100W LED DIY Projector

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Daniel Combs: I call bullcrap...looks fishy that the projector didn't display until the camera panned away

sugiyono yono: may i question?....how volt and how ampere you use adaptor for your LED......i said thanks for answer

Ulf Brusquini: +Navraj Singh Very impressive!!!

Navraj Singh: Mr Moron Mark not every video on YT is a tutorial... Did the title of the video say anything about tutorial? This is a demo which has been shared on the DIY forum..

MARK RATNER: shut that freaking music off. everyone of you losers think music must be played. grow up quit being a wuss a discuss the tutorial. your probably one of those texting maggots as well

ps3,ps4,xbox 360 and xbox one reballing service: this is not a diy projector .he is showing video of other branded projector .diy projector dosnt project his type of video

Vivek Sharma: why don't we used a passive 3d monitor for a DIY passive 3d projector for better and cheep way to watch 3d movie . plz suggest me

Bret C.: please provide a how to link

mireazma: No links, no instructions, not even verbal description. Disliked. This is just a cheap show off. There's nothing one can learn (as in "find out") from this vid. All is shown is an otherwise excellent image.

W.Leonardo: I like the Temperature LCD. At least I know it won't get overheated.

marisol acero: What materials did you exactly use?

Leon Parker: "Do it yourself". Yeah, I got the message.

jaz mod plus: НЕЕЕТ))не реально))))такая качество))слишком нереально)))

Baka Ch: aluminium heat sink for what?

SABIR AHMED: How much did this cost you in total

Globalibay: Check here for DIY Projector Parts


Albin Paul: please give me the instructions to make a diy projector

Geo K: You sir ROCK HARD! Nice build!

MagnomRock: amazing ,a tutorial project would be amazing or a build sheet :) , thanks

Andrew Stoicu: thats pretty rad

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100W LED DIY Projector 5 out of 5

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100W LED DIY Projector
100W LED DIY Projector
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100W LED DIY Projector