Straight Talk .vs. Walmart Family Mobile

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Clay Rider: Hey quick question.
if I use up my 5 gb limit with either carrier, will i still be able to use apps that use data? I'm hearing you will but it will be slower. Which carrier is faster when it starts to slow down after you use your gb limit?

Brandon Chase: Wrong you do not have to buy the $45 card when you leave the store all that is required for the phone to work is the phone and the SIM card you were billed for which plan you pick 30 days later I know I just bought mine today Samsung Galaxy core prime with 10 gigs of data unlimited talk and text 4G limited data after 10 gauge og came to $110 to leave the store with the phone working which was $79 $5 SIM card get field for my minutes data

Alarm Tech911: I'm not a costumer of ST or WFM but I can say this. I called both of them because I had questions regarding their service excetera and by far Walmart family mobile wins by far, their costumer service is super kind and fast and gives you more data freedom than straight talk.


angel hayes: my question is, if i have an iphone and a family mobile sim card, can i use that iphone with my family mobile service?

Eric langat: let me hook u up with solavei for 29.00 and cool phone for as loo as 40 bucks 

Mark Hunter: Mr. Vaughn, Great review & please include Solavei mobile for your next comparison of Family mobile phones. I'm on Solavei mobile $39 Unlimited Talk Text & 4G Data plan on T-Mobile towers & now I get FREE mobile service thanks to our Family/Friends referral program. Take a look for yourself & tell us what dk you think. Thnx, Solavei com/MarkHunter

Sheila Wann: What Large carrier is Famliy mobile

xXEpicBurneRXx: Never get straight talk I am leaving them and going to family mobile straight talk lie they dont get reception anywhere and the data sucks if you live only 1min away from a big city you still cant get service

Chris Robinson: Yeh but who gives more data,family mobile or straight talk? ??

David Sebald: If you are looking for a good prepaid carrier try Solavei Solavei has data plans starting at only $39 s go to or email

Mexicano President: I'm never going to buy any walmart service again. They are great at streaking your money and pretend like they don't have the tools to fix their mistake. I wish you good luck if you're going to deal with them anyway.

R.G.A.vlogs: Honestly I believe that Walmart Family mobile is cheeper. I pay 40 a month for unlimited talk, text and web. I have 5 gb of web data and its really hard to go past that so it's pretty good! Also the connection is the best! As we all know Schools have the worst cell phone reception, all my friends have AT&T, Verizon, Sprint etc and when he need to do anything that involves the internet their connection doesn't even work except for mine. Family mobile doesn't have a lot of phone choices tho, but the phones are cheap, the plans are cheap, and the connection to die for. Im never switching to anything! Everyone get family mobile!!!!

Jessica Hayes: Beware.

Leslie Lewis: Oh pay the five dollars more for straight talk they use verizon tmobile boast mobile virgin mobile all have poor towers I've had all three with AT&T it dropped calls daily the others I was lucky if I had one bar

Zachary Pondexter: Can u order a phone off Amazon or Ebay then get a straight talk or Walmart family plan?

Stanley Toussaint: I had Straight Talk since 2008 They are a great service with me. I had iPhone 2g, iPhone 3gs and iPhone 4s and they been great for me.

ronduenyc: Get a 25 dollar sign up bonus with virgin mobile with this referral               

SAdozer: As of today, my son has been using ST. he uses my old iphone3gs & he's been happy. ST has a Bring Your Own Phone plan (BYOP) you just buy a ST SIM card (about $15). I'm about to switch him to FM because I need 2 more phones for my other kids. I've discovered Windows base phones are awesome starter phones plus they're super cheap. I bought a Lumia 521 at $70 which I plan to use w/ FM. I just set up the phone and I was so pleased, I ordered an additional one. Windows Phones are sure worth taking a look get a lot for the $$.

Dustin Potter: guys if you want a cell phone plan with no contract and plans from $5, $10, $25, and $40 for unlimited everything then this is it. IM ONLY ADVERTISING this because I get a $19 credit. You will too if you click on this link. It's called Republic Wireless. Its been on CNN and other big news as the Best cell phone company no ones heard off. Look it up yourself. And if you switch now, we’ll both get $19 credits! Check it out by clicking here. Keep in mind – you MUST USE this personalized link in order for us both to get credit!

Straight Talk .vs. Walmart Family Mobile 5 out of 5

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Walmart Family Mobile vs. Straight Talk - BEST cheap mobile cell phone! - Review & Video
Walmart Family Mobile vs. Straight Talk - BEST cheap mobile cell phone! - Review & Video
Straight Talk .vs. Walmart Family Mobile
Straight Talk .vs. Walmart Family Mobile
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Straight Talk .vs. Walmart Family Mobile