How I Fixed Mazda 3 Rough Idle / Missfire

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zdzich z can: And how car worked the next day?

skullcam: i am sure your motor is a 2ltr... not 2.3.... you can tell by the oil dip stick location

Jesse Peraza: That aftermarket air filter is no good

Rebel Scum: Dose anyone know if the Accelerator pedal sensor can cause rough idle shift transmission .. And car cutting off...2012 mazda 3 i please and thank you

improv movie coming soon: spark...air...fuel...compression...timing

improv movie coming soon: did you tune it up change vspark plugs ...thank you will try this..

andy elias: Did you disconnected the baterry lol

Carlos Araujo: Your blow by hose is turning your Throttlebody black and your intake full of oil . I disconnected my blow by hose and my throttle body hasn’t been black in years

Lucius Fawkes: Hopefully this will help my problem. I don't misfire, but I'm really giving this car the TLC it deserves.

Odias Charles ian: I have same problem but i dont know how to do!.. :(

Rowen Tan: Stop using a k&n filter. I works like $hit and all the dust gets trapped in my throttle body of my Mazda 2. I'm cleaning up the throttle body and putting the oem paper air filter back into my car. Runs better and has a better mileage with the oem filter anyway.

truelove bunny: Guys I need help.. I have mazda 3 2005 1.6... When ever I on ac my car accelerater go up n down automatically.. Then I turn off Ac car is normal again.... It's only happen when I on Ac... Can anyone tell me what is problem?? Please

Daniel Crowder: u should check engine temp sensor. heard they go bad. also never disconnect batteru on this model. or they run crapy.

Иван Ильдинёв: Русский что-ли?

Sheldon Callender: Thanks repairED your video saved me some cash and sorted my issue

bill blyth: I had the same issue... disconnect negative from battery hold the foot brake down for 30sec to discharge the capacitors... reconnect negative ... car ran smooth

Gg hi Hi deed Hideed: Sounds like your egr going back or vent case solenoid

Samin Yasar: I suppose yea you might have a rough idle. 2.3 are pretty noisy anyways with the thinks like intake rattles. how do u know your misfiring, a misfire is a big deal, the car would lose alot of power. And pretty sure it would throw a code for sure, no doubt.

Youbaraj Sharma: Looks to me a typical iginition coil problem, mazda is known for it. Also check your Engine and Trans mounts(PSMM, RMM and DSTM), mounts are knwon to cause the most of the vibration in these models

Rebel Scum: The code for me was p0304 cylinder 4 misfire

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How I fixed Mazda 3 rough idle / missfire
How I fixed Mazda 3 rough idle / missfire
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How I fixed Mazda 3 rough idle / missfire