TracFone LG840G 'Dumb' Phone

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Walk Again: Hows the drag and drop because I am intending on using it for surveys and theres a lot of drag and dropping

Jennifer Kelly: no one seems to know how to set the time and date on this phone

Gary Lawrence: I have the net 10 version of the 840g.  Very happy with the phone -- unfortunately lately a problem has come up -- the screen that tells you how many minutes you have left keeps coming up and it keeps beeping incessantly -- very annoying.  Net 10 is a great company -- been with them for a decade and it's a great value!

Victoria Myers: We are having trouble setting up a voicebox message.  Called tech help, but it didn't help.  Any suggestions?

Big Zeke: Tracfone is a rip off.  As much as I use my phone I was blowing through $20 a week in minutes,.  I switched over to Straight Talk.  They're actually owned by the same company which is funny, but I found the $45 a month for unlimited everything to be a much better deal in the long run.

Essentially I was going through $80 a month on Tracfone and always having to worry about how many minutes I had left.

Emily Hazen: i used to have that old moterolla phone, its one great phone for a very basic person. and also the phone your reviewing, this one i hated because i could not do anything i wanted to do on it other then texted.p.s the web browser is epic sh#t

Mario Echavarria: I went in to dollar general in south Texas and got one for 29.99 and a refill card for 19.99 for over $60.00  that is a good deal.

John Berning: Thanks for the video.......I ordered this phone yesterday, as an upgrade to a phone somewhat like your old one. Latest price from Tracfone is 39.99 with free shipping. Looks like a great decision at this point!

Chris Spawn: how do you get youtube to work on it mine dosent play the videos when i use you tube it tells me it cant connect

525Lines: The ones with pink cases are now going for $10-$15 on eBay.

Maria Amill: Thanks, helpful!

John Z: I just bought a Tracfone ZTE android phone and it stated on their website that it would work in my zip code area...HA,,, uses Verizon in which there is no Verizon cell towers close by. I have to get on my roof to make a call! So I am going backwards to Sim card technology because my older lg800g worked fine with reception most anywhere in my area! I just ordered this LG840G phone because it is newer than my lg800g with more features...besides how can I burn up 2,000 mins using a android I can't call from? I just hope I ordered the right phone!

Catzilla: Tracfone recently came out with several Android phones. I've got the ZTE Valet. You still get the same deal with airtime, only it's split up into 3 categories: minutes, texts and megs. So if you get a 60 minute airtime card on a triple-minutes-for-life phone, you get 180 talk minutes, 180 texts and 180 megs of data. Also, with the Google Play store, you'll have your choice of several browsers, instant message and e-mail programs. The phones also have WiFi and will use that automatically if you're near an open WiFi spot.

Ty Siharat: Looks like a great feature fone.. looks nice.

LEO1WOLF: Personal experience:  priced good, web-browsing VERY frustrating, but don't need as badly on my phone.  A little over a year old & the Touch Screen just stopped functioning on my LG840G.  IF you go here:
They won't tell you on the website that this bloody thing needs to be replaced, you have to chat with them to find that out.  I'm doing all the research I can but am not finding a lot of help on this subject.  Could it be one bad TracFone, one bad model from LG or is it par for the course for Touch Screens in general? (It's only my first, so I would certainly hope the latter is simply just not the case - - otherwise there'd be a lot more reports of defective phones.)  I'm VERY hesitant in recommending this to anyone unless it's their first & don't have any other knowledge to draw upon.

Al Phelps: Tracfone is now selling a re-conditioned one for $10 plus shipping.

James Wilson: I Truly Enjoy My LG840g and Mine Came With TRIPPLE MINUTES Deal When I Bought Mine.  I Started Out Getting  Those $*20.00 Minutes Cards,  But After Playing Round With Them After Get My LG840g TracFone,  I Just Start Getting The YEAR CARD and Have Minutes On Hand NO Matter What and NEVER WORRY About Running Out Time,  No Matter Where I am.    IT'S A GREAT PHONE and Get You One and Truly Get A YEALY MINUTE CARD and ENJOY YOURSELF...!

Paula France: $ 20 for 180 minutes does not sound like a good value. I am currently purchasing 1000 minutes for 25.00 from Net10. I have thought about purchasing this phone, but 180 minutes for 20 bux does not sound good to me.

Ben Kent: This phone is garbage.  I have been regretting it ever since I bought it.  Browser sucks.  No qwerty keyboard when you want it (browser has you input text with a standard like phone keypad, WTF?)   Trash. Trash. Trash.  DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Macedonia Choirs: I love mind, Best TracFone I ever used. I just hate I cracked the Mother board when I dropped it in the toilet.

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TracFone LG840G "Dumb" Phone 5 out of 5

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TracFone LG840G
TracFone LG840G "Dumb" Phone
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TracFone LG840G