No Sew Leather Bag

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SHANZ S: I purchase my leather scraps at Goodwill, they sell them in 2lb bags and I believe 5lb bags. Super cheap and of good quality.

Kutt Throat Kandie: Good tutorial but cant really see what your doing .. camera is to far away

Rock A Billy: I am just trying to find bags of scraps like that ... where did you find them at???

Ahsharah Ahrataza: ur video is good. I think if ur camera was on ur actual project it would be even better

Brodie Johnson:
Thanks for the video, I've been looking for one of the videos for a while now and finally found one.

Bill Ebert: training starts @ 3:23

javier rodriguez: Hi how are you nice rustic design could you send me the pattern please tyvm my email address is

mortomitorquince: Hi there good video. Interesting design. Could you send me the template please? many thanks.

Good Medicine: Would love to make these for a give away next month. Seems simple but hard to see exactly how it comes together also how can I receive a pattern. Thanks so much.

Romar Chakeys: I loved the no sew bag...Could u get the picture to come up stronger? So, that i can see the actual pattern u use? Thanks

Jesse Brauer: Well done email me

ilathe2: Nah!

Chris Robinson: The project is cool but your video is not i actually want to see what you are doing and not guess. Fire the camera man and practice your explaining please.

thedawnawakening: Gonna try this cheers fella

KKjilly543: :P gay

YOYOBOY666999: Nice, simple and inexpensive - can't get better than that.

Carer Dragon: where to download this pattern for no sew leather bag Sir June Chiang

wolfmaier: Nice! Thanks for sharing!

toxic angel: i buy mine at local powwows

No Sew Leather Bag 5 out of 5

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No Sew Leather Bag
No Sew Leather Bag
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No Sew Leather Bag