Archangel Marauder/Nomad Kit For Ruger 10/22 HONEST Review

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ProARify: If you ever have issues with the mag and fail to feeds, pull the sleeves off. I'd rather have it function than have it look like a "real" G36. Also, it took me 20 minutes to put together. A gift for the youngest son. I have to admit, he'd probably like to get his hands on my Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22.

bwarrior: Put men together. Took three times to get it right. Stripped out a major screw hole on top. Had to send it back to get a whole new kit. Finally got it together and it James after every shot. The next doubt just won't feed clean into the barrel. Breaches after every round. Has to be cleared and reloaded to jam
Again after next shot. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?

Jason B: hardest part was installing the extended mag release other than that cake walk

Jason B: hey man just put that new furniture on mine and it took 1 hour after watching 1 hour of videos on how to install so love this new stock so next time it will tack one hour or less happy plinking

wtf08ify: What sight is that?

sniffmoney: Nice stock kit for the 10/22 I like that setup looks cool

J o A n d Y: What kknd of scope is that

Old Account: Which 10/22 rifle did you start with? Cheers

kirbythebamf: u sound pretty stupid, also is a saw grip, squad auto weapon

Curtisitruc1982: Junk

TheVinFTW: how much did it cost altogether

Bjørnar Skomedal: Do you know what brand of drum magazine I could buy that fits and that you can shoot whit ?? There are the Promag "Chicago" 50rd drum mag. and the Black Dog machine drum mag. do you know which ones the best for the HK G36 stock ???

LDanielQ: I got my kit from Cabelas...It took me 20 min to assembly it...

Goat Bride: Take you to make originally.*

Goat Bride: How long did it take you originally? I've heard several people talk about the mag being somewhat of an issue, but I'm glad to see you got such an awesome kit together.

Hunter Smith: Will take any extended 10 22 mag to my knowledge. Will not take 10 round box mags because of extended bolt release.

wargarkaz: Can you use regular 10 22 mags?

Bill Rowland: I threw this kit together in about three hours. If I had it to do again, it probably wouldn't take nearly that long. The kit fits really tight and getting the action seated right was a real bitch. Once I got over my fear of using a rubber mallet everything went great. To seat the barreled action, tip the barrel back away from the stock and start the action in at a hard angle. Tap it from the muzzle until it comes to a stop. When it stops, tap the top of the action until it starts to seat,

Hunter Smith: Well then, feel free to go watch all the reviews that say this kit fits the gun perfectly. I was just trying to emphasize that, even though I do like the kit, it doesn't fit the gun perfectly and it's a hassle to install. Thank you for your smartass comment nonetheless.

uxcitme: Damn, I was looking for the DISHONEST review.

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Archangel Marauder/Nomad kit for Ruger 10/22 HONEST review 5 out of 5

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Archangel Marauder/Nomad kit for Ruger 10/22 HONEST review