Nokia Lumia: Copy Contacts

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Maciej SMac Stróżniak: Works great! Transferred all my contacts from Nokia 735 to another 735 in less than minute :) Thanks!

rick magoo: you just click on transfer my data on both phones and make sure bluetooth is on ....... and boom its done in less than a minute . freak this crap video ive just told you how to sort it

thandiwe majozi: where is contacts transfer please help I really need to copy my contacts

SergSpace: Idiocy !

el enviado: te mamaste eres experto pero no se de que y te haces wey para contestAR LA PREGUNTA COMO ELIMINAR CONTACTOS DEL windows phone

Luan Allaraj: when can find Contacts Transfer App
for lumia 920

Nicole Yao: totally agree that Nokia lumia is possibly the most crapty phone ever. totally not user friendly at all.

Rajesh Malhotra: How can i take backup from my Lumia 630 to SD Card only Contacts

clawiceiceice: piece of crap

John Smith: sounds great but contacts transfer is not listed in the apps section

Gazza G Man: Thanks I've come to windows from Samsung Note2 samedroid, after coming from applesheep, I don't feel like I'm sheep anymore.

Marjenka De Bell: This was really helpful :) Got the contacts from my Nokia Lumia (SD card) to my Iphone 5s. Thanks!

sclogse1: If you want to keep your sim card for the new phone, then obviously you can't transfer  your contacts to the other phone, with no sim card in it.

Jojo Lolo: Worst freaking phone in history of phones.... stupid MS should stick with freaking computers they are obviously retarded to make working smartphone....

eavlong heng: @Edvard Bertrand

marek branski: Not Perfect

Korazuko: If only I could see my screen, this would work!

Edvard Bertrand: how the hell do you export contacts to your sim?????? I got rid of my Windows phone and there's no option to export to sim, just importing. WTH???

juan maxa: I tried to do this but on the first step I couldn't see my old nokia phone any help please I would appreciate if you give me some advice thanks ;)

Zomzi Msweli: I dont understand why nokia came out with a windows phone, just freaked the name and fame

Nokia Lumia: Copy contacts 5 out of 5

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Nokia Lumia: Copy contacts