Topoint T3 Compound Bow Review

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Larry Lutes: Pse copied mathews w carrera and why not.

Mark Oshaughnessy: Have you tried the T1 and is it any good

5jjt: Do they run 1/2 inch long in draw length like the Mathews does?

5jjt: Maybe, Mathews profits from the knock-off somehow.

erlex fortin: What are the usual issues so far encountered as per your costumers? I think it is good enough for the price point to its feature.

Random Channel: Great !! Topoint T3 or T1 Can be used for the competition or just hunting ? what is the maximum accurate distance?

Shawn House: You can get bow from the sight for 275

S.G Johansson: Loving this, your doing what needs to be done more often. In our society we tend to blindly pay more for brand recognition than factual composition/quality and it's part of why the economy works in favour of the wealthy. Your product is to big to fail and so the drones follow the signs they put up. You are bringing facts to a alternative-fact trending reality and I salute you for it!

Laurent Amurat: Is the t3 similar to the t1

Fifty0ne: So essentially this is an asian knock-off of the chill? Basically the company is doing as much as possible to create a similar bow at a lower price point without being eligible for getting sued by Mathews lol.

With compound bows, I don't see a reason for going with this kind of copy or knock off. If you can't afford a $1000 USD flagship Mathews, you can buy a cheaper Mission and still get the craftsmanship, warranty and peace of mind that come from the Mathews brand, but there will be some cost cutting measures and not as much performance. The same can be said for companies like PSE which offer affordable bows that are rock solid. Why go for a little known overseas company that may make a bow that looks really nice, and it may look like that awesome Mathews that you wish you could afford, when you can instead buy a lower end model from the company they're attempting to copy?

I've been a Mathews fan forever. When you buy one of their bows, it's almost like getting admission into a family. The customer service is extraordinary and so is their warranty service. I went from a Mathews Feather Max, to a Mathews Switchback, to now a Halon 6. They were without a doubt expensive bows at the time I purchased them, but the peace of mind that comes with such a reputable brand is worth it alone -- not even to mention the craftsmanship, and performance. The compound bow industry has come such a long way. Even the lower price bows coming out now are fantastic shooting bows, and will keep up with the rest of them.

wutang1979: "zipper strings (Zebra Strings. with speed things(speed nocks)" haha .. when you did your speed test. you were forgetting you had string silencers on, peep tubing, and shooting though a whisker biscuit. with the topoint. all of which would take speed away from the arrow. and on the Mathews you had a HDX drop away, tubeless peep, and SPEED NOCKs which are meant to add speed. all of which would not take speed away, but adding speed with the speed nocks...unfair test????

Vang Thao: also does it come lh?

Vang Thao: I am intrested in this bow where would I be able to get one. I live in United state.

Musser's Bows, Boats and Science Channel: thanks for the solid reviews

LegitimatelyAxeL: Can you use the rockmods on this bow?

LegitimatelyAxeL: Quick question, if the limbs are not tested through quality control for the correct poundage, how is it tested to have the same poundage for each of the 4 sets of spit limbs?

LegitimatelyAxeL: Could I please have some information about Topoint archery? I'd love to pruchase the bow hwoeer I'd like some information on where this bow is manufactured, how its manufactured and its build quality. Is this a bow that can last or is it just a Mathews knockoff?

jg9020: This bow looks very similar to the Kenetic rave

Jonny Stoness: Love the reviews, please keep them coming.

From Canada! : - )

I love that release, I seen your review on them. What's the name of it again? Scott?

Merry Christmas!

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Topoint T3 compound bow review 5 out of 5

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Topoint T3 compound bow review