Sneak A Toke One Hitter

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kush vapor420: The plastic melted on mine

cassiosaurus: What kind of review is that? "Screw this on here" "Oh this is where the screen would go" "Put your stuff in here" "Yup there you go!" Useless.

Mr240exclaim: Do i need a screen for one of these

Marilyn Monroe: how the freak do you light it.?

freshpinch: hahahha yall r retarded

COLDBLOODED115: Those are not a 1 hitter I have one and it's blue it holds like 3 normal size bowls And hits hard

emmanuel guzman: Almost any smoke shop or some gasoline stations have them ..i just got one for 4 $

corvairgod: that thing looks like it hits like a freaking beast

ryan bayless: I love these, use them everyday most dicreet way to smoke weed EVER! I even got high at disneyland with one!

Mela Bae: I have the same one lol except mine is like a light blue turquoise kinda.. puh ih in ur mouth nd wit the lighter on the other hand yhu light ih nd Yhu blow in, the fire blows in thru the hole burning the weed nd yhu smoke lol

jayy garcia: Can anyone give me a link to where I can get this?? The one in the description doesn't work! Please

jayblack2870: How can I buy one from u

Robbe B: How do light it then? U seal it up but then how do I light it

spinjoh: I need a screen for mine :l cheap smoke shops!

Alanbeep: How do you light it?

grimblemonster: theres a hole in the front

oakgrove0811: Yes.

José Miguel López: I need some help... I bought the exact same thing yesterday, i put the screen in it, then my stuff, screwed it in again but when i lit it and smoked from it i got nothing, no smoke no nothing... What am i doing wrong?

Stiven Guzman: It whistles

U83R8UDDH4: " yall r retarded " Coming from this guy...

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Sneak A Toke One Hitter 3.9 out of 5

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Sneak A Toke One Hitter