Tactical Wakizashi & Katana Review

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Richard Conley: Why are people still calling the fuller of blades a "blood groove"..

Saint Alex: FMA profile pic. that's all I need to know.

Lady Whirl Wind: Oh my god Is that a baby crying in the background. Baby's and swords a really dangerous mix. Be safe.

Seba92000: Where can I buy It now for good price? :(

Dave N: Interested in selling the wakizashi?

Rio: awesome review man.

Venkata Sailendra: Worst review I have ever seen

austin riley: i just seen your video on the paul chen tactical wakizashi. my uncle recently lost his wife and his wedding present from his wife was the paul chen tactical wakizashi. 6 months before she died someone broke into the home and stole my uncles sword collection. iv'e been trying to find one of the blades to give to him for his birthday as a present to make him remember my aunt deborah. i was hoping that you would let me buy the blade off of you. i cannot find it anywhere online. please get back to me. thanks

Might Is Right: I have all three in this set and i can tell you that i know the tang is full because i replaced my handle scales with custom bamboo ones. They are bad as hell. You should get the tanto so your collection is complete. Peace✌️

Far: As far as full tang, I actually took apart their tactical tanto from the same series. The blade and the tang are one solid piece of steel, which does get narrower in the area of copper wrap and the hand guard, and then gets to full thickness along the handle. This creates the effect that handle and the blade are disconnected and/or welded together.

James Hart: Just got my Hanwei Tactical Tanto, it is loose in the Saya so I will have to put a shim some where. It comes with instructions on how to do so. The Bress part on mine was not welded, at least I cant find any welds using a magnifying glass. Over all I am well pleased with the Tanto, too bad its now discontinued.

andujo211: Awesome f**** swords great design economically Perfect.

Stevo Reno: 1)  My Wak does the same thing, put it in strate and it is loose, but put it in with a little bit of  twist - torque and it hugs the scabbard. strange but it's repeatable each time I do this   2 )  Wrap the handle with 'Rescue Tape' it's a super rubbery  self adhearing kind of black tape for temporary plumbing leak fixes, its better than any racket or bat type of wrap it's not cheap it's $10 buck a roll but dam is it good...My Wak is not for play I got it as a middle continuum  between 1st level pepper spray and my gun's , the blade is good enough for real self defense - offense...... cheers.   

MRblondeGames: Nice review ☺

Darrend42:  I own one.. (katana) looked for many months to get one in the U.K. It's basically a rust proof Hanwei Raptor, with non traditional utilitarian stuba, I love it dearly and may soon become a banned (or restricted) item  in the UK due to it's stuba

Coolnicknameguy: don't kill the baby!

BirthOfSerpents: katanas are a terrible design. 

DG Studios: did some research after Honshu came out with their tactical katana. apparently hanwei only did the tang casing for the wakazashi the katana is true full tang but the Honshu version is cased tang on both swords so i'd go with the hanwei version or the minetoshi version

Tristan Turnbull: Also if you want to get it without breaking the bank, I suggest budk.com

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Tactical Wakizashi & Katana Review 5 out of 5

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Tactical Wakizashi & Katana Review