Noveske NSR Installation

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david pinero: Did you have to use the anti rotation pin?

Simone Vailati: Nice job!!! How did you cover the body of the rifle? The skulls pattern is fantastic!

John Hou: the way you used the torque wrench was wrong.

kg9pz: Nice job, man! Sorry I missed this I was distracted elsewhere during this time period of my life. Looks bad ass!

FirearmTutorials .com: Nice work.  Looks a lot easier than the URX 4 I spent 2 hours with tonight and didn't finish yet.

Ole Ironhead: Looks great!  Nice job dude.

Mark Holing: Awesome video brother, and thank you!

david berry: Do you think this will work with an Adams Arms XLP piston gas system?

ben: Does anyone know if the nsr will fit over a low profile gas block?
Has anyone done that personally?

darkjedi351: what size crows foot is required?  nice vid!

JonnyC308: I bought the set off gunbroker a few years ago. I'm sure they still have them if you're looking for one.

JonnyC308: Is your gas block a .936 or .750? A low profile .750 will fit fine, but the .936 is cutting it close and haven't seen anyone try the .936 low profile.

Shane Alfer: What is the contour on one of those? I have a Black Hole Weaponry bull barrel and dont know if an NSR will fit with the gas block? Is it standard profile?

JonnyC308: Noveske 16" recon barrel.

Shane Alfer: What kind of barrel are you running? It looks like a bull barrel.

JonnyC308: I used my best judgement and blue loctite lol. Just don't over do it and you should be fine w/out using the torque screwdriver.

John Mahaney: I just bought 556 Tacticals 9" EVO rail for my SBR. With the flaming pic it looks pretty intense. It replaced a Spikes 7" SAR.

Franklin C: The Samson EVO is very nice. It uses the factory barrel nut. Works with the AFG2. Solid once mounted up. Not aggressive on the hands either. A lot of options of length, extended handguards, and extension pieces.

JonnyC308: The rail works great, no rotation problems w/ 65 lbs of torque. The AFG2 fits just fine, I heard the AFG1 w/ flaired sides doesn't fit.

John Mahaney: How has this rail held up? Does the fact that it doesnt have any anti rotational pins make a difference in its sturdiness? Im torn between this and a Samson Evo. Also I heard there were some issues when using an AFG on the NSR rail.

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Noveske NSR Installation 5 out of 5

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Noveske NSR  Installation