How To Download And Play A.V.A

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Kaka Monster: +Cecil Rotnem Still need help? (with A.V.A)

Cecil Rotnem: . PLESE HELP ME ?>>>>>>>>..... how do i download this gmae now that IJJI is gone ????

Verkligen: @Durrhurrify And i did it all via the reactor

Yanuar Triwibowo: Is the website and the game connect to the steam bec i need black rose

capuyoloco: @mocro1444 lol me too

Verkligen: i downloaded the game then i went to sleep to let it ''update to latest version'' after 8hours and it still said ''Updating to latest version'' help ?

Miles The Man: @sentryphenix you have to find reactor in program files (x86 if you are in vista or 7) and delete the "offline" folder. that's it!

collin hulio: k so i downloaded from aeria games and it says install the icon now i closed it out how do i download the icon

Amigo Molly: -_- the launch comes up but the game doesn't. It keeps saying AVA is not responding

hazem korin: it says 4 hours and 30 minutes

codeuser7171: 2012 need update

Cipher polNine: @kai83438 I found out how to fix it just go into the Steamapps folder and go to common then go to AVA then scroll down,and when you see this thing called Reactor click it and THERE YA GO!!!!

T0030737D666: I AM STUCK ON 4082/4088 MB WTF

SoHigh9: When I click GAME START, it begins to download, but after 10 min. it stops.( and doesnt go on ) HELP!!!!

tricao57: do you know why after i downloaded a.v.a, i clicked to installing, but his game took longer than i thought, i was super angry, i tried to close this game and nextday i will install, but the pc did not shutdown, i tried to disconnect from the power, and now it is gay ....please help me just tell me a reason....why!?....please....

Dirk van galen: if i download it it says: u have to wait for 1444554 minutes. wait for this and you can play!

yourock949: it took me 7 our dwonlaod

ASHIQ gmr: SuperSharot what's your pc specs?

icetubebee: Download is so long!

MrSI3L3NT: no.....thats not true i have a great anti virus

Jack Lennon: How do i create an account for ijji, not facebook?

Kevin Aramboles: @zzmorg82 it took me about 1 WEEK

William zhang: Omg it tkae over 2000 minutes to download

TheFlamingoXD: @zzmorg82 hahahhahaha np for me man it took me 2 days idk as long as i can play somthing awsome!

zackpro02: download active X =='

najibullah24: a link could be nice :)

MultiTzw: Ijji reactor is a fcking virus

mischieph: How to use steam I cannot find the game

jeffrey De Maesschalck: i always get the problem when i start ava failed to get authentication plz help me :s

codeuser7171: @mocro1444 3 days Here

Sotiris Manouilidis: @mocro1444 i have exactly the same problem dude any idea guys what we need to do??

Brandon Wenzel: for some reason my cpu keeps getting stuck at if anyone could help me i would love the info i dont see why my cpu wont download it, its brand new 6gb of ram windows 7 home premium and a 3.33ghzz processor also 1 terabite it would make me happy :) I have tried deleting the ava files and reinstalling i will the website the video shows and see if that works.

icon9472: Half pf that wereint even JLS

M4TH3US AP4R3C1D0: crap fock you you im a bicth fall a bicth

Andycool490: They changed website. they sold it

paul michael baguhin: nice 1 day!!!!!!!!!!

Ethan Hobbs: @mocro1444 same here!

coolstorybrodotjpeg: oh ok thats freaking cool i spend all day downloading all this crap and then neither of them will freaking open... freaking horsecrap...

Gamerz Zone: When I go to ava. ijji .com I don't see what you see in the video.

Hassan Mazoez: LOL IM GETTING OWNED HERE 2DAYS LATER IT SILLL STUCK ON 4018/4022 WTF ONLYY 4 MB 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! helppp PLZZ HELPPPP IM DIEINGG HERE!

Tanker372: hi guys i did the direct download but it can with error saying something how i had to close previous downloads or programs that could be stopping it. I have tried everything, I MEAN EVERYTHING!! thanks :)

MultiTzw: Thanks guy..It works for mee!!

josediaz159: wow this is day 7 and its 3619/3623 WTF and its just sitting there,also it says it has 0 sec. to go WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

bruno veland: i try all the crap , downlod 4 gigas cant play the game , freak that crap

Matt Ausling: How do u even start the game on ijji reactor after its downloaded?

TheUndertakerSaysRIP: same here....:(

seranorix: me too it looks like crap the old UI was better :(((((

MrSnackTrack: I hate the new youtube!

Martin Bourdev: Why does steam make it SO hard to play games

WeaponMaster Weapon: dont panic, is just a day...:l

How to download and play A.V.A 4.7 out of 5

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How to download and play A.V.A