Apache Helicopter UNLOADING Its 30 Mm Gun On Insurgents!!!

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Zachary Harris: Man war just sucks.

GrahamKrackerAerials: Waaaaaaaaaa you wanna bottle to feed on kitty.. pussies like you are reason this country is soft

drz490: The"terrorists"you refer to earlier are actually Reuters news crew/reporters.You picklehead.Should have done your research too as this clip has been shown here many times and on CNN etc

keith davis: The US didn't harm those children, that was your muslin terrorist friends that did that.

keith davis: I love it that you terrorist lovers never once condemned the terrorist for using children as shields for their evil deeds. freak you!!!!!

Sam Lee: this video is disgusting and some of these comments are literally insane, who enjoys watching fathers and children getting gunned down over weak intel?! Boom LOL Pwned! ...um, actually, how about no. Grow up and show some empathy for christ sake.

GetsumJ: @TheRifmaroc No we didn't. We only friggin wounded the kids. Then we cooked them, and ate them.

GetsumJ: Little terrorist grow up to be big terrorist.

Michael Allen: no, it's war and in a war there are civilian casualties. Deal with it.

KingTiggerTank: I would like to apologies for my first coment, I did not understand that these men where caring cameras and not wepons. My last sentance still rings true. Mistakes hapen, it's war.

KingTiggerTank: Awsome to see the bad guys get whats coming. Don't be hard on the gunner, it is awful what hapend to the kids, I was ad to see that hapen. War is indiscriminant, it does not cair who gets hurt, wether inocent or not.

Rif Alhoceima: fuking USA kild childern

DirkDigglerDan: Damn, that's a gruesome way to die, especially if you're innocent.

Nikolai sen: @ltlocus WTF is a sand african american?

zwut1: @TheRealTareghian Shut your mouth you fat autistic neckbeard.

Gil Hamilton: @avivthebest Because this video was RELEASED by the USA after an investigation that CONFIRMED these were not valid targets and instead were cameramen and a couple of children you sick f%^&. Gte your head out of your ass, you don't get to just make crap up.

Gil Hamilton: @bigbob6556 This has been confirmed as a huge mistake, innocents were killed, this was a tragedy. Are there insurgents to be killed in the world? YES, were these them, NO. I hope your kid gets caught in a crossfire and gets their head blown off if you can't see teh inhumanity shown in this video, maybe then you will know what the families of these murdered victims feels.

Gil Hamilton: These guys should be in jail for murder, and I hate insurgents. This is why you need eyes on the ground on the target.

Irock124: @3:35 Air Support to Ground Patrol: "You guys just rolled over a body." Ground Patrol to Air Support: "Did we?" Air Support to Ground Patrol: "Yeah-haha..." Best line ever.

ltlocus: @TheRealTareghian lol shut up you diaper head loveing piece of crap. hope to see you soon at the end of my muzzle.

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Apache Helicopter UNLOADING its 30 mm gun on Insurgents!!! 5 out of 5

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Apache Helicopter UNLOADING its 30 mm gun on Insurgents!!!