix model, this actually looks quite nice (I've heard good things about their longarms/large machine gun replicas). Very very tempted to get one.

Dashie: its ok but my grand father had one of these (im an aussie) and that's what i learned to shoot with this one over all looks a lot smaller than the real thing and the magazine is longer than the real thing

taiko729: would the lug on the front actually hold a bayonet?

Alexbadman1138: can u attach a real bayonet to this? if not can u attach any bayonet on?

drtrekwars: Can this replica chamber replica ammo? Just so you have something to fly out when you pull the bolt back :P

pajax6: That is what you call a toy.

ReplicaGuns: smaller replicas yes.

taiko729: Really? Where do you find denix bayonets?

gunman098: i just got my denix lee enfield yesterday and i really love it, its going to make a real good wall hanger or to scare of burglars, lol hahaha

grizz474: Whats the point of a replica, are they for movie props and decorations or some other reason?

C J Campbell: cannot make it do any of these features

Lucius Cornelius Macro: It might be too late, but I hate the AK. I'd get the Lee Enfield instead. A lot more funt to play with and in my opinion a better looking rifle.

german canuck: ship to canada?

fishandchips85: Might I ask what metal was used?

greenday101195: I want to buy another Denix replica, but not sure which. I'm torn between getting the lee enfield bolt action, the AK-47 with stock, or the black 1911 with wood grips. Advice? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

drtrekwars: God bless Denix :'D

fishandchips85: Time to start saving up

MrOlekul: can you disassemble denix guns?

ReplicaGuns: @MrRichie1945 Yes, all my Australian buyers have gotten a permit, which I print off and include in the package, just in case Customs officials open it up

john guns: does a real lee enfield magazine fit into the gun?

ReplicaGuns: Denix usually plug their barrels about halfway (on the aft end)

VassiliSokolov: looks like all i would have to do to make this real is change the barrel, buy a new bolt, and fix the safety. Nice job Denix.

QWASZX642: well no airsoft gun you buy for 100 is full metal and real wood and im almost certain they dont make lee enfield airsoft guns

URAGamekid: Do you ship to the United Arab Emirates, and us it legal to ship there without a license?

gpgpgpgp1000: I bought mine to do a Jawa ion blaster replica. It was actually cheaper than trying to find a close-looking airsoft rifle with an actual wooden stock. Real wood is a necessity since you need to cut it down for a Jawa gun. The real Star Wars 1977 prop used an actual chopped down Lee Enfield with the grenade-launcher cup at the end.

Stuart Nezza: Its a good model appart from the sights not being functional as that lets it down .

BOT101st: I know a few who have these, they are well built and can fit an original bayonet on the end, so look the part for reenactments etc, bit iffy on the bolt and some parts to it...

C J Campbell: an internet search for the british company sof mail order..denix make both long and short bayonets for the garand, and hook and non hook quillon bayonets for the smle, also they do an arisaka bayonet, all these are on the uk dealers listing

C J Campbell: no the mag is not functional..its a seperate base on an empty shell which sits on inner lugs, there is no spring mechanism, it will not chamber or cycle any ammo

AJ Nelson: AK or Lee-Enfield and also, can the smle chamber like 1 dummy round to eject or something, cuz if I buy one I want it to eject shells

ReplicaGuns: @jcole2013 There is no orange plug. I assume because it is a replica of a pre-1898 designed gun.

ReplicaGuns: Hello.. Yes we have shipped to Australia with no problems, all of the buyers have obtained an importers permit. ---You will need to contact Australian Customs and complete form B709A. As I understand it, it is easy to get approved. Apparently, it is just an import permit so they can know what is coming into the country. Thanks for your interest!

Kevin McCumskay: This particular model has a major flaw in that the rear box housing for the firing pin breaks very easily bearing in mind its only pot metal. The only really decent thing is the furniture but please note will not fit a live firer or de-ac SMLE. I personally know of three people who have had to return examples of this repro due to breakages. Do yourself a favour, walk on by, save your pennies and pick up a de-ac or live firer...AVOID!!!!

aviationfreak08: i hate denix

ReplicaGuns: @TheCjcoon No, the magazine is totally solid


Denix British Lee-Enfield SMLE 303 non-firing replica rifle World War II 4.9 out of 5

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Denix British Lee-Enfield SMLE 303 non-firing replica rifle World War II
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Denix British Lee-Enfield SMLE 303 non-firing replica rifle World War II