Moonshine In Southwest Virginia

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Drew Allen: Pulaski County !

Andrew McGraw: o bullcrap moonshine aint a health problem its good fer ya

GustaNxnja: I live in marion va

Zack Rose: Wise county!! Apple pie!!

jessicajonesyo: Smyth County's is better. (: I'm sure there's more between Sugar Grove and Saltvile than in Franklin County.

Isaac Gibson: Russell County.

Fjioera Lynn: No one ain't gonna say word who makes it and who don't to the goverment. Franklin is the Capital.

TheBoxingButterfly: The only reason people think Franklin is the capitol, is because the people in Franklin claim it is. I claim Smyth County is the best. So in that logic, it is.

Zack Rose: Wide county !!! Apple pie!

777heavychevy: no franklin county IS the moonshine capitol of the world! there are over 150 stils in franklin county and one which i own. and there is alot of money in it!

hawknest14: Ahh I can't wait until this evening... I'll be relaxing with a nice mason jar of peach clear water from Franklin County VA. ;) Nothing but the best.

pegxxx: Thanks for the posting. Washington County has the best shine.
Moonshine in Southwest Virginia 4.3 out of 5

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Moonshine in Southwest Virginia
Moonshine in Southwest Virginia
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Moonshine in Southwest Virginia