Sneak A Toke One Hitter

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its brandy: You. Have to max pac it an its gella hot to hit im not likein it think ill try screening both ends

ParaDoxal Prophet: Im 30 n this is the only piece i use consistently. Ive bought bongs and glass pipes and vapes. But this piece is perfect. I can smoke anywhere. Used to even take hits in Class and Ghost them. But i call it a Zeppelin. Or Zep for Short. Good piece if its screened up between the piece and the rubber mouthpiece, to catch ash, and inside the piece itself. And if you twist it while youre firing it up itll let out alot more smoke for a bigger hit.

Frank Navarro: These where cool back then you could pack a crap load of bud in it just becarful or you will burn your lips

kush vapor420: The plastic melted on mine

gasket case: What kind of review is that? "Screw this on here" "Oh this is where the screen would go" "Put your stuff in here" "Yup there you go!" Useless.

emmanuel guzman: Almost any smoke shop or some gasoline stations have them ..i just got one for 4 $

Stiven Guzman: It whistles

jayy garcia: Can anyone give me a link to where I can get this?? The one in the description doesn't work! Please

oakgrove0811: Yes.

corvairgod: that thing looks like it hits like a freaking beast

ryan bayless: I love these, use them everyday most dicreet way to smoke weed EVER! I even got high at disneyland with one!

DrLoud RS: " yall r retarded " Coming from this guy...

freshpinch: hahahha yall r retarded

Marilyn Monroe: how the freak do you light it.?

grimblemonster: theres a hole in the front

Robbe B: How do light it then? U seal it up but then how do I light it

José Miguel López: I need some help... I bought the exact same thing yesterday, i put the screen in it, then my stuff, screwed it in again but when i lit it and smoked from it i got nothing, no smoke no nothing... What am i doing wrong?

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Sneak A Toke One Hitter