GM EVAP Vent Solenoid Testing

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Sean Perkins: Can the solenoid itself be shorted to ground, producing the same result as an open in the solenoid = OV on control wire?

Adam Blankenship: This video is awesome, i have a 2007 Yukon with 5.3 and have already replaced the evap solenoid. I should have tested the signal wire from the computer back to the solenoid. i am pretty sure i have a faulty driver=( Great video though, thank you so much for sharing!

Art Houston: I was a 4x ASE Master Tech until I left the business in 2000. I used to try to explain things like this to other guys in the shop...sometimes, to no avail. Good for you for sharing this kind of diagnostic approach with a far wider audience. Well done.

Bobby Bottles: ...

elcues: At the 25-27min. using the test light is the key on or off ? I am guessing key off.
What signals computer to ground the control wire and activate the solenoid. Does the Evap purge solenoid operate the same as this vent control solenoid ? I do not have the ability to ground the control wire with a scan tool.
My vehicle is a 1996 Olds.Lss 3.8 S.Charged. I have a P1655 Evap Purge solenoid control circuit code combined with a P102 Mas or Vol Air Flow A Circuit.
Your video is the best for explaining this circuit I have seen.Thank You.

burt: hi ---Please help - i have a 2001 camry v6 operating at 178-181 temp, ecm will never go into full drive cycle with the evap and both catalysts i disconect battery few times and driving over 300 miles i need to pass inspection

burt: i guess thats why im not getting ground to my purge valve on top of my v6 camry engine on 12v i was wondering because my evap and catalyst never ever goes into full drive cycle and my engine temp is above 176

Hawaiian F150: Paul -- Really Great Information here.   All of your videos are big time solid.   Sure do wished I lived near your classroom and was 20 years younger ;)   Keep on Keepin On.  You rock.

steelsniper82: Hello, I have a Pontiac Vibe 2003 , with two codes : P0440 and P0446 , checked Vent Valve Solenoid, Vent Purge Solenoid (these two are under hood) and Pressure Switching Solenoid? (the one located in the canister, rear the car) Hoses look good, Canister also, the valves work OK and close/open when voltage applied . Connector on Vent Valve Solenoid shows 5.5 V with ignition key "on" (not on start) , Connector of Vent Purge Solenoid shows 12 v , and Connector on Pressure switch solenoid shows 5.5 V also ¿are those voltages correct? or what are the right voltages in each valve? they seems to operate all at 12 v , so I figure there is a failure delivering the right voltage to those valves showing 5.5 v . Any help will be appreciated , thanks !

Lonewolf Roaming: Hi ScannerDanner. I know it has been 2 years since we spoke on the issue I was having with a P0446 issue on my 2001 Camaro; but as promised, I have an update for you. I found that the fuel pressure sensor was the cause for the whole problem (The sensor was totally dead). The EVAP system set to ready within 10 minutes of driving after replacing the fuel pressure sensor. Thanks for all the info and assistance that you provided while I was trying to diagnose the problem with that P0446 issue!

George Felix: Very good advice , thank you .

Rob P.: I got P0449 as my ONLY code. 05 buick rendezvous. Is it possible the computer is grounding the control wire all the time during ignition on purpose due to another sensor issue?

Rob P.: I got a p0449 as my only code. 05 buick rendezvous. Is it possible some other sensor is causing the computer to close the vent solenoid on purpose-the whole time the ignition is on? Meaning sending a ground signal to the control wire to close the vent solenoid because the computer is sensing some other problem like maybe a bad fuel pressure sensor in the tank or something else strange?

Ringo Gingo: This is one smart mechanic ! 
Love this video bro thanks.  Keep up the great info.

kalbert68: Awesome video!!  No one could explain it better, more concise, nor thorough

Bhot Navarro: hi..i got a code p0449 on my 2008 saturn vue..i tested the output voltage and i got 7volts only. i can't even delete the check engine light on my dash..i already replaced the vent solenoid and the check engine light still on. Any suggestion? thanks.

Van Thanh Le: Im the only person who try to clic on the X at 23:00 in full screen? Great video i like it!

Chad Gardee: You can turn the key on off if you do not have a scan tool right on this video

street35z: Good video.With my Pontiac Montana off and on my red wire only reads 4 to 5 volts when testing to ground. White wire reads 0 at all times with plug out,not pin tested while still plugged in to solenoid which might be ok? This is going to the purge solenoid,not the vent solenoid which is in a very bad location to get to unless I roll the engine frontward after disconnecting bone brackets on front.

bouy4: Great class video,  was looking for visual info on physical location,  but watched your entire video.

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GM EVAP Vent Solenoid Testing 5 out of 5

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GM EVAP Vent Solenoid Testing