How To Fix Car That Cranks But Won't Start (Fuel Pump Assembly)

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David Conwell: Hey i need some help my fuel still actives when I turn the key but it still doesn’t start

Vuthy Yos: Hi Mr. Kilmer, on my 1995 Honda Accord the fuel pump sometimes runs and sometimes it doesn’t. Once it runs, it won’t die. The car stars whenever I hear the fuel pump buzz. Just installed a fuel pump but still hAs the same problem. What causes it? Thank you for your help. Have a blessed day.

Michael Serrano: He didn't even checked the fuel pump relay or the inertia switch!?

riteusprodigy: Hi Scotty. I have an 06' maxima that stopped on me while driving. I've used 3 different mechanics to troubleshoot and fix parts. So far combined they've changed: both valve covers and valve cover gaskets, the pcv valve, all the spark plugs and ignition coils, both camshaft sensors and the crankshaft sensor, the O2 sensor, the mass airflow sensor (I bought two new ones since i was told by the second one it needed to be from Nissan), and as of yesterday, the fuel pump was changed. It did the same thing, start once then cut off almost immediately, never to start again, only crank. Please help.

Nydia Maldonado-Pagan: i replaced the fuel pump in my 07 hyundai accent and it still will not turn on. it cranks but no start, fuses are good as well. i dont know what else to do could you help me ??

Christopher Bradberry: Man I replaced a whole fuel pump now my 2002 impala still won’t start I’m just frustrated

Carlos Frayre: Let me just say... you're great! hahaha Both educational, clear, and entertaining.

Michael Larke: 2000 yaris changed the fuel pump still wont start ,

Misty Manus: What if you replace a the fuel pump and the fuse are good but still won't start

Anna Hammond: My bfs has a 2007 Cadillac STS and he changed the fuel pump and everything. Its not the fuel pump. Someone told us it might be the anti theft systm

rgardner28: I have a 1990 c1500, ran great for a ling time then noticed a misfire like issue. Then one day i stated the truck and it ran for about a min or two then stalled. Has 5.7 liter, new fuel pump, has power and only runs on brake cleaner. Relay works as well. Does show some small amount of fuel going into the tpi throttle body. Could this be a fuel filter issue? I mean the truck is 29 years old and probably has never been changed.

Chris Avalos: What if my fuel pump SOMETIMES doesn't turn on. When it does turn on, the car runs fine and idles like it normally would. Only recently within the last two days have I noticed the car idle slightly different, but only within the first few minutes of the car being on or coming to a stop. There's no check engine light. Can it be a iac? maf? egr? or is it the actual fuel pump? And I already changed the fuel pump relay and fuse.

Matthew Ochoa: 0:16 I ❤ that part

Donaview Wigglesworth: From what you describe it sounds like my fuel pump is bad but I still hear a humming sound and I hear the humming sound when I turn the key can the fuel pump still be bad if I hear the humming sound when I turn the key.

Gynocentrism Ergo MGTOW: 2:58
Does God turn a blind eye on mechanics when it comes to swearing?

GHOST_R: I checked my fuel relay and fuse (which both were fine)put a new pump and I still have no start and no fuel pressure. Any ideas? Spark isn’t the problem in this case. On a 08 cobalt

Dusunic Headhunters North Borneo: yup,thats happen is right,i have this problem last time,fuel pump won't running,no gas supplier to the engine..after i servicing my fuel pump,its back to normal again..

Dulce G.G.: I have a question my mechanic changed my fuel pump but after a week my car started doing the same thing cranking but didn't start. What do you think it could be now?

Mike Stone: My Ford dealership here in Nevada said they discontinued making the pumps for my gas tanks. 89' Ford Econoline e250 clubwagon. I sure wish you lived here Scotty, honest mechanics are very difficult to find.

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How to Fix Car that Cranks But Won't Start (Fuel Pump Assembly) 5 out of 5

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How to Fix Car that Cranks But Won't Start (Fuel Pump Assembly)
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How to Fix Car that Cranks But Won't Start (Fuel Pump Assembly)