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smilefaces1126: naked baby on theloose!

Kaydie estremera: how much are this baby dolls

Singerforever21: I really want one but it's like around 1,000$ I would've bought one if it was less u do a pretty good job though

Flavia Cristina: onde compro uma dessas? aqui no Brasil não encontro

Rachiie Ransom: what is the lowest price for a silicone?

Brittany Mannon: Soooo cute!

MsEvie15: I love how flexible she is. Leeza is such a beautiful baby. I know she's sold out, but she's just incredible. They all are!!

Jane UK: You are looking at £1000 for a full silicone doll.

marisol123540: Sorry, but you need to talk when making a vedio,so people could know what you are doing.Are you trying to sell these babies? or what?

Georgeanne Ford: She is such a beautiful baby.

vanessatb1990: How do I buy a doll like this? I live in Brazil and I want a doll reborn silicone as it is! You sell? Where to buy? My E-mail: nessatbrito@hotmail.com

Eli Martinez: im very very interested in buying a fully body solid silicone baby...please email me @ elizabeth.143@hotmail.com it would mean the world to me to have a precious silicone baby. Thank You :)

Neesa Bregman: longneesa@gmail.com

Michelle Fagan: Really? $39.95. I suggest you purchase from ebay. I cannot imagine an artist making a solid silicone baby for that price ......I think you are probably talking about a manufactured vinyl doll and not an artist made solid silicone baby.

marisol123540: Hi, Where could I buy a baby like this?

Maria S.: I like this babys , don`t have one silicone baby , but its so expensive to me, but so beautiful

Gail Helen Hughes: Wow I want her lol

agdlover98: how much are the babies cause you can get them off ebay for like 39.95 or something

bella pond: shes really cute whats the average price for them?

HeatherRodgers: Its amazing how real they look. Adorable!!

Rochelle Head: Can i buy her from you for 50$- 100$ my email is tigerlover122895@yahoo.com

Simon Shirt: hoooooooooooor ???????????

Jye'ah Brown: u are right

Abigail Kaspszak: She's adorable

Julliet Gonzalez: is she 4 sale

Lynn W: Hi, is this baby for sale? I'm looking for a nice full body silicone baby. Know of anyone selling them for not too expensive?

james brown: are you saleing it cause i want it

Megan Chapman: Is she sold yet I am very interested

Eveyln Diane: Make A Wish girl :) I love this baby would I be Abel to get her in2013 ?

Cathrina Domingue: How can we buy this little treasure?

amelia593947: Is she for sale ? Because I want 1

Majiba Askew: Hello from Switzerland, Michelle Fagan. I'm a huge fan of yours, you create amazing dolls, thank you for sharing. Majiba.

Julliet Gonzalez: how much?!?!!?

CookietheTulip: @marisol123540 Yes you are right! There should be voice in there. I will work on that for another video.

isabel plaza varaea: deseo comprar una pueden ayudarme, con informacion y costos, gracias

CookietheTulip: @sonofapurplebiscuit1 Thank you!

YoshiSonicLily: I've got an idea. Lets look in the title of the video.

Neesa Bregman: I want one email me plzz longneesa

Michelle Fagan: I do not know anyone selling solid silicone full body babies for 1-100 dollars. Sorry!

slumberlanddreams66: Michelle, She is truly beautiful. Love the reality and flexability~~ Amazing!

livelovebehappy123: Are they for sale

AnAsianRebornfan: OMG you make perfect Asian babies.Make more please. :) Oriental reborns and silicones of good quality are so hard to find. I'm Chinese so I love good Asian dolls.

Michelle Fagan: I wish I could figure out how to delete ridiculous comments like this.

serenbachstar: i dont think michelle needs to talk to sell these babies, they sell themselves. if you look through michelle does also have some other great videos comparing silicone and explaining, shes gorgeous michelle, i hope to own one of your beautiful babies one day x

Ruth Gallardo: so cut and Amazing!

LuvMyBoys: Wow, a tiny cute one. Do you have a web site?

agdlover98: I want one of the babies that you made and one that Lorna Miller-Sands made. I want the first one.

marisol123540: Hi, By the way,this baby is beautiful. I also have a full bodysilicone baby,and I just love her.I love to dress her up,cause she looks so real and feels so real.Who is the maker of your baby? I will look forward to see more of your baby.Please e=mail me,when you have more.I wish I could also vedio my baby,but I do not know how.Thanks.

Jordan Holloway: I want it

Michelle Fagan: HI, You can email me at michellefaganoriginals@hotmail.com and I would be happy to discuss it with you and also can share Lorna's email with you so you can write her as well!

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www.michellefagan.com - full body silicone babies
www.michellefagan.com - full body silicone babies
Full Silicone Babies - www.michellefagan.com
Full Silicone Babies - www.michellefagan.com
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Silicone baby Leeza by Michelle Fagan- Box opening
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