395XP 100cc Big Bore Ported Husqvarna

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fuddrucker74: how does it run once it got broken in, and finish tuned?

Milovan Zepinic: Naj bolja zaga...

rtpwyk: That thing is so angry. Still got it?

Jeanette Ewers: I own both the 395 tears through logs 372 is a toy

SNOX570: Strap a long bar on that 372 and you WILL see a difference. Personally I like the 390 It's about 2lbs lighter than the 395 with only .5 hp less but only a lb heavier than the 372 but a full hp more. 

ChargerHemi29: That baby cuts real nice! That's a beast. I picked myself up an 181 SE, can't wait to try it out. 

al how: Lol, am I supposed to be offended? There's not much worth saying about someone pathetic enough to attempt putdowns but to seek help. Be hero in your own lunchtime. 

rude252: The difference... 372 is 71cc and this 395 is 100cc so obviously the 395 has more power than the 372. And yes it is heavier because it is a much bigger chainsaw. I have worked with European hardwoods and there is no comparison. I have cut Australian hardwood where you have to sharpen the chain after each cut. You can't hit a nail into the wood, you have to drill a hole first - the same with screws or they will break. 

rtpwyk: YAWN!!! 

al how: Yawn!

al how: Yawn. Another hero! Kids.....grow up!

al how: Yawn! Another hero! Kids....grow up!

skywalke112583: i have a question for all of you. what can you tell me about new model 560 xp? had someone workwd with her?

skywalke112583: @polyanthemos i'm sorry again for what i said. and i will put some videos too........i hope we can make an exchange of opinions in future? of course if you don't mind. sorry about my english :))

skywalke112583: @polyanthemos first of all i diden't criticise your work(i just said that i don't see much diferrence, and i mean in cutting), second i have a big respect for everyone who is useing a husky,including you.So before lol of me and my country, it's better to ask me.........what made me to say that. And let me tell yousomething,you have no idea, what hardwoods(like we have) means. i work as an logger for over 15 years, in romania and austria. i'm sorry for what i said, never worked with a 395

al how: @skywalke112583 Romania, lol? What would you know to criticise others work? What would you know about our hardwoods? No video's under your channel! Now that figures! Sorry fella, but that's very typical. 

al how: And here we have another one! No video's what so ever, but a critical voice on others. How about you post some vids for us to peruse? 

skywalke112583: sorry but i don't see much diference betwen 395 and 372 wich i own , but i think its much heavyer

skywalke112583: sorry but i don't see much diference betwen 395 and 372 wich i own

al how: 7.9kg!

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
395XP 100cc big bore ported Husqvarna 5 out of 5

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395XP 100cc big bore ported Husqvarna
395XP 100cc big bore ported Husqvarna
Stihl 660 Arctic vs. 390XP vs. 288XP vs. 395XP Husqvarna
Stihl 660 Arctic vs. 390XP vs. 288XP vs. 395XP Husqvarna
395XP 100cc Big Bore
395XP 100cc Big Bore
372XP big bore ported 32
372XP big bore ported 32" bar hardwood
Husqvarna 395 XP ported
Husqvarna 395 XP ported

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395XP 100cc big bore ported Husqvarna