Fix Car Scratches New Easy Method

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Sasha Vander: Will be buying a supply. BUT... only after you tell me the make/model of the totally bitchin' watch you are wearing. Thought it was Nixon???

EnChajari - Guia Comercial: My left ear say thanks!

australianmade74: don't try this on old cars as you don't know the condition of the paint unless you bought it from new. You will go straight through the clear. then your up for big $

Abe Zilla: When I had my trucks I did not care about scratches but now I have a Charger scratches are a pain to look at. Thanks for video

realerik123: @AndrewBandroo then spend 1000 on paint to cover it up cheapskate

Dkfletcher Lastname: Good On You, Great info,helped me out, Thanks

mightbegenius: whoa that scratch removal was like... totally bitchin mannnnn

CarScratchRemover: The system is called The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover. You can get over to the website from the link in the description above or from the main channel header there is a link. It's a step-by-step system, no guess work- everything you will need is in the box. We offer industry leading personalized support and it's 100% money back guaranteed. This is not a throw a way onetime use product, the components are pro grade and reusable and there is plenty to last for tons of scratches.

CarScratchRemover: sharp eyes James, you got me... it was 8 seconds.

James Ostedder: The third time you scrubbed the scratch it was longer than 5 seconds. I trusted you!!!

Jahziel Escalona: What are the names of all the products you used??

CarScratchRemover: If you take a look at a some of these videos you will get an idea of what is possible. If you have really deep scrapes you will be looking at doing touch up paint techniques. On the other hand if the scratch damage passes the "fingernail" test most likely can remove with wet sanding and polish techniques.

CarScratchRemover: Glad I could help out!

CarScratchRemover: good question. most "scratch removers" in a single bottle or tube in the retail stores like Target, Walmart for about $10 have silicone fillers. Used car lots use them for fast coverup, after the first rain storm or automatic car wash scratches are back, they never left in the first place =>This system is based on proven professional technique and formulas to permanently remove the clear coat scratch (within safe limits of course) => Professional, permanent results is what you can expect.

CarScratchRemover: If you are referring to what is known as "paint transfer" then the best way is lacquer thinner and gently wipe with a micro fiber towel. That is simply paint transferred from another car or wood fence etc and on top of your clear coat. Most every time however you will get some marring on the clear that will need to be polished (or wet sanded and polished) * In the worst case you will need to touch up some parts that broke through the clear coat.

W Bayne: Nice to see a thorough explanation, Thanks!

kwstas tsiftsis: That creme that you use,how is it called?

David James: Guys a pickle, don't worry about it. You saved my ass, I cant thank you enough man.

eggsngrits: The name says it all. Wow.

ryan benedict capule: that was nice..tnx

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Fix Car Scratches  ▶  New Easy Method
Fix Car Scratches ▶ New Easy Method
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Fix Car Scratches  ▶  New Easy Method