DIY (Car Painting) - Lesson On How To Spray Primer Sealer And Base Coat Paint YouTube HD Video

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Theme Griffon: when using 2k primer or color coat and you are waiting for it to flash to put the second coat on, do you leave the paint in the gun or do you need to clean out your gun between each coat? If not, how long can it stay in before reacting?

Jack Black: I bought some Urethane Clearcoat but I don't have hardener for the Clear! I got in a fight with seller. WHERE CAN I FIND A UNIVERSAL HARDENER FOR MATRIX/REFINISH SOLUTIONS CLEARCOAT? PLEASE HELP! I AM PAINTING TOMORROW!

Scott H: On many videos, I see painters spray the entire car and bumper covers with the same paint mix. Is a flex agent to be used on bumper covers ? If so, does the flex agent get mixed into primer, sealer, base and clear ? If not all, which ? Do painters mix a flex agent and spray the entire vehicle ? Benefits or problems with this ? Thanks

thomas murphy: Great vid

RUDY G: what brand is it? also any suggestions for hvlp guns?

DIY Auto Body and Paint: Yes, I used the same gun for this video. I use a 1.3 for both. Some people prefer a 1.4 for sealer.

RUDY G: what gun are you using to spray the sealer? is it the same gun you used for the base coat?

DIY Auto Body and Paint: There are some sealers that are epoxies. If that is the case you should be fine. However, the primer needs to be a type of etching primer or epoxy for bare steel. You may see if the can recommends that if it can be applied directly to steel or not.

matt m: I just did a fire wall on mustang, i used K2 sealer to seal my bare metal will it come back to haunt me? I was thinking the sealer would be able to etch my bare metal for paint.

18sexyrosie: bubbles are caused by painting incorrectly ie the distance you have your spraygun form the car , by painting it in a windy area , or by not letting the paint dry on each stage for at least 24hrs before you apply the next stages. if you get bubble you have to strip back to bear metal and start again, best look paintjobs are sanded by hand block not sander, sander leaves spots undone and scratches the metal and a bad pattern

DIY Auto Body and Paint: Are the bubbles peeling? It could be the clear coat did not have enough mil thickness....I am not sure!

pamoda koggala: I tried two three times to paint my car but it not lasted more than two years. Very little bubles comes under paint coats. pl let me know the reason for it. thank you.

blackriflex39: i trim first when primeing should i be doing it last?

DIY Auto Body and Paint: I'd like to see your pics. You can send them to me at DonnieSmithMail@gmail(dot)com

imus1426: i like your videos, they helped me on some of the small details i was questioning which happens to make the difference between bad paint jobs and quality. I am self taught on painting and have been practicing painting everything from my fathers lawn mower, to my car, to my neighbors push mower. My neighbor wanted her push mower painted purple with some autobots symbols. I would like to send you some photos of it to get your input.

DIY Auto Body and Paint: I always use adhesion promoter and primer sealer on plastic. Thanks for watching.

PeteLSxMARO: Thanks, would I need to spray primer sealer to my plastic fenders on my 98-02 camaro or just spray adhesion promoter and shoot paint?

DIY Auto Body and Paint: @PeteLSxMARO Epoxy primer or etch primer should be applied over the bare metal. if you have scratches needing filled, you can apply primer surfacer on top of the epoxy or etch primer. The surfacer will need to be sanded before painting. Pressure depends on gun, but 20 to 30 should work. You can check out my guides at CollisionBlast(dot)com/DIYHowToGuides for detailed information. Thanks for watching the video.

PeteLSxMARO: At what psi are you shooting that paint? And is primer suppose to be sanded down after a few 2 good coats of primer before paint? I am trying repaint my camaro quicksilver metallic and I'm currently replacing the rear quarter panels and well I had to sand down to metal on the edges like the flange where the spot welds are now how would I cover that up with primer and get it even with the paint on the panel already to get prep for paint ?

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DIY (Car Painting)  - Lesson On How To Spray Primer Sealer and Base Coat Paint YouTube HD Video