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John Smith: My favourite slugs are the Infurnus, Flatulorhinkus and Tazerling.

Shara Solero: Such an awesome show!

Valerie Tsylor: I have the toys I'm going to get the plushs tomorrow 

Samai Bajan: Eli so slinger:-B

Jk025: Rookie 

DARIO SCARPETTA MENDEZ: dario scarpetta jajajajajajajaja megusta pero lo que pasa es que falta mas tiemmpo comoporai 500 segundos

Catherine Graves: 

Alberto Carrer: figo

Hamada Mahmoud: I like it

Andy An: Creature Box! yeah!

Marlisa Jumaana: thaqif messin ronaldo

João Victor Marques Teixeira: Português : Preciso de pessoas com facebook para eu poder convidar e serem administradores da página Wiki Slugterra. Quem estiver disponível pode comentar. English : I need people with facebook so I can be inviting and administrators Slugterra Wiki page. Anyone can comment available.

Andriy Tretyakov: slugterra is the very difikalt film

crashbomb: This looks really freaking good, the fact that it looks like a Borderlands/Pokemon hybrid helps a lot

someskittle: Reminds me of borderlands

unoriginalname142541: New episodes please....

Roxy Chown: @PC2000 Well, Eli has the same Voice Actor as Aerrow. And I reckon that Trixie sounds a lot like Piper. I dunno. XD I still love both shows.

Dawson Ellis: Cool!!!! I wish it was real

kazifpork: Yay Burpy!

maddie1tv: of the storm hawks i mean

FrostInter: Pretty awesome show!

JaggarZF: It like a Borderlands/Pokemon hybrid. So by that logic it should rule!

EK2: Awesome :)

Clonetos: I dunno about you but those slugs do look adorable..

PC2000: Does this show....have the same cast as Storm Hawks?

WixPlayGames: ale fajno

franci kricaj: Gkcl.

Emsinamic: Oh my gosh he's voiced by the same person who does Aerrow from Storm Hawks! It's my alltime favourite show!!!!! (fangirl squeal)

ALEXXD GOMEZZ: suscríbanse a mi canal

Fellipe Utaka: Ca

Paul Zeke: pretty much

maddie1tv: i heard the other voices and i think only eli has their voice but i still wish dxd would make season 3

claudio rengifo: Q AOSA

man hassim: slgterra

Nora elizabeht Bustos carrasco: Ea el mejor bideo de babosas

crysta Akana: I've watched 2 episodes an so far I like the show

Ram Cam: Only the main character Eli Shane is play by the same voice actor from storm hawks he was played as Aerrow. But both shows are made by the same people their both great!

Redstone Lover: we want new episodes!!

fireult: rocks

penspot: Unfortunately it's not the full cast. Sam Vincent (Aerrow) is the main character Eli and Matt (Finn) occasionally does a cameo. I swear I've heard Junko's voice once or twice as well but so far no Chiarra or Scott. : |

Emi B: All I can think when I hear him speak is AerrowAerrowAerrowAerrowAerrow. His voice sounds exactly the same. Good 'ol Sam Vincent.

bruna trindade bolsoni: this drawing angry and I watch every day!!!

Aisu Shimo: THe Main character Eli Shane and Aero from Storm hawks is the same voice actor

Vincent Byrd: slugrerra is awesome. wish more episodes would come much sooner though.

Blazeness: This show is awesome!

Adrian Cuenca: enigmo solo queda la que captura ilai entonces porque sale cuando van a por julio en una caja de la trastienda

john johnson: looks like pokemon with guns

Slugterra trailer 4.4 out of 5

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Slugterra trailer