My Home Built 3 Axis Cnc Router. Test Run

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Евгений Свят: Добрый день, Евгений. А вы говорите по-русски?

saleh h: Great ,,, i want meet you and want teach me do it meself How long time take ?! And how much cost?!

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Ian Baines: 5 seconds into the music aaaaaand i'm gone.

John Parker: you know what? music should be excluded from all innovative tubes!

Dragisa Maric: have some detail for build cnc detail - tutorial? ps great job

F ltg: Hello Eugene Vashenko a great machine. I will build a cnc, same as your machine. do you have information for my? cncfre

krsslim: I have to say I honestly have this inbuilt reflex where the second I hear that song I hit the back button on my mouse as fast as humanly possible, seeing as I wouldnt of minded actually watching this video I fought the urge to go back & thought I would post this hopefully friendly & useful note.

Luke Horobin: I understand exactly what you are saying. As a hobbyist $10,000 would be well out of my price range. I only just found your video so I didn't contact you about a kit, though I am very interested, however I expect even your kit will be outside of my budget. I have found a company in England selling a professional CNC 4 axis router for £3300, which would be towards the upper end of my budget. I do however like the look of your machine. How much are you selling kits for?

Eugene Vashenko: Please do not email me asking for plans. I said I will think about it, and I will. I have hundreds of hours invested in these drawings. IF I do decide to release them, they will be sold, not emailed for free.

Eugene Vashenko: This machine was designed & built primarily to machine holes in chipboard for cabinet construction. It was able to machine MDF, but I found it was a bit weak to machine hardwood/aluminium unless it was done in many passes. I built another machine and made some changes. The new one is much more powerful with a 2.2Kw spindle, floating foot dust extraction & vacuum hold down. It can handle all timbers, plastics and aluminium.

Luke Horobin: I don't see any DIY kits, just something about $10,000 for a CNC table. That is outside most peoples price range. I thought you were selling DIY kits?

Eugene Vashenko: I posted a vid of my 2nd router, check out my other videos. As I have had many requests for plans & parts, I set up a website where people will be able to buy several different DIY kits of my latest machine. I decided against selling the plans, sorry :(

dawiz0: @eugnret what is your website address?

Rosino silva: Kit Para Montar Sua Router Não Perca Esta Oportunidade.

Eugene Vashenko: Thank you. My latest machines have come a long way since this vid was posted.

Paul Frederick: Since when has LinuxCNC supported USB as an output device? I'm pretty sure LinuxCNC doesn't run on 64 bits either. Different computers have different latencies. Whether more money spent achieves lower latency remains to be seen, but it often can translate into higher top speed. For what you spent you could have gotten an atom.

PyroEvil: lol but I imagine you can carve/cut at 200-250 ipm depend on the depth , router and endmill used ?

Андрей К.: Hello What positional accuracy do you have on your machine. I understand submission of the axes X and Y through your chain?

Cncquest: @eugnret, wonderfull, to get this steel here is no problem. To get the cutting steel parts is here very easy. It will be amazing to build your mashine :-)

taiden: All rise for the national anthem of YouTube

Cncquest: Helle, this is the very very nice mashine! I would to build a mashine like this. Cann i buy your plans of this or your new mashine?

Deny Suryana: amaizing,how, you translate design to G-code ?

Eugene Vashenko: Check out my other vids & read the comments. I've answered some questions re. stepper size, driver, etc.

Haroldo Junior: Very good! Excellent! Accepts request?

Thundergras: I'm really sorry, but with that music, i HAVE TO click on "dislike" button ! Good video btw.

Eugene Vashenko: Thank you

Aristides Zago: hello, nice work. I want to know how you send signals from PC to the router. Can you explain me that. Thanks a lot.

TheoCampbell: they put their own music on, youtube deem it to be copyright and replace it with their own. do some research fool

Karadjordje Trkulja: No words for this... I have 2 questions. The wooden part is your base work table or this is the material you want to cut? And how you hold the material that you cut withowt vacum like many router cutters? Thanx!

Eugene Vashenko: My website is in the description. You can contact me through there.

Eugene Vashenko: OK, I'll think about it. I will need a few days to clean them up so everyone will understand them. I have all the drawings as well as a list of materials. This machine was designed around 100x50mm (4"x2") cold rolled rectangle tube for the rails. If you can source this locally, you should be able to build it.The table can be built out of anything you like, as long as it's braced correctly.

Eugene Vashenko: Sure, buy my kit and you can be cutting on your own machine in just a few days. :D

Eugene Vashenko: It's not a secret - I'm using skate bearings. If you read the comments in my other videos, you will find more answers re. linear motion and drivers on this 1st table. I've almost finished my 3rd table with a work area of 2440x1220mm. I have used the same bearing setup, but am trying out T5 belt as I couldn't get enough chain. I'm hoping the belt will work well.....I'll post some vids when it's running.

PyroEvil: You can engrave at 500ipm ... impressive for me. What is the power of your stepper with you kit ? 425 oz-in or more ?

James Lawrence: Very nice creation, congratulations...even the music was good, which is usually not the case with YouTube videos.

Андрей К.: Thank you for your reply! If not a secret, you are using bearings of the axes X and Y? I am very impressed with your machine, here in Russia I have not seen such a mechanics. Great.

Eugene Vashenko: Thank you, it took a lot of thought to design it. LOL, it does look like it's moving to the tune, but it was just a coincidence

bheby nash: wow nice one, sir can you share your wisdom to me :D

Mikel Barriola S.: Felicitaciones. La máquina luce implecable.

Rosino silva: vc vende qual o preço

Paul Frederick: At first I thought I must be slowing down in my old age this time I caught it in 2 seconds. But I knew it was going to be bad.

TomKaren94: Was interested until I heard the beginning of the audio. ARGH.

h2oreactor: You can use USB interface such as smoothstepper and get a new machine, if you really want to e fancy, a 64bit fast new machine, is really unecessary... I have a 1.8ghz dell ($50 bucks on ebay) runs on linuxcnc, and hobbycnc pro ($79) and the guys asked me why I use old pc, I asked them, did it give them any advantage spending $2k on their PC and usb interface, me setup is just $150 bucks, and it does the same thing... now convince why I would spend $2k???

v8power101: Other than you ruined a great video with that crapty song.. good job.

PyroEvil: sorry , I read in others videos you drive it by chain. It's directly connected to spockets or you have gears system to reduce/increase speed/force ratio ?

heliprotectioneurope: Hi, this is a gorgeus Job Could You share the drawing/project ? I should like to make another one like This

X Hover: whats up with this song on almost every cnc video lol

WEATHER MAN: what is it with this song!!!!!

pleasanthacking: pwetty :)

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My home built 3 axis cnc router. Test run 4.3 out of 5

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My home built 3 axis cnc router. Test run