My Sperm Under Microscope

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Fay and Makay: 1:11

Kim Jong Un The Great: So, technically. After he masturbated.. He put all of his cum under his microscope? This world has came to a "generation".

AlexBirdieBronze: it's so wierd that those were all people who never existed.

Mitchel Hardy: Yum

Громовой человек: Your sperms are beating up each other. lol

Lynn Love: They are males cuz they move a lot.

Myriam Villeneuve-Roy: Why some of them? They are all dead

Katie Romney: Hiya, Know this sounds strange but just wondering whether i could have permission to use this video clip within a film I am currently making?

Dick Johnson: I think that this is truly beautiful.  Sex and reproduction are among the greatest wonders of nature.

Daxton Anderson: freak off Americans, rejecting fact and acting like they're always right.

josegomez149: freak non American people other countries act like they know everything

Muxe Chalcedony: This is why i fear for our race...because of implausible people like you. No wonder humanity will very soon founder!

Muxe Chalcedony: Yes i do live in America where i have graduate HS with honors, and i am attending my 2nd year at my university getting a masters in Bio Chem, Physics and Psychology guaranteed to make over $450-500k a year! What are you doing with your life?!

Muxe Chalcedony: A single sperm isnt a human dipcrap, it hold 24 Chromosomes and the Egg holds the other 24, the fact that the sperm died, doesnt prove anything until the Mother and Father mate!! LOGIC! Try it sometime!

DandyDen: 30 minutes is a long time, it doesn't take long for them to die

PerceptiveAnesthetic: Some of them are dead =\

EpicGamingChannelTV: Nice cars

Yepi69: Why am I hearing the Wii Menu's background theme?

Yepi69: Hypocrite.

Tanner Bakewell: 0:50 i can hear the kids already AHHHH

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My sperm Under Microscope 5 out of 5

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Sperm under microscope 1000x - HD
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My sperm Under Microscope