Cold Steel Norse Hawk Mods. Handle , Sheath And Re-Profile

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Arctic Gator: I love the way my norse hawk "sings" i impressed the hell out of a few of my friends from germany when i went to bring it out of the canvas sheath i keep it in and it made that perfect "tiiinng" sound, like it was from a movie or something, i call it my singing lady.

7th Fire Generation: The sheath turned out to be incredible. Mistakes are how bread was invented. Beautiful work.

Phillip Jones: Nice save nice finish we all make mistakes carry-on

Oscar Lechuga: Maybe a mistake on the close-stud, ... however, a very beautiful job.
I, if I was gifted as you are, would have included a belt-loop too. Maybe not for the Norse period, but I always consider practibility before I spend dollar-one.
Thank you Sir, for your hard work, and your great video.

Oren Haviv: Respect: You taught us something very important Do not give up . Take the Mistake - "You do make a lemon = lemonade". Anyway - in the end it's for the better - because it's very beautiful .

The Humble Ronin Ryu-Jutsu: Nice mods mate i have the spike hawk and have done mods to that will have to sort out a video at some point- atb Jim

James Kitchell: Good tutorial on the hawk sheth Thank You

jodie richardson: Nice mod and nice resolve of rooster up. Looks really good.

yoshi kagetora: Good video, but I subbed ur channel because of the way you handled the road bump

Darofla: How much did you shorten the handle ?
Or otherwise - how long is the hawk now?

Thug Lincoln: Man I've been there, bro - too many times. Perfect work with one epic freakup.

YeOldeScience: I like your idea using leather dye and alcohol. Tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to give that a try. Thanks for uploading this. Lots of good ideas.

Conrad Jarmon: I like the sheath.

Brian Mccann: Love the sheath. Wow. It still came out beautiful good sir. Save this video for future reference fir thst leather workmanship. Wow.

James Miller: Good mods mate

Scott Birse: I was pretty impressed with the leather work. Making lacing look bonny is not to be sniffed at. A good book if you are interested is The Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather braiding. Shows you how to make buttons and toggles etc from leather. Good job!

A Tapir Named Jeff: what creates the surface under the paint? is that a rust protection layer? forge scale? should it be removed? if so how?

Roully09: I love the look of the solution to the stud problem at the end. The holster looks more complete and secure now :) Great job!

ratrod diesels: you have the best modded hawks . i just started my trail hawk i used a sharp knife 90% to get the handle shaved then used 120 grit to sand it but im getting a 220 grit to make it smoother i filed the inside head to remove burrs and need to get paint remover to lose the black paint unfortunnately i dont have leather skills but hope for the best.

Tesshin ryƫ Dojo: best to use a piece of glass to scrap the varnish off (I am a boat builder) you will find it leaves a very good Finnish

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Cold Steel Norse Hawk Mods. Handle , Sheath and Re-Profile 5 out of 5

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Cold Steel Norse Hawk Mods. Handle , Sheath and Re-Profile
Cold Steel Norse Hawk Mods. Handle , Sheath and Re-Profile
Cold Steel Norse Hawk Mods
Cold Steel Norse Hawk Mods
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Cold Steel Norse Hawk Mods. Handle , Sheath and Re-Profile