[Tutorial] How To Play PS2 Games On PS3 With Multiman 4.30.00 [The Easy Way]

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LimpanDude: I get black screen

DipsyMum29: Sorry I'm stuck at the first hurdle? In the ps2classics_GUI application I click to encrypt and browse to the 2 games I have and in both of them there is no info in the content id tab? It says content Id is not a valid content. It is probably something really simple however I'm still learning all this so would appreciate some advice thanks x

sohaybsful: please help can not do this at all

DipsyMum29: OK never mind I figured it out :-) Great guide thanks x

Daniel Contreras: What does the pen drive have to be Fat 32 ? and what program do we use to pass the ps2 game on the pen drive? 

DON DODO: The copyright protection information is invalid. I can't play it

Erick Martin: nice ps3 theme ToX :)

Jeanne D'arc: strange when itry to play the ps2 game the screen just went black

mirza abrar ali: Thanks it's work it! 

Quintavius Anglefist III: When I try to open PS2Classics_GUI it says "The program can't start because MSVBVM50.DLL is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling to fix this problem."

Mohd Ariff Iskandar: ive tried it..after the black screen..it says 'An error occurred during the start operation (80028F17) what does it means?please Help :(

Burim R. Shaqiri: Hi Paradigm i have PS3 cfw 4.53 and multiman 4.53 how should i put the PS2 Games on my PS3 for First time normal like all PS3 Games ? could u pls help me out or i need to download any other SoftWare ? iam trying to get this game into my PS3 > DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 - By Sutekh

PowerRangerDuelist: can you tell me how to connect my ps3 hard drive to my computer

Peter Chifo: When I open my ReactPSN on my aa account the name doesn't change.

Rolemaster123: I wanted to ask where can I find the MSVBVM50.DLL file cause, when I try to run PS2CLASSICS.GUI, an errors comes up which says that, the file is missing

Adam Burlo: You need CFW?

Andrey Kirillov: I get a black screen when loading a PS2 game.I`m on CFW 4.46

M۞d3sty: good stuff bro. thanks for your hard work!

iDutch ModdingTeam: My ps2 classics placeholder gives me an error each time i try to load it :( 

Anon. Legion: After searching for hours for an actually good tutorial I finally can across your. Bravo my good man, bravo

Omar Yea: if u get a black screen, maybe change the target of CEX to DEX let me know how u guys go

HAWBASH FAKHRADIN: black screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen please help

Martynas Mineika: you are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morgen Malinoski: MSVBVM50.DLL is missing :(

Phuck Yiu: anyone know if this works on 4.50?

Sar Damb: I will have to admit that at first I thought this is not going to work, but I followed all the steps and believe You me it worked!!! Thanks a bunch man :)

chady09: perfect tutorial finally able to play...thanks...

Jonas Sciucka: Everything's great, but whenever i open ps2 classic plaseholder i get a message saying "The copyright protection information is invalid. (80029513)"

ahmad zahid: i only have iso file.. but 'PS2Classics_GUI not detect.. what to do?

lien hen: Is there a way without using Filezilla - which is of course the usb but is there any ps3 splitter to 4GB more of the ISO.BIN.ENC? because I am not sure if it can still run the game with the file already split apart... :(

morpiex456: Hey. I have a problem making react work. I already did it once, worked fine. But i accidentaly deleted react and now when i install it all it does is go black and the throws me back into the XMB. Please Help

hlopez256: hey wassup man by the way awesome tutorial :) thanks it helped question how did u make the ps2 games show on your xmb like that would help if you told me how you did it

db336: the latest version of multiman does all this for you. just put your ps2 disc in, copy the ISO and run it from Retro in multiman

RPGNoZero: copyright protection error (80029513) when starting ps2 classic placeholder using rogero 4.31 and multiman 4.53.01 (already try using ISO and ENC file)

LiTTLeBeART96: Can i play online when I done this ?

pixiedelic: i have latest multiman, can you pls tell me how to run the iso? my ps3 console dont recognize the iso when i put it in GAMEZ folder, do i need to make another folder? thanks bro!

TitanicguyDoesMinecraft: do you need a usb

Jared Novas: also do you need a jailbroken ps3 for this?

rogueriku: Okay so I have been playing Dragon Quest VIII and it freezes while I play it I noticed that it happens with games +4gb, rest are working well Any idea how to fix it?

duckmann08: Does this let you play ps2 games on the ps3 super slim?

Jared Novas: the part where you said you must transfer the iso to the ps3 hard at that part do you put your pen drive back in?

Subaro0o: FTP is so slowww. Anyway, you know how to add cover pics for the games?

Paradigm: I don't know, but you can try with the newer version of the gui

Paradigm: There is no save state function, but there must be a way to fix the error

Roi Ferrer: Why is it so long for me to transfer files? :( Reply please

Paradigm: I'm not really sure, but I guess it's the version of Multiman, try removing it and installing again, and make sure it's a full version

SoulSc0rcher: Did you copy them with multiman?

Paradigm: I'm not sure to be honest, try creating a virtual memory card in the XMB and the assign it once you load the game

CRAZYminusS: OPEN YOUR EYES!!!! filezilla-project org

HardlyAPro: I don't see any hdd0.......

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[Tutorial] How to play PS2 games on PS3 with Multiman 4.30.00 [The easy way] 4.8 out of 5

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[Tutorial] How to play PS2 games on PS3 with Multiman  4.30.00 [The easy way]
[Tutorial] How to play PS2 games on PS3 with Multiman 4.30.00 [The easy way]

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[Tutorial] How to play PS2 games on PS3 with Multiman  4.30.00 [The easy way]