Android Phone Low Memory Problems With The LG Optimus S

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Kahuna Cazares: freak just say it already I give a thumbs down because you talk too much useless crap freaken lame ass

Renish Raj: My problem is serious of low memory your tips doesn't work . But I leave a like

Liz Myers: I have a LG tribute phone virgin mobile having problems with loading apps I love my apps I love my games and I also love to take a lot of pictures and it's always telling me insufficient storage I currently have an 8 gigabyte SD card in my phone do I need to upgrade to a bigger card I have tried to move some of my apps to the SD card and none of them will move over currently I do not have facebook Messenger because it will not hold it please help

Patricia Odle: I don't have any apps on my phone that can be moved to sd memory. I can't download anything. Can't even check my e-mail. Actually the only apps I have came with the phone. So now, can you help.

Jan Reynald Reyes: Help i have 199 mb free space in my cell then i started dowbload app from google play then it said that download error memory low on space :( ....... im really confused with this problem plz help....... i almost destroyed my phone with this piece of ugly bull s h it problem!!!!!........plz help me :( .......

barbara j armstrong: I'm the Wilma Flintstone of my LG phone. I have all the problems you speak of and then some. Please give a kindergarten answer to some one like me. I can't even find settings or set-up to fix the problem. Tracfone is my provider but offer little or no help. I don't text and don't download. Please help...

Jeff Jr: Awesome helped very much ty

Mark Barry: Thanks for the tips. No my LG works better. 128MB?? Worthless storage space.

Eric Koester: wtf is a catch-ey LOL!  you mean cache as in ([ "CASH" ])

David Sutton: Please, for the love of god, learn how to pronounce 'cache'!

romanpower3: Ooo, They can be. If you are using 4.0 and up then you can do it yourself under storage. But not for a older operation system.

romanpower3: At this point, I would get another phone. Since this phone is running a old old android operation system. Anything over 4.0 really solves many android problems. I would try to transfer the videos to the computer and watch them there. Might solve problems!

Ben Lo: Hi there, my phone and my mothers phone (same phones) have the same problem. It seems that every time we listen to music the videos stop working. Like when we try to play youtube videos there is sound but the screen is just black and when we watch videos we recorded its just very laggy with sound. It usually stops after I turn my phone off for awhile but it keeps happening andI want it to stop. Any Ideas on how to fix or stop it?

Supermanu15: thanks! :)

Mike Rydal: Is there a program similar to CCleaner that can be used on Android?


Brittanee Perez: OMG thank you!! no idea how happy i am that i found this video! THANK YOU!

romanpower3: Unless you are on 4.0 and over, then yes. they will!

romanpower3: The app may not allow it. Sadly.

Aimee Hobbs: Hi there. On my phone it won't let me move any of my apps including Facebook onto my sd card. Do you know how to fix that? I have made sure the sd card is in

Android Phone Low Memory Problems with the LG Optimus S 5 out of 5

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Solution for Android low memory problem
Solution for Android low memory problem

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Android Phone Low Memory Problems with the LG Optimus S