How To Rebuild A 4L60E Automatic Transmission

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hunt2eat: great simple video for a quick walkthrough. almost makes me motivated to finally rebuild the tranny i have had out of the truck for 6 months!! i wish it went as fast as the video took to watch but I know better after rebuilding my 47re in my cummins! how long did it take for you to completely rebuild not counting removal and installation in the truck?

gs10r: good video where did u buy your rebuild kit from?

shaun beach: Best part was the wiener dog at the end. I got a basset that helps out in the garage so love seeing other mechanic's dogs helping out. You did a good job on the video too. I've never rebuilt a Chevy trans before. And to be honest was scared to do my 03 Silverado until i seen this,, I've done tons of 18 speed road rangers. There a breeze with the proper tools compared to this mess. We have a john Deere 644k loader that will need some trans work very soon. Lol. Any chance you have a vid on that? I'd rather watch YouTube then read that Deere book. Lol.

Bree Martin: can you tell me how many bolts go in the mounting block?

amanda vickers: does it matter if its a 4.3 or 5.3 inside

Ryan Hogberg: did anyone else here somebody yell around 212

Samuel Frith: Wont shift from3rd__(4l60e) why

CBSTRDST: Good job. Thanks.

iamthenra1968: Wow! I'm impressed... You must have gone to school for this eh?

GunsWithGage: Awesome video thank you

doyrtwq: The trans bell housing had a bolt hole on the top.I was led to believe that did not happen until 2000?

joel unknown: wow, I'm a pro now..!

Muh Har: People like you are the reason why i love Youtube, and making it a great source!
Did a great job, helped a lot :)

i was wondering why haven't you up-graded the transmission?
4l60e's are known for their bad reputation!
a shift kit would've been a nice touch.
still a great job tough..

one last thing, what kind of oil did you use? and how many liters?
Thanks :)

David evans: that is a nice video nick, where can i get a rebuild kit for my 1998 Chevy 4.3 automatic 2 wheel drive pretty cheap, i checked at local parts store and they want around 250 bucks for one, and how do i check to see what kind of transmission i have if it is the 4L60E or not?

Juicey Bananas: Pretty dam good informative video. Like how you make it easier with tricks of the trade shortcuts. I'm feeling ready now to watch some brain surgeries and take that up next, maybe you made some surgery videos, no?

Tim Pashnik: if i was to buy new clutches for trans where would i order them? and what about all new seals and orings?

Ziggy Dennis: Extremely well done video!

vernon anderson: I am dissembling the 4l60e transmission on my 1999 Chev Silverado. Following instructions I have removed everything smoothly so far but can not get the snap ring off the output shaft. I have tried several types of snap ring pliers but not I,ve bought has worked. Can you tell me a type or brand of pliers the will work. Thanks

Jonathan-Emily Powell: thanks nick! what fluids and lube do you like?

octavio: Where are u located ?

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How To Rebuild A 4L60E Automatic Transmission 5 out of 5

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How To Rebuild A 4L60E Automatic Transmission
How To Rebuild A 4L60E Automatic Transmission
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How To Rebuild A 4L60E Automatic Transmission