Home Made Moonshine Still (How To Make THA STILL)

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ThunderCookie21: Your stuff was cloudy as shiiiiit! 

cjakacwalk: Disrespectful putting shine on top a Bible

HUcaresDAMMIT: Nice...i got that exact same pot today.. Anybody have a link to a mash recipe please? it's legal where i live

Steven Willard: @6SpeedVert From what ive seen, most people using the same setup as this guy throw out the first shot glass which i believe is 2-ounces. I personally would toss twice what is recommended because im paranoid. Lol.

North Charleston: @3709280 You do not boil, you are like between a simmer and a boil. Your temp for getting product with a set up like RWT's will be 195 to 205/210. Adjust your temp to see what is working for you for consistent drip and stream. You do not want a boil because you will get steam water and you do not want water. Try to get liquid up to within 3 inches of pot rim. You can get higher if you have a domed lid. Do not use ice, it melts quick because tube is like fire. Use cold water line from sink.

Jeffrey Smith: Now thats how you use a dictionary!

dum dum: what size copper ? 3/8 or 5/8?

BCrawley01: man thats a dangerous setup lol, if one touch of vapor from your homemade pressure cooker contacts flame, bang anybody in that room would be a mess if not dead!! if your gonna do something that crazystupid do it outside and get a real still not a homemade I.E.D

brianmcc42680: Make sure you throw away the first pint it poisoness

devon peckhaus: is his presser cooker steel or aluminum

Nick Tanzillo: @RobertWillowTree oh, I guess great minds think alike then. Great video.

KEN WALLS: brant sucks

CalcityAirsoft: In Canada it is illegal as well but we albertans are rednecks so we don't care haha

akcodwolf1: good use of a dictionary lol

Reinholds Klinefelter: Who in the freak is Brantley Gilbert?

Big Mike: ok i have a few questions that i would really appreciate if you answered, Q1 the thermometer that goes in the still pot, does that have to be put in the mash to measure the temp of the liquid or does it just hover above to measeure the temp of the vapour. Q2 how much would i get out of a 10 gallon batch and finally Q3 how much fits in 1 of those jars

Lamont Scabbard: explosion at 2:07

Mike Mason: U know you can obtain an oak barrel and get a torch and char the inside real good and then rinse it out.. Put that clear corn whiskey in there and let it age a while then filter it thru charcoal.. Then you have Bourbon.. And for those that dont know, the cork in the side of the barrel or the hole it goes in is called a "Bung Hole".. LOL!!!

adamshondaxl350r1985: what do u put in the pressure cooker

Omar Magana: i had a question about the vapor coming in contact with the flame?. what if youre using an electric stove are there still any risks with that?

Tony Griffey: It all matters on where you live, Mountain High 167 Deg's Sea Level 173 to 175 deg's

GunsOfPlentyNZ: What temp do u run it at

VivaBelice: Three simple ingredients: Instant Dry Yeast, Sugar, and Water. If you can't obtain these things, you must live in Communist Korea! =P

North Charleston: @3709280 Fill the pot close to the top. Say about 1.5 to 2 inches. This pushes the alcohol steam out faster. Heat between 190 and 200 degrees. Use plumber's putty to help seal lids and water lines. Get some cheap metal spring clamps. HD had some nice ones for 99 cents. You should get at least 10. If you have any sort of leak you will not get production, only frustration. Do not use ice, too much trouble. Cool with water line from faucet and drain line at top back to sink to take warm water out.

THETRUECRASHMONKEY: @RobertWillowTree,Can You help this old timer out,My Grunny Grunny made the Recipe and I ran it Back in West Virginia in the Hill when I was young and now I'm fineden out I can make it and she had passed on and took the Recipe with her,can you give any ideas on what to make the Recipe with?

wcemichael: Got 'em, check out my channel

robert culp: just to let you know looks great ya my first run was murky but that was because of the corrosion in the copper line so i filtered it and it came out great this is the same exact set up i use except i use an actual pressure cooker and my worm bucket is sealed and @ Tony Griffey i used this exact set up without a thumper and my batch was at least 150 it burned blue thought id let you know it was pretty good stuff all my freinds liked it

Charles Fenech: ooh, methenol and all

hero216baby .: YEAH

Maryam Bukhari: What's moonshine?

aka4797: how to get the ethanol and other stuff out ?

bigdawg3991: what temp do u run at

hero216baby .: crap that was alright

Nick Tanzillo: just curious, did you get the idea for this from my video? youtube(dot)com/ watch?v=_Filk4I4Axg&feature=youtu(dot)be

cran apple: ask any pastor and he'll say the bible is just paper and ink.. these sunday christians have more concern for paper and ink than their own faith, idiots..

SpeedDemon1062: how many hours or mins does it take to fill up a jar like tht

Robert WillowTree: @scalp340 Nah, i have been doin this for years bud ona bigger scale, just kinda thought about it and then did it on a smaller scale like this and videoed it. i checked afterwards and saw that a buncha other people do it this way...but i prefer my 50 gal drum 'still

Tony Griffey: On a 5 Gal mash Toss the first 60ML and you will get four to five jars of 130 proof the tail will be the last 5TH jar, Pour it back into your next run.

Rabbit B: Southern Ingenuity at in finest!!!!

Layne TokenGimp Nelsion: Rye is best flour to use. It sticks better and doesn't crack. A few more coils might helpt oo.


6SpeedVert: Any idea how much of the initial distillate you should throw out? I know the very first bit is poison. Any formula for that?

travis tatasciore: how long does it take to boil? do you boil it all? do you fill pot to the top??

Kenna mcmaster: it's not discolored, that's the color of the floor tile showing through the jar... Just an observation.

Jason B: My cooling method is the same size bucket you have but I use cold water and a lot more tubing...... 20 feet rolled inside the same size bucket you have will cool a 2 gallon batch without needing changed.

Tony Griffey: There is more to making Moonshine than this, Without a good Thump Keg you will only get about 130 proof, Making shine this way can Kill, If you do not know what your doing Do Not try making Moonshine, Someone can Die and the Bubba is your room mate.

briggs2316: @RobertWillowTree hey brother i was wondering when you mad your mash when it was ready did you put all the corn an stuff in the still with it or just the water?

chris cahill: i use a 50l keg but id say that still needs a clean or you running to full i dont know mine comes out water clear i have a question y don't you give out recipes i will be doing vids on them hear and its much more illegal hear in aust than it is their in the usa

elektrikman34: Wtf...what a rig

Robert WillowTree: Im not gonna release any info on proper recipes nor can i legally post moonshine being made...this merky crap was dumped...my attempt at a different recipe here was failure....but tweaked it alil and back in business even better then Paw Paw made it....Love ya'll and love all the trash talkin always funny...STARS AND BARS FLY FOREVER!!!!

Home Made Moonshine Still (How to make THA STILL) 4 out of 5

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Home Made Moonshine Still (How to make THA STILL)
Home Made Moonshine Still (How to make THA STILL)
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Home Made Moonshine Still (How to make THA STILL)