Hobbyking Y-3 Tricopter Build And First Flight

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jerry zito: I really hope you answer this post. I am trying to fly my Y-3. The servo will not respond. It leans 45 degrees to the right, When I put the props on, and power up, It stays to the right. When I center it with my rudder stick it returns to 45 degrees right. What am I missing?

Jerry Zito: Ok thanks. I'll watch it again. I must have missed the props.

Jerry Zito: Great video. I have the same motors you have. What prop size do you use?

Murillo Latorre: Nice vídeo, it has help me a lot.
Did you have a over heat problem on your ESC?
Mine is shut down because heating.

I’m using:
Turnigy L2215J-900 Brushless Motor (200w) (http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=14737)

Hobbyking SS Series 25-30A ESC (http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=6460)

Do you think I need a 40ª ESC?

Ronny Grimm: Stick scaling Roll80, Pitch85, Yaw60, Throttle90

wdsherman1956: Hello Ronny, what did you end up with as far as your kk2 settings after tuning in your garage. I couldn't make out what you had your stick scaling set at from the video. (numbers were fuzzy) Thanks. Bill

the1realanalogman: Nice video. The TRI looks really great in the air. I'm contemplating my first multicopter build and I like the logic of the TRI design. Also looks as though orientation is improved. Thanks for the tutorial!

Mikie667: Nevermind my Yaw question. Got it figured out.

Anto Dankić: I fill spunge in middle of rear fuselage section and resonance's gone. Do you made flips on autolevel mode?

Mikie667: I have setup my Y-3 like yours. When it lifts off the ground, it will spin left or right. I can change it's direction with the stick but it will not stabilize/hold its' heading like the yaw control isn't working at all. What do I need to change?

Ronny Grimm: I just drilled through the ply and screwed in. But will be better to use x brackets for reinforcement under the ply... Good luck with your build and flying!!

MyOnehand: liked just ordered one looks great in the air happy flying !!!

tazthercnut: hi ya mate good video made my build easy thanks.nice flying

RonALampman: Nice! Great looking Tricopter and nice lighting. FAA just like I like too.

Ronny Grimm: Anto: No i have not tried to eliminate the resonance sound. Marcos: On 3s 2200 I get 5 minutes of hovering around or 4 min 3D, to get longer time... there is room for a bigger lipo.

Anto Dankić: Hi Ronny, did you try to eliminate somehow resonace sound from fuselage?

Marcos Martinelli: Nice video! Running on 3S? How could i get longer flight time? Thanks!

dcame002: Looks good! LEDs well done. Just finished crashing my tricopter. Tail servo gave out on me

SvenOkonomi: Yikes, those motors like to draw some power then. You think it has enough grunt to double the batterysize? Because 4 minutes sounds rather meager considering im used to getting well over 10 on my tricopters.

Ronny Grimm: Tested 10 flights now and...More like 4 minutes on 2200

Hobbyking Y-3 Tricopter build and first flight 5 out of 5

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Hobbyking Y-3 Tricopter build and first flight
Hobbyking Y-3 Tricopter build and first flight
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Hobbyking Y-3 Tricopter build and first flight