How To Fix (Replace) A GY6 Flywheel, Cdi, Stator, And Magneto

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mr Strong: A really thorough and detailed walk through. Well done and many thanks from Olde England.

Benson G: Braaaplive2strokes - Very nice! This video tutorial you made is incredibly helpful and informational. Thanks for taking the time to make it, and also that Rockstar polo shirt you have is awesome (I'mma Rockstar Energy Drink fan lol) , if I could give 2 thumbs up I would. Thanks again man.

newneo rodriguez: Excelente vídeo, me ayudó mucho lástima que no tengo la herramienta correcta para hacerlo, saludos desde México

mrBulldog Denmark: finaly a real nice video about stator work thx :D

Gregal C: Thank You very much. Your video helped me to get my scooter going. Great Video

will27oliver: Stupid question but how come the flywheel doesn't turn when you use the impact wrench ?

Chuck Dilmore: Great job on the video - thank you!

ivan caminero: Dude your awesome bro thanks alot you def saved me now how do I know which magneto to get if i want to upgrade some ebay store guy that sells them told me theirs differant harness's for differant stator? I have no clue what he's talking about but I want the biggest and best one I think it's either a 11 pole or an 18 which is huge but they do fit the gy6 150's

John Delaney: Great Video, very informative.

DanKelley08: Good video - clear photography

mike c: Good video thanks got it running like how you place everything  on the towel and an keep the work area clean and not stuff every where

Douglas Squire: Excellent video, anyone with a little mechanical ability should be able to follow.

m m ganesh: superb video.... clarity of the presentation is good and interesting

but i have one question: one end of the ignition coil is connected to starter motor and the other end to the spark plug.
so, how does the current generated from the stator coil via the pickup coil reach the spark plug.
in other words, where does the pickup coil wire go to ?

Michael Cloud: Great video..
my scooter is a 4 stroke but looks like the same setup. this video help out a lot.
Thank you

mchack 50313: I need help with my 150cc Chinese scooter it always burn the front bulbs I've replaced them so many times and always burn them Also it discharge the battery even If I charge full the battery die after a few rides plz need ur help what could be the problem?

Syxx Williams: i just bought a new engin for my 150cc jonway scooter an im running a AC charging system an my engin is Dc so wat do i need to do to fix this problem i cant send the engin back is there away to change the some of the parts on the engin or use my old cdi an reg will that help i had no idea it was DC i just found out im running this AC system The DC system it keep blowing the bulbs in my head lights a guage i put the cdi that came from the engin an everything blow but the blinkers an the brake lights

the master mon: Hello there to everybody im wondering if someone can help me!!! I have a 250cc chinese atv and the other day I open the stator cover and found alot of oil there im wondering if someone have open this on the pass and found oil as well the atv its not running anymore

Unmonetized Channel: what do you call the spoiler thing on the back of your scooter I bought a TaoTao and it wasn't on it when I got it. I'd like to try to find one online

Cody Carr: what is that tool called please respond!!!

busterovleeds 1234: plz help i have a yamaha neos 100 that wont start but i think it might be the stator has i am getting a weak spark but wasnt sure if a bad stator would stop me starting my bike by kickstart. could a bad cdi or coil cause a weak spark ?

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How To Fix (Replace) A GY6 Flywheel, Cdi, Stator, and Magneto 5 out of 5

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How To Fix (Replace) A GY6 Flywheel, Cdi, Stator, and Magneto