How To Rebuild A 4L60E Automatic Transmission

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Miles Watkins: Do you have to get the tranny tuned when upgrading eletronic parts ?

Katy Nunnery: My next door neighbor guy has a trailblazer same as mine and his as a shifts but doesn't go in 1st and doesn't move in all other gears and rev please help me help him and mine shifts to soft and slow take off , make a squeal at 6ooo rpms if I'm gunning it to go fast and hard

Fudey Abroad: Did you use a trq wrench for the oil pump?

Marcus Crawford: Is it just me, but can you hear the rhythm in how he talks in every segment of the video? I could concentrate on what he was saying be of the rhythm he spoke every word of this video. Lol. Just saying!

Phoenix Sun: Nick, a great overview. It helps someone decide if they want to take it on. A DIY rebuilder should watch the 2 hour plus videos for details a 13 minute overview cannot show. Another thought, since I tow a lot, I found an experienced GM trans tech who does a thorough rebuild working from his home/shop. Lower overhead and lower price. The R&R is all I want to do.

Michael Escobar: What could be wrong with my tranny it won't move when put in drive ... Moves in overdrive 3,2,1 and reverse but kinda sluggish ...

chronic malady: but if u cant DIY there are plenty of transmission shops who are more than capable of completely freaking up your tranny and then freaking you.

Mason Ervin: My transmission on my 94 c1500 silverado stalls in first gear then jerks going to second does anyone know how I may fix this or even if it is able to be fixed? Thanks

Markus Aurelius: Can you remove the 1-2 accumulator by just removing the transmission pan while the transmission is still on the truck?  My truck is shifting hard out of 1st gear into 2nd gear and then it shifts fine.  It does this every time, whether it's cold or hot.  Even if I get ready to pass someone and really get on it hard, it seems to rev really high before shifting, someone told me it was the 1-2 accumulator.  Is this correct?

Cody Williams: What size of angle iron did you use for your mounts?

Shibby On: Im not mechanic but im pretty sure that's a 4L65E.

Eric Dee: Great video: Just curious if the rebuild could be done on a weekend?. I recently changed the tranny fluid in my 94' Chevy Silverado with 235.000 mi on it like a dummy, low and behold now my transmission slips ,no reverse, no forward absolutely nothing, I should have left it alone. I found a rebuild kit from Jegs for under $300 bucks. Not sure if I want to chance doing the rebuild myself, or pulling the tranny, and taking it to someone who has the proper tools to do the work.
Thanks for sharing, Eric Dee.

hunt2eat: great simple video for a quick walkthrough. almost makes me motivated to finally rebuild the tranny i have had out of the truck for 6 months!! i wish it went as fast as the video took to watch but I know better after rebuilding my 47re in my cummins! how long did it take for you to completely rebuild not counting removal and installation in the truck?

gs10r: good video where did u buy your rebuild kit from?

shaun beach: Best part was the wiener dog at the end. I got a basset that helps out in the garage so love seeing other mechanic's dogs helping out. You did a good job on the video too. I've never rebuilt a Chevy trans before. And to be honest was scared to do my 03 Silverado until i seen this,, I've done tons of 18 speed road rangers. There a breeze with the proper tools compared to this mess. We have a john Deere 644k loader that will need some trans work very soon. Lol. Any chance you have a vid on that? I'd rather watch YouTube then read that Deere book. Lol.

Bree Martin: can you tell me how many bolts go in the mounting block?

amanda vickers: does it matter if its a 4.3 or 5.3 inside

Ryan Hogberg: did anyone else here somebody yell around 212

Samuel Frith: Wont shift from3rd__(4l60e) why

CBSTRDST: Good job. Thanks.

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How To Rebuild A 4L60E Automatic Transmission