How To Connect To Nintendo WiFi (DS Lite & DSi)

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gotenks 13: It did not work at all

thatonegamer awesome: i love that song

Emre Çelik: it says"the access point's secrity settings r not supported by the NDS WHAT WILL I DO NEXT

SeeMore Games: rip i have ds lite

Wraith3392: I'm confused I have the red lock but when I put in the password it says these setting are invalid. can someone please help me

MC: wats the song

Trevor Miscewitz: you have my intro song

Painted Starlight: I have a DS lite. I can never find the wifi in any setting of the game or even the device itself. Help!?!

Shyguy 112: this music gave me cancer

Fenrisian Berserker: I was frustrated with the pointlessly confusing Nintendo wifi and I was about to go listen to Evanescence for a while. Lol. Nvm. I guess I got both at once.

DEATHSWRATH1992: Why even put DS Light in your freaking title of "How to connect to WiFi" with your DSI and blah blah blah just get have folks watch untill the end and say ' By the way if you have a WAP password that protects your computers way better that 'weeping WEP that has squat for WiFi security... Reporting this video for misleading title.
- Side point lol you say "Don't forget to subscribe!!!!!" You're just an attention seeking mouth breather, this video alone has mor dislikes than you have subscriber's; with this video being '6 years and 15 days old'
This video was 2 mins and 19 seconds waste of my life, but I hope you read my post just so you come to terms with the scrub'd failure in witch you are and most likely forever will be.. And that fills me with joy.
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Tyler Host: nope

Alex Snyder: no dude that's for a 3ds this video is all wrong and misleading

Idogplays Games: I Notice that the connection Linksys is compatible with every device! No errors, no entering, successfully and Great. (Always)

Crazedkittiesmeow: I don't have a game that has a setting like that

Ryuañez: Music 2edgy4me. Couldn't concentrate on video


Sarah Williams: for the ds lite it says these settings are invalid and i enteres my password

Heather the UmbreGamer: I did that but it keeps saying "the access point's security settings are not supported by the Nintendo DS" idk what to do.

Chris rodriguez: Not help full

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how to connect to Nintendo WiFi (DS lite & DSi) 5 out of 5

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how to connect to Nintendo WiFi (DS lite & DSi)
how to connect to Nintendo WiFi (DS lite & DSi)
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How to connect to wifi with a nintendo DS (lite)
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how to connect to Nintendo WiFi (DS lite & DSi)