Inexpensive Bushcraft Gear 2: The Condor Bushlore Knife

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Kullcraven Bushcraft: Hello man, i just got one two days ago. I got it from amazon and got it shipped in two days. I would use a mora, for i dont think you can get any knife out there that will carve and do all the tasks you need, better then a mora. It cant be mistreated tho or it does have a risk of breaking. Now for the condor, i was very impressed. It cut as well as a mora, tho full tang and a wider and thicker blade. So You can do motre heavy duty tasks with the bushlore with confidence. I'm loving the knife thus far and think it will rove to be as good as any you can buy out there. I hate when people say for the price, for it is a good knife or not, it dont matter the price. I have had many knives under 40 bucks that have done my tasks for years and still going. Thanks for the review. 

scarz1951: I just gave my Condor Bushlore hell for two days of use and abuse and it came through unscathed. I have one of the old ones with the 1/4" thick blade and one of the new ones with the thinner blade. Both are great.

Daniel Isabelle: Because of this video a bought one from barryonyx and the service was awsome came in really fast and their was no defects good right out of the box 

Martin Longstreet: One could always make a kydex sheath for this its pretty easy if one didn't like the sheath

Nigel Peppercock: Is your knife the 3" blade or the 4 5/16" blade? I haven't been able to decide between the two but the one you have looks very comfortable in your hand. Thank you

Wayne R: Really good info thanks for your time on this review

Jay Dee: I also got my Bushlore from Baryonyx and paid the little bit extra for the extra touch he offers. Highly recommend getting it from this company. I love mine

marc ross: I am definetly buying one

Walkin'thewoods: I ordered mine from amazon and am very excited about using it. I'll be making a video of putting it to test. It is a beauty and the sheath looks awesome! Great vid. and glad to be one of your new subscribers!

shannonandsheila1: I do the same thing with lanyards. I never use them but always put them on, using a lanyard while chopping feels dangerous to me.

Raphael Frommer: Very sensible to carry the Bushlore + an axe, since the BK2 on its own is a compromise across the spectrum of tasks the pair together can address. Added benefit of the Bushlore: Anyone wishing to hone their sharpening, reprofiling, handle-shaping skills can experiment with the Blore, make mistakes, and not feel bad about ruining an expensive knife. In that worst case, the superb sheath can serve some other knife that happens to fit and needs a home.

docwilkey: Thanks for some real info on using this knife in the real world. I will be ordering one soon.

Isadore Stumrumple: The blasted finish cuts out glare and more important, it helps hold oil/rust preventative.

groov14: I really like my bushlore,so far,thanks for an honest review.Subbed ya,atb,Mark. 

roger knifeandoutdoor: Its a realy god knife.

cyclist01222: You're excitement over this knife is fun. Condors are great because of their high value... not the best but well worth the money. My Hudson Bay broke in half and Condor sent me the new upgraded version which I like better than the first. No complaints with Condor.

masterofce: El Salvador

iwantosavemoney: i finally got mine ordered i can't wait to get it. i think my next investment will be a tomahawk from 2 hawks. im thinking of getting the voyager what do you think of that hawk?

vipper102: thanks , i bought a bushlore from baryonyx and love it

Rob Davis: Scandivex? LOL. When I got my first Mora I sharpened it like any other knife to see if it would still work, and noted that the convex edge that was produced was still razor sharp. If your knife is going to be performing a little tougher tasks, it can't hurt, you can always bring back the true Scandi grind. I also like that you can sharpen a quality Scandi (made with good steel) very easily in the field with a 1x3" Arkansas pocket stone, but I really should get a proper strop to put in my bag.

Grey man: I've got two and the golok and cant say anything bad about them.Great knives and great price without compromise

Pete Privitere: What does anything you just typed have to do with this video?

Jake Thomas: the bead blasted finish opens up the pores of the steel, which allow it to rust more easily. but if you take proper care of your knife you shouldn't have to worry about it [:

carpkai: I have one of these knives to be delivered this Saturday. I've never even seen one in person, but from all the review I've read and watched, It seems like there's a really good knife there. It just needs some sanding, shaping, and honing. I may drop the point slightly. I think it would look and function better if the blade weren't so wide.

highheadjester: Cool Review man.

edjrmorgan: Good info, thanks Wa. State

Ruairi Allen: good review

Howling Dingo: Good review..I like to give one a spin!!

Rob Watson: Great review, I'm defiantly going to get one based on this. Keep up the good work. I like your comments about lanyards, I'm the same, if there's a hole, I put a lanyard on. Never use them. Thanks you the video.

Rob Davis: BTW I like Baronyx, I have checked out their site quite a bit, thanks for the review on the supplier as well.

ArtofSurviving: Would you happen to know where this knife is made?

FortyTwoBlades: You got the pronunciation correct. :) Great review, man! Glad you're loving the Bushlore--it's a real workhorse!

iwantosavemoney: 29.95 really i like that very much 1075 high carbon steal has a sheath like most of the high dollar bushcraft knifes have thanks for the review i don't remember you saying how thick the knife was but all in all im going to do so more reseach on this knife and the proable buy one with the lanyard hole on mine i put a dummie cord on it so i don't lose them(tie the knife to the sheath) thanks for the review 5/5stars

maggiealena: I have seen a lot of reviews on this knife and all have been quiet good. I think you have given an excellent review on the produce and the maker should be very pleased with your review. Well done.. You made my decision for me. I plan to get this knife. I do a lot of camp chores and it seems this knife will be better then what I have been using and it's carbon steel, so that will be good to start fires with. Thank you.

Spiderthing823: Thanks for being honest bout camera probs

carpkai: I liked your review. I just got this knife. I really like the knives by Adventuresworn, but I can't afford that kind of pricetag for a knife I'm gonna beat the hell out of. So, I took my Bushlore out to my bench grinder, and after about 15 minutes of grinding and cooling, I created a poor mans Woodlore. I ground down the back of the blade so it doesn't look like a putty-knife, and thinned down the handle into the classic coke bottle profile.I can't believe how well it turned out. I love it.

john randall: my bad. i watched the video all the way this time, and you clearly said that it throws sparks. good stuff man.

paulie 4x: 1095 =.9-1% carbon, 1085 = .8% carbon, 1075 = .7% carbon, the more carbon the better the edge retention, but the harder the steel the more brittle. even though 5160 has around .6% carbon the other alloys make it a real tough steel, my point would be a good bushcraft knife that holds a longer edge retention would be least 1% carbon or equal to. No offence you should compare the Codor knife to my O1 or my 52100 steel bushcraft knives, on larger knives 5160 is very good, I don't like the new 1095.

Wildernesskev: Great Review Ed! Thanks. Shared this video on my facebook page.

Corey LaBoss: Very helpful. Thank you

Insubordinator1: Nice review, nice knife. In Germany in most cases not on stock with wooden handles. With micarta handles price range in Germany from about $72 up to $100 plus shipping. (sad smile) So I stay with my TOPS Interceptor with some personalised selfmade German oak handles. For heavy abuse I like the KA-bar Large heavy bowie. It's a real beast.

thetotaloutdoorsman: i have that same lanyard problem

connor king: just got that knife i love it i just cant wait use it

VulgarHands: Dude, great review! Especially for the amazing recommendation of seller. I only wish I would have seen your review sooner as I have already ordered mine from another vendor. I was checking out their page and they seriously have the best prices, plus a special grade option to have the seller refine, regrind or polish the edge of the blade or tool you're purchasing. I'm certain ill utilize that vendor in the future. Thanks again for the review and buyer tip. Take care.

blueridgebushcraft: Thanks for the great service! I'll be ordering more in the future. Ed

Rob Davis: My personal favorite woods combo is a small hatchet (or machete), and a Scandi grind knife, but for serious shelter/fire I really like to have a GOOD folding saw handy as well, there's a lot of very hard wood here... (yeah, that's what she said too).

asacami: El Salvador

Outdoor Pat: Great review, just ordered one in the US.. Looks very like the Ray Mears Bushcraft knife, but way cheaper :)..

nettos75: I bought a Mora Robust from Baryonyx knife company, and had the exact same experience that you did. EXCELLENT service, fast shipping and just a all around cool guy. Good video by the way.

asacami: NICE JOB !

Chef de NYC: Thanks! I'm more info ultrasound type of work. I learn most of the stuff myself online. Just only recently start looking for a school to make things "official". Hehe
Inexpensive Bushcraft Gear 2: The Condor Bushlore Knife 4.7 out of 5

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Inexpensive Bushcraft Gear 2: The Condor Bushlore Knife
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