Comp Cams Mutha Thumpers, Mustang

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JAMES MAUPIN: Soundsssss, Beautiful....I'm installing that in next.....

TheOrgano: Not bad. The idle isn't too lumpy. What's the idle set to?

cale schoening: might send me a private message on whaat you got. thats what im settin the car up for. i check craigslist about every day.i got my eye out for long tube headers and frpp hot rod cams. and drag wheels and tires. i already have bama tuner and jlt series 3 intake with pypes o/r x and stinger axle back

remccoll: Yeah I traded it in for a competition orange boss, so I'll be out at MAM every now and then with that. Check out Craigslist, I have a few parts that may help you out if you plan on drag racing it to much. I miss the sound of that cammed 3 valve though.

cale schoening: i have seen ur car run at MAM personally. sounds great man. still have it? my buddy had a 90 foxbody thats black that ran pretty close times to yours. the race is in a video on youtube somewhere. i found it once. i had an 01 gt at the time. ive since sold it and bought a 2007 gt. looking into these cams now.. probly see you at the track next spring if you are still around with the car. thought i seen it on craigslist once. it sticks out like a sore a good way haha. love the color

joepa0126: haha, yes it does

stevestutz: H pipe>X pipe

murray thompson: What exhaust setup do you have

John Murley: I have a 2007 GT CS in grabber orange. I love the sound of your car! I am just wondering how you and why you drive differently with a cammed mustang. Thanks!

remccoll: Didn't really get the car for gas mileage so no idea what it is around town. I only drive it a couple times a week so it's driven hard. I did take it over 300 miles earlier this year, and according to the computer it was around 22 mpg, that was with the cruise at 75 and the ac on, and there was some city driving in there also.

remccoll: I bought the cams from bama when he was on his own. Then when he went over to american muscle they still supported me. Not sure why they would tell you they won't tune for ya but they may have changed some things. The thing is not everything is going to be perfect in an email tune, and these cams have to be hard to tune for. I have a few idle issues every now and then but they are not bad, just something you have to deal with.

remccoll: Video doesn't do its justice, I think the sound on the video sounds like crap, definitley get a lot of comments on the sound though. Cams do not make it easy to drive though, so be prepared to drive way different but its something you get used too.

Joeski89: Question. Is that how your car really sounds like in person? I was just wondering because there's some clips on here with almost the same setup but don't sound nearly as badass as this one. I was hoping for some input because I was thinking about getting these cams as well. Thanks!

texasfoci: Sick car man but I am surprised Bama was able to tune the car. I also have their tune program and I am about to install my comp stg II's and i called them to make sure they were able to tune the car properly and they said the shop that installs the cams has to do the tuning. You ever hear anything like that from them?

Ryan Asel: Just curious how did the cam affect the city and highway gas mileage?

06RedGT: Buddy your car sounds wicked! haha

NewEraEnt.: are those stage 1 cams?

ALABAMA RTR: @svt89 True, but if you get the right tune it does. But without a tune your right you dont get much of a gain.

svt89: Man cams in a mustang do not give you very much power like a ls motor does.

TheMustangStampede: I hope I can get the cam sound in my car soon

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comp cams mutha thumpers, mustang 5 out of 5

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comp cams mutha thumpers, mustang