Alex Chiu Interview

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Mathias Bullerman: why isnt Alex Chiu wearing the rings?

alexa500: This interviewer is so doing it for the lulz. Why isn't he wearing his own rings?

thegreatloy: 'what is this? a house of death?' ''s a cemetery' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

nipponwriteme: i like butterflies

Innocantis: It still amazes me that this dude isn't behind bars....

grandthestauto: this video had me dying

TwistedMuffins: i can't understand alex :(

turtleface6: alex chiu is god

DannyEastes: @iBringDaLULZ it is the best music, its just very unfitting

voivod: Are you surprised?

randyds5: did they really work? Im serious, are you joking

DoctorCreepy: Some suckers will fall for anything! lol

Japanzor: Lol Lets see the news one day ALEX CHIU DIES

farbrorknark: This guy is as close as you'll ever get to GOD.

Pepizmo: ahhahahahahh just amazing. Lets go live!

Claire Huber: Only gays hand out in house of deads!

ultrapak: Gay :P.

sh4dow83: LOL that guy is really something... living in that filthy home and as far as i can tell from the things he says, he's not much of a thinker either. i really wonder how he could make 3 million bucks. he doesn't seem credible at all. actually, everything looks like a big joke. although i don't know if a tv show would joke about that kind of money? oh well... at least he doesn't sing that bad. except for the refrain, that wasn't that great...

Striker694: "But they definitely don't have strip clubs!" Favorite line. So freaking funny.

ihartsome1: HAHAHA! The guy from "Yellow Bamboo" yelling at people!

Rafael757: bull + alex chiu = bulcrap

quail man: @JLeeMagnetic this guy is a fag

louie540x: 2:00 "New invention allows humans to live forever" Yeah I'll remember that at your funeral, Alex.

dm1133: LMFAO, Alex Chiu is a legend. "Heaven definitely don't have strip clubs" LMAO

stevil2006: He has no rings on whilst being interviewed, he's going to die.

visiting31: haha this IS a joke right? funny

dynamoehummm: Did he say "live forever, with stiff Chris Webber?" Dude come on.. about 3:00.

Daniel Håkanson: He is a big jeerk.

Atma505: Dude, this is amazing.

r0bf: for 2 whole years huh?

Laurenan69: There are people who trust this guy into eternity..... (!!!)

voivod: he's a nutcase

calohtar: as a chinese dude, this is freaking painful to watch. i wanna strap a pair of balls on him soo freaking badly. song at the end is forever young by alphaville by the way lol

Marius Raceanu: Voivod, you are a gutterchild without sense of humor.

willrot: what a freakin' jeeeeerk......

cherroes: My name is Alex Chiu, this guy makes me look like an idiot

willrot: What a freakin' jerk...

lehman: That song was beautiful!

xwishmasterx: insane clown will live for eternity

gravitygun3: Tell this to Alex if you can:If he lives more years than me and he is still that young,then I will make him my saint XD

DannyEastes: 1:31 is the most unfitting music i've ever heard

halmjamin: This is halarious

turb0ks: You must be a sad person if you think that a man in a crapty apartment who isn't mentally stable made a ring that causes you to live forever. And you must not be mentally stable if you actually wears them and think they work.

pwnwner: Now they turned this into the "Power Balance" wristbands. Basically, someone just took Alex Chiu's ideas of magnets, made it better. Now there are MANY imitations of the wristband, and now they're making necklaces too.

Branko Marjanovic: Kevin Trudeau is not scammer, read his books first. And I tried this rings - They WORK! Alex Chiu IS insane but his stuff vorks!

Incogneatus: Chiu is still more interesting than Sargent

quail man: what a fag, this guy is a major scam artist

wsohigian: This is a funny video, but Sargent is a pretty big tool it seems.

kar12894: seriously anyone here buying this? if this guys such an amazing inventor of the immortal isnt he supposed to b living in a much bigger house...hed be getting buyers around the clock..thers a lot of retard suckers out there

AniVisual: Trash deserves trash. No matter whether he is a fraud or deeply crackpot, he deserves scorn for selling stuff that do not work.

Hair Do: Thanks for the tip. I do know it's hard to earn money. But it is much better than working minimum wage at mcdonolds. Being an hair stylist does get tips and I end up making decent money. Plus it allows me to be creative sometimes and make customer's dream come to reality.
Alex Chiu Interview 4.7 out of 5

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Alex Chiu Interview
Alex Chiu Interview
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Alex Chiu Interview