How To Spray Automotive Clear Coat

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Drew Busch: i did the 4:1 and it turned out flat and orange peal guess ill use 800 and buff??

Karm Kumedan: 50% over lap * 75 is to much

TheEgg185: I want a shiny blue vehicle just like that door panel thing.

berntd: I have a problem with spaying 2K MS clear. It always runs on me. I already apply it faster than your and other videos show but it still runs. Usually after 5 minutes the runs appear and they are along the whole panel.
I am out of ideas and I have already wound back the fluid delivery on the gun to just 1.5 turns out. It is not cold either.
If you have any ideas, please let me know.

emigrate: super job

ShawJohn31: Not all guns will give same or good results! There are different nozzle sizes for different paint viscosities, different air pressures required for different paint mixtures...

So many people think painting cars is easy! Getting it right/perfect is far from easy!

Zoran Vojvodic: Good video, I like it. I found it by using spray car paint with clearcoat on youtube, and I got this very good video. Try to look at corbandy car sprayer crusher, use Google search, you can find it useful.

Ubaldo Molina: Hi, how you doing? I have a store, we sell steel residential doors, actually i paint these doors, can i apply clear coat to this kind of products? (exterior doors)

Rogelio Gamboa: this is a very straightforward video & easy to follow - it explains it in simple terms - tnx

AzNightmare: That Satin look was pretty nice looking too.

SP330Y: @ProSprayAutoFinishes

Will a cheap clear lacquer look just as good as a very expensive clear lacquer when compared side by side for gloss level?
WILL spending a lot more money on a quality clear lacquer give a more glossy finish than a cheap clear lacquer?
AND after sanding and buffing will both cheap and expensive clear lacquers look exactly the same with regards to gloss level?

John H: Could you do a video on cutting and buffing clear coat to get a mirror finish ? Thank you

Miroslav Vesic: orange haah

Mick D: Hi Barry,  I'm a rookie sprayer so I'm sorry to all the advanced guys reading this.if it is a stupid question. ___ I have a small area on my vehicle where the CC has peeled off and I'd like to reseal it as best as possible without a major refinish.  ___  With a bit of care, and masking during spraying (I was thinking a careful cut-out spaced say 10mm from the surface).and then spraying.  ___ I'm wondering if that has a possibility of being to be successful if I light sand and polish after the spray? ___  I'm looking for OK, not "concours d'elegance" standard as it is an older (non-classic) car so I am prepared to have a go, on that basis. ___  It is ugly now and protected paint is better than unprotected - right? ___ If I have success neatly "replacing" the CC,  would you then recommend a complete panel Clear Coat?  ___ I can probably find out what was used in the repair shop to match product used as closely as possible. ___ I'd greatly appreciate your thoughts and I'm off to view a few more of your vids as I liked this one. 

Shayne Ferguson: Nice video. The ws400 lays it down lovely. I use that gun everyday. It's the best in the business.

B Supply: Great video. Good tips and straight to the point.

todd baker: Is a .8 nozzle size too small for clear?

freakyflow: Painted my first few cars with your products No real trainning in a very old spray booth with gaps in the doors etc.. Having said that each job looks great also did a complete paint job ( GM rootbeer code ) and clear and people love the color and the wet look it has 2 months later

Review Guy: How do you get such a fine spray ? My hvlp devilbiss gun always lays down rough no matter what you do or how thin you make the clear. Or any coat for that matter. Is it my gun ?? or something im doing wrong ? 

cednik: Nice video. Can anyone please explain me the reason for flash of time between coats? What does flash of time affects if its not enough long or too short. I know the coats must chemicly react before they can be recoated itselve, so does it mean that if its too short the final clear might not reach desired hardness? Iam asking this because my sprayed clearcoats are not enough hard so I can even after month make some light marks by pushing the finger nail hard in. Thanks!

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How to Spray Automotive Clear Coat
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How to Spray Automotive Clear Coat