Fondant Football Helmet Cake - Arizona Cardinals And BYU Cougars

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firecrackers: btw love BYU

wolfprincess027: Great work, Mommy Stubz (and Micah)! Those cakes look perfect, and the party looks like a lot of fun!

SimonhutsGaming: Im from the uk and i dont know who the cardinals or the eau's are could you tell me how good they are ?

Seanaci Lewis: Let's try this again. Your kids are the cutest! :) Stupid incorrect. :p

bamachick1101: Haha, wow! NICE CAKES! Amazing! Of course they all break out in a BYU chant, haha, boys. Bowling looked fun too! We need to go bowling soon, it's been a while! Fun Bday and gifts!

kaybees49: Cake win! I've never eaten fondant much less made it. Thanks for the link. Happy Birthday and Cheers, ya'll!

gozzyx1: are all your families birthdays around this time of year

TheHappyNarwhals: wow! I am totally impressed Mammastubz!! I love he said "the BYU's" haha...loved the popping ballons to the music! that stomp rocket made me laugh when it bonked the ceiling...what a great birthday!

HeyThatsMike: WOW that is a crazy awesome cake! Make me a Lions and Michigan one!!!

micahstubz: Thanks Holly!

micahstubz: that is crazy! besides our immediate family, mommy stubz' dad, brother, sister and about 5 nieces and nephews have birthdays in March

micahstubz: I promise we haven't been brainwashing them! ;)

micahstubz: I know. I really plan to do more than just once a week. Expect another one in a day or two. Thanks for your support!

gozzyx1: wow i guess feb and march are the months one births

Maxx Calin: That cake looks awesome and it impressed me, great job MommyStubz. : ) Happy Birthday Stubz Jr.!!! looks like he had a great birthday.

angandnap: That was great! Loved the beats with the Angie

micahstubz: oh good. i had fun figuring that out. i like the results.

micahstubz: sure thing. let us catch up on sleep. We're not as resilient as Alex with her late night adventures.

ian Hamlett: i play for the youth cardinals football team do he play football

micahstubz: Awesome!

Robert C: My cars will be in the mail by Friday

scottsadventures: Great looking cake. Looked like a fun party.

micahstubz: We're looking forward to a break from all the birthday festivities. My scale is too. Time to get back into burning some calories.

Seanaci Lewis: Oops. :) not :(

rockyroad7771951: I was a cake decorator for years and let me tell you, You did an excellent job with that fondant and logo's. Very professional looking. Good job you much fun watching.....much love..........donna

micahstubz: this fondant tastes good. it is basically marshmallows and powdered sugar with some vanilla extract.

micahstubz: hahaha. too funny. Thanks!

micahstubz: Yes. Our team was actually the Cardinals last year too.

ad010513: Such a fun birthday and cake!

MaStubz: The cakes turned out FAB! So cute how they all chanted.. I like how all the kids got to stomp the rocket.

gozzyx1: wow I'm my family I'm end of jan then in feb everyday from the 4th to the 27th is family or close friends my sisters and my mums included then in october is my dads so i think mine is weirder but ye

micahstubz: All you have to do is say fart and they'll start laughing.

Meeragurl10: micah you should vlog more..i love watching your videos...always puts smiles on my lips:))

Seanaci Lewis: Your kids are the chest. :(

micahstubz: She is amazing. I was surprised all the kids started chanting. I guess it should be a surprise since all their parents went to school there.

micahstubz: Cardinals are a professional American football team here in Arizona. They're not great but they won the super bowl a few years ago. BYU is the university I attended and where I met Sarah. They are usually descent.

HeyThatsHolly: Great looking cakes! I love the kids reactions :) I am terrible at bowling, even with the bumpers up!

micahstubz: 4 of the 6. The three oldes kids are all in March. Mommy is Feb 28. I'm in August and the baby is November

SimonhutsGaming: Thats a good idea make a song with popping ballons it sounded very good Never make a fart joke around kids they just laugh at you like your an idiot.

micahstubz: I think it was one of his favorite gifts. Right along with a remote control car.

Fondant Football Helmet Cake - Arizona Cardinals and BYU Cougars 4.4 out of 5

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Fondant Football Helmet Cake - Arizona Cardinals and BYU Cougars