Noveske NSR Installation

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Mark Holing: Awesome video brother, and thank you! 

david berry: Do you think this will work with an Adams Arms XLP piston gas system?

bdL91: Does anyone know if the nsr will fit over a low profile gas block? Has anyone done that personally?

darkjedi351: what size crows foot is required? nice vid!

a38337: Very cool. Thanks!

John Mahaney: How has this rail held up? Does the fact that it doesnt have any anti rotational pins make a difference in its sturdiness? Im torn between this and a Samson Evo. Also I heard there were some issues when using an AFG on the NSR rail.

JonnyC308: Do you mean add a flip up front sight to this rail or use this rail w/ a standard A2 front sight block? Either way the answer is yes lol.

John Mahaney: I just bought 556 Tacticals 9" EVO rail for my SBR. With the flaming pic it looks pretty intense. It replaced a Spikes 7" SAR.

beelikestowatch: That is very sleek looking. Very nice. Loved the blooper, sounds like one of my edits that no one every sees or hears

bbej4: Man ur AR is looking bad ass buddy.

HW2800: Wow! Your gas block was too high to go over the new NSR handguard. I almost purchase the 13.5" NSR model. Is your gas block a low profile like mine? If not I still have a chance with the NSR handguard.

JonnyC308: Thanks bro!

JonnyC308: Thanks man, the 9in rail works just fine for me. If you buy the polymer panel set it comes with a small hand stop that I put at the end. This keeps me away from the gas block and gives you a point of reference for your grip. If you check out my video on the polymer panel install it will show you the location of the stop and section of rail(on the left) that I keep my light on. Hope that helps man!

strykeback01: Finally got my N4 barrel for my nsr rail but I'm seeing on directions that the screws need to be torqued to 30 inch pounds. Did you use one of these fancy expensive torque screwdrivers?

the308capital: Yes. I ordered the rail form cheaper than dirt and I had to buy the correct barrel nut. Armalite, DPMS and Rock River 308s are all different from each other, just like the magazines.

TheShermandale: Nice, bro.

KillerCams101: Awesome video!

JonnyC308: Thanks man, i think it turned out nice.

WhiskyTangoFoxtrot33: Thanks for measuring the inside diameter. Looks like itll be to tight to fit a suppressor inside. Great vid though, sub'd.

JonnyC308: Rguns barrel and receiver blocks.

lazywanker: Who makes the two orange blocks at the beginning of this video ?

JonnyC308: Thanks man, the NSR will only cover a low-pro gas block and the switchblock won't fit under. This rail was designed to be very slim and modular.....I should be a rep for Noveske lol.

Gregg Van Dycke: How you like the rail? how does it handle heat? is it nice and tight, no wiggle? does it fit tight with the upper receiver?

MrRelentlessassault: phase 5 hell yeah

Burt0351: Are you going to put the same typ of finnish on your rail that is on your upper and lower?

PrescientNotions: Actually, a pretty darn good video. NSR rail does not come with the barrel wrench. As stated in the video it is a 1 and 1/16 inch and is pretty narrow. Buy a 1-1/6" crows claw with 1/2" drive. Amazon has as em, as stated in the video. I used a 4" angle grinder to narrow the claw of the wrench, borrow one from a friend if you don't have one. It only takes 5 minutes or so to get it narrow. I would never torque to 90lbs, the tighter you go the more likely you are to deform the upper.

HW2800: JonnyC308, Thank you for your video and your reply! I going to wait just a few weeks to see what other accessories Noveske has to directly go on to the rail without the 1913 being the interface between the two. It pretty expensive at $20 or more for the 1913. Harry

TheCrewchief01: Very nice Jon,I love the slim setup. Thx for sharing !

JonnyC308: Thanks man!

myluv8684: Man great video thanks for the info, and nice upper job too

JonnyC308: Noveske 16" recon barrel.

strykeback01: Hey johnny ive watched your install videos and ar pistol builds many times. Just waiting for mega to release some uppers and novekse to get some of their 13.5 nsr rails out so i can begin the build. My question. Since youve built quite a few. What are some must have tools and some you can live without to do a perfect job on a build. Im talking for lower and upper. Need advice on what build tools to order

JonnyC308: Love it, disipates heat well, tight fit no wiggle, has a slight gap between my upper and the rail.

JonnyC308: Thanks NIck!

JonnyC308: It makes sure your barrel nut has a tight seal. Your kinda roughing up the metal bond between your upper and barrel nut. On the the third torque your good to go! And Noveske said so lol.

JonnyC308: I bought the set off gunbroker a few years ago. I'm sure they still have them if you're looking for one.

kamrr4437: John Noveske was killed in a car accident last night man. His SUV went off the road and hit some boulders and he was ejected from the vehicle. We have lost a great AR manufacturer. He was 36 years old.

dphitch: Sweet rifle dude!

rob s: i have to ask, how tall is the rail from the hand guard to the top of the rail? i own a ruger SR 22 and i want to make sure the rails line up at the top, so the iron sights are the same height.

JonnyC308: Thanks man, I used the same wrench alteration. It's my custom Noveske wrench now lol.

blessedcajun: Great vid bro. Is there a reason you went with the 9'' instead of longer?

JonnyC308: Thanks man, I know the SDN-6 i have on the way won't fit. Most companies have them @ 1.5".

JonnyC308: You need to use a torque wrench to get accurate ft/lbs. If you had a cresent wrench compatible with a 1/2in or 3/4 in torque wrench it would work.

JonnyC308: Yes sir thanks for watching.

JonnyC308: Thanks, I had to edit out alot of R rated suff...In the end i think it worked out just fine lol.

lazywanker: Thanks

JonnyC308: yeah i think this is the first video of an NSR install, otherwise i would have cheated and watched someone elses how-to vid lol

Franklin C: The Samson EVO is very nice. It uses the factory barrel nut. Works with the AFG2. Solid once mounted up. Not aggressive on the hands either. A lot of options of length, extended handguards, and extension pieces.

K Knox: Its gonna be nice and u can be proud that u did it yourself

lazymo2: hi Jonny why do you tor it 3 times?

Noveske NSR Installation 4.7 out of 5

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Noveske NSR  Installation