Home Made Moonshine Still (How To Make THA STILL)

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ThunderCookie21: Your stuff was cloudy as shiiiiit! 

cran apple: ask any pastor and he'll say the bible is just paper and ink.. these sunday christians have more concern for paper and ink than their own faith, idiots..

Jason B: My cooling method is the same size bucket you have but I use cold water and a lot more tubing...... 20 feet rolled inside the same size bucket you have will cool a 2 gallon batch without needing changed.

Jason B: Dude I built a still from copper and a stainless stockpot. The more I use it the more vapor I lose no matter how much weight or clips I put on the pot. I need a way to seal in the vapor but flour pasting it around all the edges makes it more time consuming than just buying booze off the shelf. Is there a better way of sealing it that is still food grade?

getdrunk19902: Any size works. The wider the pipe the less chance of building up pressure but you shouldn't have to worry about that as long as you don't have the temp set to high.


hero216baby .: YEAH

hero216baby .: crap that was alright

hydraman5: maybe its cloudy because the flour water mix around the lid has had some drop in the mash.

Lucky B: bible or not . you can sure tell how some kids were raised . hope he don't kiss his mother with that mouth , and you can post what ever you want as long as you don't get cought sonny boy

MDCURLEY79: That worm is way too small 3/8 I.D. min, 1/2 in I.D even better and ditch the ice man shock cooling is no good at all makin angry liquor there man.

Big Mike: ok i have a few questions that i would really appreciate if you answered, Q1 the thermometer that goes in the still pot, does that have to be put in the mash to measure the temp of the liquid or does it just hover above to measeure the temp of the vapour. Q2 how much would i get out of a 10 gallon batch and finally Q3 how much fits in 1 of those jars

chris cahill: i use a 50l keg but id say that still needs a clean or you running to full i dont know mine comes out water clear i have a question y don't you give out recipes i will be doing vids on them hear and its much more illegal hear in aust than it is their in the usa

wcemichael: Got 'em, check out my channel

elektrikman34: Wtf...what a rig

Dewayne Pointer: if ur making 5 gallons of moonshine the first 100 ml that come out don't drink it its methanol 10 ml will make u go blind and 30 ml will kill u dead throw away the first 100 ml out of a 5 gallon batch. to be safe but some say 50 to 75 ml of first run off

727bradg: Just add water!!!!! U only need cool water not bags of ice;)

brianmcc42680: Make sure you throw away the first pint it poisoness

HUcaresDAMMIT: Nice...i got that exact same pot today.. Anybody have a link to a mash recipe please? it's legal where i live

Cory Thayer: did that smell up your house?

Home Made Moonshine Still (How to make THA STILL) 5 out of 5

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make moonshine in a few easy steps.
make moonshine in a few easy steps.
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Home Made Moonshine Still (How to make THA STILL)