Alex & Ani Bracelets

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BriFree: how do you add charms to the bracelets?

yasminchangreen: How do you add charms on your own?

Ash L: can I open them to add charms ?

Gia B: Bought a bunch of these for my daughter and her teenaged friends for Christmas but they are all falling off their skinny wrists.  Did you do anything to make yours fit better?  Tempted to squeeze them but don't want to ruin them.

Shannon Lewis: Can you add Charms to your bracelet? 

Brigid Devney-Rye: Just got mine as a souvenir to have from RI but actually, I think now I'll just be a collector. Thanks for your video because I couldn't figure out how to put mine on. I was trying to open something rather than just slide it on! ha ha

K. Hoags: Do you have an updated collection video?

kristin Joy: Hi! Love your video. I just got the same birthstone bangle bracelet that you have in this video - in gold & same exact stone color because both of my daughters were born in May. Just wondering how it has held up for you. Mine is fine so far - but only had it for 2 days. Just want to know if the yellow gold has faded or chipped off. Thanks! :) 

Karotsy: I recently bought two of the Alex and Ani charm rings I love them, I wear them all of the time. 

Tiffany Maruska: just an FYI it's pronounced Alex and Ahhni ike say ahh as in when the doctor says say ah .. you're saying Annie 

Purple Brilliance: Nice haul! 

anguaa: They absolutely not gold. The company calls them "Russian Gold" however they are brass. I bought a couple last year. They tarnish horribly. Their instructions on how to clean them don't work, so I'm currently trying to find other ways to clean them.

Denise C: Love the Alex and Ani bracelets! I have the gold D also, and my birthstone (ruby for July). I also have the Sugar and Spice bangle as a filler - you should check that one out. I really like the filler one you have too. I'll have to look that one up on the website.

emeraldsunsets: Hella Expensive. I'd rather save my money for these

emeraldsunsets: I am clipping my own charms I make to mine. I am only getting 3 bracelets, and making austrian crystal, and semi prec stones to make smal drop charms to put on mine

Michelle Morris: oh hey i live in Rhode Island i have 4 of them i want more tho

Bella Denneno: Pandora bracelets

Jamie Waldo: How do you make Alex and Abu bracelets smaller?

skidrowsux1977: thank you! 

skidrowsux1977: Very lame hippy_esq crap

Alex & Ani Bracelets 5 out of 5

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Alex & Ani Bracelets