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Rockbiter 25/125 AirgunsOhio: Im looking forward to this from my HATSAN mod 125 Vortex 25cal.
34fpe, 26.24gr lead....mmm.....

avgrim77: Why not use straight gunpowder? You can buy canisters they use for reloading ammo

avgrim77: Can you hunt with those?

Anthony: What would happen if you put a copper BB glued over the explosive component? Would it disintegrate or would it project the BB even harder once it hit due to FMA?

Thiago Paulino: Can I drop alcoohol instead of water?

Shifty McVeigh: Silence is better than this super loud music.

Karin Lefevre: Why not just buy some gun powder from cabella's?

Weston Beard: How long does it take to dry?

Mark Manwaring: all done 40 years ago ,but is fun

Kimber 10MM: air pellets LMAO freak

Jason Mantovani: can you put that in a 22lr

Faris Spear: Who's in da hood? I wanna trade

diantre creagh: plzzz go hunting with these pellets on a squirrel or rabbit please! even a sparrow!!

Beast GamePlay: Tracer explosive pellets please

BarbarasUrates: You know YouTube supplies the NSA with videos which contain certain keywords. It is the same with e-mail, blogs, text's, Facebook and twitter threads. "How To Make Explosive Ammo," will most certainly give an NSA analyst or an FBI agent a major hard-on. Listen, I'm all about freedom of speech and the 2nd Amendment (which protects us from tyrants, who might someday have free reign over the NSA), but you might find yourself surveilled, or even worse. You've got balls, I'll give you that. But man, even though I don't know you, I know what it's like to be harassed by cops, and I wouldn't want that happening to anyone. I've been sending these messages out, and apparently some people think it's a conspiracy. I mean no insult to your intelligence, but some people are unaware of it. So if you are, Google Edward Snowden, PRISM, NSA spying... no conspiracy, it's confirmed by our own President. Much respect. 

gamerpaddy: now diesel it!

Zac Gautney: squeezing he caps gently with pliers works better than taking it out with a match stick

MrGermanSheppard: now i can hunt jack rabbits easier :D

MrRegor23: Dat music..Damn I'm still dancing!

sai lee: Try it a meat

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How To Make EXPLOSIVE AMMO ! 5 out of 5

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Glock 17 Explosive Ammo!
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.22LR An up close look and comparison of rounds, brands and bullet types
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How to make explosive pellets(easy way)
How to make explosive pellets(easy way)

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