FNX-40 Handgun Review

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Craig Shealy: If you're left-handed you don't have to hate your life. LOL. That's too funny.

Tony C: Perhaps a video that isnt shot in a windstorm.....

Anthony Vargas: Great review & thank you! I’m looking for something like this gun but I shoot with thumbs over grip and do you find that the safety/deroosterer gets in the way when shooting or you hit the safety by accident? Thank you for your time!

Leonard Kimble: Mine is two weeks old shooting this weekend coming up! Can't wait

Jake W: I miss my Fnx 40. Makes me sick I sold it.

Daisy Land: Does it sound like that because of the bullets or nah

Darin Kurtz: 2:47 favorite comment lol

David Lisi: ever notice you recoil up and to the right?

Steven Nihipali: it's odd to see an actual FNX, FNS, FN video... I liked your video, was simple and easy to follow

SAW2MUCH 68: What's fair market value on this. ?

InfiniteWisdom: The build quality looks like crap. It looks cheaply made even though it runs fine. The XD's have better quality and they're made in Croatia.  

Walther PPX - too damn wide 
SDVE40 - possible contender concerned about trigger 
Taurus G2 24/7 - scratching my head on my the prices of them dropped so dramatically. Questionable, but a contender. 
RugerSR - not a fan of safeties on striker fired guns with no derooster - heard some complaints about FTF and FTE

M&P Police trade in with 3 mags looks more appealing everyday, but just not looking forward to the 'no-reset' trigger. I'm also wary about $400 for a used gun, despite it being an M&P. The extra mag does sooth the pain a little. 

Muzzle Brake: I've owned both the Black and satin version of this gun. Gotta say this thing is literally a point and shoot gun. I can hit targets past 50 yards with this relatively easy. I'm probably going on 1000 ends now on my second one.

drummerchef851: Sweet gun, nice video.

Jason Yerian: Good job on shooting I have shot a glock22 .40 it shots smooth

JathTech: I make a replacement safety lever in metal to upgrade from the plastic one. check my website out (link on my videos from my channel)

VicJackpotRider: Now I'm buying one!

acewings221: Holy crap .40 recoil is bad. Too snappy imo

acewings221: I never realized how snappy the .40 S+W was... What load were you using?

Haus of Guns: Thanks for the tip but I highly doubt it will happen. FNH is very difficult to get guns from and I don't have the extra coin to drop on simply a different caliber of a gun I've already reviewed. That said I shot the FNX-45 Tactical at range day for SHOT Show and was unimpressed. It's accurate yes, but is top heavy making muzzle rise exaggerated and difficult for quick follow up shots. Just my opinion though, glad you like yours.

krazor8: you should do the fnx .45, just got 1, and its a tac driver...

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FNX-40 Handgun Review 5 out of 5

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FNX-40 Handgun Review