Replacing Ford Ranger Ball Joints

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Saileen Cruileen: You ought to be a professional mechanic. You must be a natural.

fire storm: I have a 2003 Mazda b2300 this video was a really big help to me thank you for the help

Bradley Hagman: nice just like my 98 ranger ball joints. you always should tighten to specs... shock absorber to lower control arm mount nuts 15 to 21 ft-lbs shock upper mount nut 30-41 hub and bearing to steering knuckle mounting bolts for 4wd 74-96 upper control arm to spindle pinch bolt and nut 35-46 lower ball joint Castellated nut 83-113 lower control arm pivot bolt/nuts 110-148 upper control arm pivot bolts 83-113

DarqMassacre: I have a 2000 ranger. Need new ball joints. this helps.

Jim Marcum: looks like you need some new rotors and pads

enterprise59: Mine is an 03 Ranger Edge, and my passenger side control arm is NOTHING like that!.. odd.

isaac jimenez: Thanks man you helped me.

Kevin Hardesty: Was this guy high? For most people they wanna know how the ball joint press is setup for installing and removal. Skipped alot of steps. Dude sounded burned the freak out. Also if you're trying to make a video make sure you have sufficient light. Don't start at 8 o'clock at night get out of bed before 2 pm hippie.

biaenando03: I have 1998 mazda b2500 do i have to replace the whole upper arm or can i just replace the ball joint in it..? Thanks great video btw

Nikki Boles: are you pressing the lower ball joint from the bottom or the top when you replace it?

JeffTheHokie: I have a 97 with a 2.3.  I don't see a control arm on it.  The upper and lower are inches apart.

lilfunny1234: to replace the lower ball joint do you have to remove the upper ball joint?

MigityMigityMike: Thanks for the helped a lot!!!

mark wilder: I need to do my old work truck. 01 ranger 2wd with 200k+ miles on it 3.0L. Do you recommend any particular brand of parts? I'm trying to get the best bang for my buck... a lot of online forums say use ford or moog only as others wont last nearly as long. Great video. best one on this topic on you tube. Thanks.

TrippmyT: Thanks for posting this video. I was able to follow it exactly and successfully replace my upper control arms and lower ball joints. I was able to knock the old lowers out with 3 hits with the hammer. Important to check the torque recommended for both parts. Thanks again.

Rich Mel: My biggest problem was tring to get the upper ball joint into the will not go in..that's what she said...

759Racing: Would this be the same type of work for a 4x4 1997 ranger?

MrComaToes: LOL... well, it sure edited well! We've all had those days, but it all went together in the end, and that's the the only thing that counts!

MrComaToes: Good job... made short work of it!

conan6868: I've done mine on a 95 ranger. Was a learning experience. Making everything greasable is a good idea

Replacing Ford ranger ball joints 5 out of 5

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How to : Replace Ball Joints on a Ford Ranger
How to : Replace Ball Joints on a Ford Ranger
Replacing Ford ranger ball joints
Replacing Ford ranger ball joints
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How to Replace a Lower Ball Joint (short. quick version)
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Replacing Ford ranger ball joints