BF4 China Rising Dragon Pass Map Overwiew New Bomber

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Colton Rothert: Anyone looking for the bomber on Dragon Pass it’s on obj D

Andrew Bedford: lets make a map with crap tonnes of vehicles, no cover, massive distances to travel. Fun? .......nah

Sinkento: Just wondering is there any Quad bikes (ATVs) for this map? I always wanted to do a race between a Quad and Dirt bike.

Brandon S: How do you get the cruise missile in the bomber? I just get the j-dam bombs

Luciano: don't know if i should buy this game, it feels like a bf 3.5

TheChrisglasgow: Ur fov doesnt look right

DerHirni: How the hell do you switch weapons in the bomber?

formerdave94: Is it just me, or is the visuals in this map horrible?

Bonifasius Edwin: Damn, it is so dark...

Daryl Nelson: sniper heaven lol

eddie123698745: Is this the beta for the map? They havent finished it right? It looks so empty...

Dilios the Spartan: Reminds me of one of the BFBC2 Vietnam maps.

Arno Deinum: looks like farcry 3

Jsteri: How to shoot those cruise missiles in that bomber?

Siard Houtstra: I hasve to say, I played all maps, and they are all but Gilian Peaks,snipers heaven. Gilian Peaks makes it a bit harder, but with a good spot you can camp there all day long too. 
And no, I'm absolutely not a good sniper, nor a camper!

Trezzy MC: Can't wait to be running to an objective and just see the entire area get decimated by a cruise missile from the bomber.

JasonSPD: It looks amazing. A bit like Bad Company 2 and Arma

Gerhardt Meyer: If it's Sniper's Heaven,it's Knifer's Paradise

SirTibio: Map looks cool but I wouldn't be able to see anyone in these dark areas.

rumplile pencildikk: Anyone know when this comes out on ps3? Ik today. But when today

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BF4 China Rising Dragon Pass Map overwiew New Bomber 5 out of 5

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BF4 China Rising Dragon Pass Map overwiew New Bomber