Apache Helicopter UNLOADING Its 30 Mm Gun On Insurgents!!!

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Zachary Harris: Man war just sucks.

zane brown: Respond to this video... fact is this......... if you wanna kill real terrorists you need to come back to the u.s. we've got a few here that need to be dealt with. the people you are fighting now are fighting you because you came into their homes and killed their families. put yourself in their shoes.

KingTiggerTank: Awsome to see the bad guys get whats coming. Don't be hard on the gunner, it is awful what hapend to the kids, I was ad to see that hapen. War is indiscriminant, it does not cair who gets hurt, wether inocent or not.

Richard Graham: Waaaaaaaaaa you wanna bottle to feed on kitty.. pussies like you are reason this country is soft

wouter jema: next time edit names: saeed-------) dieing hard namir ---------) pwnd bye 30 mill

90 Watt Laser Diode LIDAR Jammers £130 Posted: @flemmong A very sad Crime--case I agree Saeed had 4 kids & had a great job reporting for Rueters Al Jazeera , To finish off that poor Innocent Reporter when badly wounded in the Gutter & Saeed as they got him into the black minivan, Jesus that sort of behaviour is enough to make any Civilised person hate USAF Aircrew, I wonder if they can sleep at night? don't think I could..

Rif Alhoceima: fuking USA kild childern

GetsumJ: @TheRifmaroc No we didn't. We only friggin wounded the kids. Then we cooked them, and ate them.

FlawsicHD: @opiateofthemasses Well I have no respect for them, they're black xD. And i couldn't stick it up my ass. Its impossible, unless I have surgery to make the ass hole bigger....LYourFacts

nickthastick: Awesome!!! Love how the bodies just vaporize in a split second!! If your old enough to start crap, your old enough to get freaked up!!!

nickthastick: @vsboy25 Thats why you shouldn't comment on peoples posts if you dont know figuers of speech little boy!! Call me little boy one more time, and I'm gonna stick my little boy pickle up your fat old boy ass!! FAIL!!

Thorpe741: Victory!!!

unsloppyjoe: @flemmong yea lets put everyone who kills terrorist's in prison go watch cnn you commie ladyrag

zane brown: @avivthebest because thats what reporters do. it's quite plain to me that there is no weapon in this video.

uhriventis: And... Why do we Americans constantly try to defend this? The thinking behind it is utter madness.

AntifaUSA: @canegang fag reporters

MonteLSV6: 0:55 eric cartman "God damnit kyle"

nickthastick: @vsboy25 Go freak yourself, if I'm a kid, then your mom is a pedifile!!

Sam Lee: this video is disgusting and some of these comments are literally insane, who enjoys watching fathers and children getting gunned down over weak intel?! Boom LOL Pwned! ...um, actually, how about no. Grow up and show some empathy for christ sake.

Obamacankissmyass: Thats right bitches, hows that 30mm taste.

1996kostas1996: I would love to have seen the look on the aphache pilot's face when he realised he killed children. It doesn't matter if they became insurgents or even hitler clones but they were just children. It would suck if the roles were reversed and these were american children wouldn't it? War makes me sick.

ltlocus: @TheRealTareghian lol shut up you diaper head loveing piece of crap. hope to see you soon at the end of my muzzle.

Eager McBeaver: I prefer this method vs letting them blow themselves up. Yep, I like this method a lot better....

Grunt922: @TrentSprad because he called them a name hes intellectually inferior? thats called exercising your rights, if you dont like it then dont come onto the internet or go into a public place.

FlawsicHD: Lol, owned. Haha yeah, freaking die nubs. Don't mess with America. Who cares if we owned kids. They probably were ugly as freak anyways. And we helped them out of their misery they were poor freakers.

GrigorijRasputin: yea go usrael, kill everyone so your jewish masters & military companies can earn more money, you freaked up iraq, now it's time to start a war with iran, who'll be after, where's more oil?

opiateofthemasses: @sharkyrivethead Don't be so freaking naive. It did make the news just google search Namir Noor-Eldeen, who was one of the Routers cameramen who were just obliterated in that video. As they were apparently the ones who were holding the "weapons", which are obviously cameras even to the most untrained eye, and everyone else was killed for being "in cahoots" its pretty obvious how freaked up this break in the rules of engagement was. ps: the "war zone" was the children's' neighborhood.

kevineken: everything in that video was fine until......they shot at the van that obviously had children in it and they were zoomed in on previous to the shooting, that gun was accurate enough to have shot around it, that was unnecessary in my opinion.

TheRealTareghian: i wonder how well that pilot sleeps at night knowing that he has single handedly killed 10 men and 2 children in cold blood. I sometimes wonder what the military does to these people in order for them to be so callous. Then I remember, they are ameriladys, bred from a nation of inbreds and corruption, a nation whose government initiate programmes like MKULTRA and COINTELPRO, a nation that was born on the back of freedom but then converted into something far far different. GOD BLESS AMERIladyS!!!

11mrjarjar: that's freaked up! the pilots need to be punished for providing false information in order to shoot innocent those civilians! they need to be held accountable for this incident!

nutmagnet63: This is the Wikileaks video. Reuters journalist who died that day was Namir Noor-Eldeen, a photographer. Saeed Chmagh, the Reuters assistant and driver,

Blavits: SEE!? If people didnt kno this was that retarded journalist they can see how much these people looked like enemy! Anything looks bad in hindsight, but people are too stupid to see that this was an accident.

YFZ450Kid09: freak YEAH!!!

zane brown: @compguy531 you're an idiot......

Ivna45: @bigbob6556 Did no one catch that this is actually the footage of two news reporters getting killed?

uhriventis: Why are we like this?

Rachereinheit: @bigbob6556 That's the most arrogant thing I've ever heard. You're saying children deserve to die because of what their parents did wrong? People know that what is being done is wrong, regardless if the parents do it or not. You're the reason that everyone hates us Americans so much.

vsboy25: @nickthastick This video is the embodiment of evil from those apache crews, and you are just that a little cum loader kid.

vsboy25: @nickthastick You need to clam down little boy and ease up. I thought you meant it literally but your not far off as those rounds have huge heat blast effects.

Abacap: @AntifaUSA Judging by your profile, sure that's not you? Honestly, shut the freak up, trying to start a fight over a Youtube video comments section? ...fat pig !

SatanPanda: This is the kind of incident that will continue to happen as long as our enemies are cowards who hide among civilians.

roel pineda: anything and anyone in there are fine to me to be killed, there on a freaking line of fire with the enemy of the free world. however i feel sorry about the inoccent children on the vehicle, im pretty sure if the soldiers only knew that, they would have refrained from firing, freaking FOG OF WAR man.

Rickey85: Don't bring children in the middle of a war zone

90 Watt Laser Diode LIDAR Jammers £130 Posted: @bigbob6556 If they were wops african americans or Asians & Mexicans guess that would be even better hey?

jalkhalifah: So am i the only person who saw no weapons being handled by anyone from the van? Apparently it's a crime punishable by death to be recovering dead bodies. "We have individuals going to the scene, looks like POSSIBLY picking up bodies and weapons." Really?? Yea that's proof enough to smoke the children, roger engage.

keith davis: I love it that you terrorist lovers never once condemned the terrorist for using children as shields for their evil deeds. freak you!!!!!

Colonel Veers: @AntifaUSA What's a muzzie...?

DirkDigglerDan: Damn, that's a gruesome way to die, especially if you're innocent.

ltlocus: I like how they dont show the aks they are carrying this is just biased crap. we had probable cause if you dont want to get killed dont hang around with sand african americans

Bojingles: War sucks, crap happens. Until you're in the war zone you don't know what it's like. Rather it be there than on our soil.

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Apache Helicopter UNLOADING its 30 mm gun on Insurgents!!! 3.5 out of 5

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Two U.S Apache Helicopters engage over 20 Taliban terrorist!
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Apache Helicopter Kills 20 Taliban in Afghanistan
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Apache Helicopter UNLOADING its 30 mm gun on Insurgents!!!