Skydive (biggest Wooden Minecraft Roller Coaster)

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Jason Munk: That is cool, we just got the game for the xbox and my daughter and I are working on a roller coaster. Good job! 

Bob Jones: I built a roller coaster like this with the fences and crap on minecraft pe legit it took for ever the first hill reached the building limit

Sydney Madueke: A fake what kind of wooden rail could keep the cart going for that long.

aula memar: did you do this in superflat

Skylar Parizo: world edit newb


aula memar: hi love the ride imagine if that was real life

mowens006: It must have taken forever to make it but good job anyway :)

a1bani: come to my channel and see my rollercoaster

Mikesheesh: 2:50 I'm NOT going into that rollercoaster... makes my balls go square!

Richmond Reed: I can tell u r in survival mode cause of the hearts but did u die or run into spiders or creepers while building that.

mathew andrews: i think it was good stop hating

Blue Sky Gaming: The server has been down for like a year

Ashley Kat: No he didn't. This was before powered rails. So it could go up

314rft: NO!!!

Леви Даилей: you are fake if this is fake...........

estela duran: @NikSinko89 yep

Žiga Polutnik: DUDE !!!!!!!!!!!! Were you building that 1 or maybe 10 years ? Btw u have a lot of time !!


shanghang514: good !!

MrPivotmaster56: thanks

Spencer Launey: how did you make the roller coaster slowly go up?

noah robinson: u guys are dumb he went up that slow because it is called slow down the time

MrStifl: This was on a server. I helped at the rollercoaster. The server is down and the map also

Audeezi: nice job building that

BER2ERKER: It doesn't resemble a real coaster though with all the weird angles and bumps, otherwise it's cool because of its size but that's it

orlorx2222: IRL=you're screwed.

Pod Qwerter: How does he go up without powered rails?

josh battershell: did anyone else think thes kind of looks like el toro at six flags nj

Reyvan Taunt: *ACTennisAC

SenorPoopyPants: Imagine what flint and steel coul do.......

Adam Korhonen: :O

LightsCameraNerea: WoW,it,'s biutifull

1game2idiots: Its a mod

Ally Sreyom: Nice :)

Greenturbo Bob: epic


abcde987654123: it would go faster tho

DJSlenderboss: its kind of like EL Toro at Six Flags.

SoftBRICK4: why isnt this crap on machinima

Tyler Films: It would be a shame Hahn XD

byfailx: be a shame if someone lit a fire :D

abcde987654123: and later in the video it show actual power rails 1:53

Justin Lurz: awesome work it looked like it took a long time. :)

Vittles: now.... where did my flint and steel go?

waffleripper: he probably just changed the texture so it looks the same as regular rails, to make it look more like a roller coaster.

pokepikachu247: Woooooh it took you a year right

Kevin Harding: Fake

Devin Shaw: can i connect?

bandon wade: how did u get it to go up so slowly on regular rails???

Skydive (biggest wooden minecraft roller coaster) 4.8 out of 5

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Skydive (biggest wooden minecraft roller coaster)