How To Make Activated Charcoal.

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dave12546: you shouldn't make videos unless you're going to explain everything to detail, you'll just get people in a lot of trouble, what are you using for measurements, just guessing

KiKi JahDore TheStylist: Thank you for this!

LIVER FLUSH MAN: Thanks for sharing and taking the time to make this video! Nice work!!!

shn lj: This isn't going to be a very effective product. Commercially the raw material (here oak) is granulated into smaller pieces and soaked in the salt solution first. Then it is heated to at least 500C in a low oxygen environment until carbonation is complete. High heat and low oxygen are key. That doesn't happen in a kitchen. This process might render some activation, but it's not going to be on par with commercially produced stuff. 20g will treat 500L of water for example. 20g of this stuff will not.

Matthew Stone: DIY Active Charcoal. Lot's of vids on making charcoal, very few on making it "active".

June Wheeler: thank you. I had no idea the different between active charcoal and raw charcoal. thanks again

Mikey Thomson: I really liked your video, I new activated charcoal was a different process and thank you for that. A couple of things though, it would be helpful if you added in the video where you can purchase calcium or zink chloride and if you are going to go through all the trouble of making a video you really could have brought your screening set up to really see how to do that final filtering, you leave that process kind of to the audiences imagination. That for some might turn out to be comical.

jokibud1969: Make a video of you eating the charcoal,I,ll sub please eat it

fuckofflalready: Cool. So how does one go about making "chem"?

Cynthia Mobley: Great video! Thank you.

Brian Berg: You effectively conveyed the process making activated charcoal. Your method is in line with others I've researched and this video has made me more confident in making my own activated carbon. That being said, your cinematography could be better. Also you have a good speaking voice but you should rehearse your lines. I can hear the script blowing in the wind behind the camera. 

Daphne Fowler: Question... what about using charcoal that is already reduced... for instance : Then just adding the necessary chemicals and following the remaining steps. Will it work this way?

Melvin Adkins: Also you can buy one cubic foot of it for from ninety to one hundred and fifty bucks. One cubic foot weighs 27 pounds. A pretty good investment considering the work that goes into making it and the quality is guaranteed. And....that is enough to last a lifetime for the normal survivalist.

no dillinger: i used a old lawn-mower with a fine1/4"to1/2" .grate welded on the bottom and a 6"wide and 2'long welded above the blade well like a big cuisinart also ran the exhaust 6' away you can add the CC while chopping the charcoal using a by weight formula and i do over a plastic gabage bin

Melvin Adkins: FYI...there is 2 to 9 million square feet of surface area in one pound of commercial GAC.

Swati Verma: u hv a lots of time to wast...

0528203: "if you just want to be all natural" hmm now where can I get me some of that fine old natural zinc chloride XD

Cat the HerbalPrepper: Thanks, I appreciate the video. I use activated charcoal in drawing salves, and have been wondering how to make it if commercial resupply were not possible.

swell411: Thanks for the info. If you're going to make a how to video you should have props on hand & not make us stare at a bucket in the grass. Better podcast than video. 

Camilo Garcia Benitez: Thank you Well done

comfortouch: Smoldering the wood also makes a lot of ash which needs to be filtered out of your charcoal before the activation process. To be more efficient with your wood, you should use a wood-gas stove to make the charcoal.

froginthegreen: +LightestNebula9 Thanks for your time, effort and sharing . Good stuff .

craziedde1: Interesting study. And carbon probably works as good detoxifier. By consuming all impurities. One concern would be to get it in the purest form... cleaned and without Calcium Chloride or Zinc Chloride.

LightestNebula9: I'm sorry your first comment was flagged as spam. I'm pretty sure I wasn't the one that did it. The charcoal should be submerged. It will soak it up and when you check on it in the 22-24 hour time period all of the liquid has been absorbed by the charcoal.

LightestNebula9: Really? Why did they do that? You are welcome and thanks for watching.

Tiger: Can you take bbq charcoal (like from Trader Joe's that claim it only has Wood and starch without any chemicals) and just crush it and go directly to the CaCl step?

Danny J.: Your dog was checking to make sure you weren't cooking up something good ha ha :^)


strata g: ok mate I had suspicion that was the case (common sense kicked in that very night) with a bit more research ive realised the solution is just a catalyst almost, makes perfect sense, as much as I can saturate in the solution. gotcha :-)

Mike Kennedy: is the calcium chloride a solution when you buy it or a solid?

Angie S: can i make this to filter my fish tank?

Storm Viking: Time to make some moon shine!

LightestNebula9: You're welcome.

narc2323: thank you brother you're the only one showing how its done

LightestNebula9: Thanks

beinganangeltreon: Wikipedia notes that a person could measure the filtering or absorption quality of activated carbon with a measue of how much "iodine" or "molasses" it absorbs Have you tried that I really appreciate the video. Is there a way to make activated carbon without CaCl? will any chloride, later rinsed out work? like nacl?

David Holmes: The reason for that is noteworthy...even worth bumping an old thread. "Treated lumber" is treated by soaking it in an *Arsenic* solution. This not only makes it most unpleasant for termites, but also unwise to burn (or to turn on a wood-lathe).

blackbirght: what is the solution of Calcium Chloride or Zinc Chloride doing with the coal

penguin6636: Deicer. It's the salt used to remove ice from your sidewalk. Get it from your hardware store in the winter.

LightestNebula9: eBay.

LightestNebula9: I am seeing several comments have been flagged as spam. I am not the one flagging them. I am going through and unflagging them.

LightestNebula9: If you are using bought lumber then yes you would have to soak it before burning. If you are using natural hardwood like I do from my own woods then you are ok.

Tomorer: What is activated about this charcoal? What do the chemicals do?

LightestNebula9: I would try my hardest to make sure it had no chemicals in it before I would use it. But if it truly does not have any chemicals then yes you could.

ShattteredGlass: Can i buy CaCl or Zncl in shops ? maybe in general merchendise ?

ThinkingRebal: You can also do it after with the same effect. Wiki isn't always 100% correct.

whateverbitches1: it's ice-melt for sidewalks...just check the label, some are potassium chloride. peace

johnstonalligator: Thanks dude

Hollyweed: This video could've been max 1 min long. Damn how can you drag it so long to a 9 min. God dammit!

LightestNebula9: Just to be safe I would soak 24 hours then rinse it off very thoroughly.

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How to make Activated Charcoal. 4.4 out of 5

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