Sneak A Toke One Hitter

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kush vapor420: The plastic melted on mine

cassiosaurus: What kind of review is that? "Screw this on here" "Oh this is where the screen would go" "Put your stuff in here" "Yup there you go!" Useless.

Mr240exclaim: Do i need a screen for one of these

Marilyn Monroe: how the freak do you light it.?

freshpinch: hahahha yall r retarded

COLDBLOODED115: Those are not a 1 hitter I have one and it's blue it holds like 3 normal size bowls And hits hard

emmanuel guzman: Almost any smoke shop or some gasoline stations have them ..i just got one for 4 $

corvairgod: that thing looks like it hits like a freaking beast

ryan bayless: I love these, use them everyday most dicreet way to smoke weed EVER! I even got high at disneyland with one!

jayy garcia: Can anyone give me a link to where I can get this?? The one in the description doesn't work! Please

jayblack2870: How can I buy one from u

Robbe B: How do light it then? U seal it up but then how do I light it

spinjoh: I need a screen for mine :l cheap smoke shops!

Alanbeep: How do you light it?

grimblemonster: theres a hole in the front

oakgrove0811: Yes.

José Miguel López: I need some help... I bought the exact same thing yesterday, i put the screen in it, then my stuff, screwed it in again but when i lit it and smoked from it i got nothing, no smoke no nothing... What am i doing wrong?

Stiven Guzman: It whistles

DrLoud RS: " yall r retarded " Coming from this guy...

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Sneak A Toke One Hitter 3.8 out of 5

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Sneak A Toke One Hitter