Viridian Green Laser Vs Crimson Trace

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Bill Talbot: What are you thinking pointing you gun around? oh yeah, your not,

michaeljrcp: Really??? In order to make a fair comparison, compare green laser to green laser or red to red. Not red laser to green laser.

dddarien: apple vs oranges stupid video, did Viridian pay you?

Greg Beals: you're comparing a red laser to a green laser?

Josh Tuggle: freaking a. had to go throw up from all the shaking in the camera get a tripod

utubetommy: The best test to determine which laser is superior is to be in a totally dark room, simulating being in your bedroom with all lights out.  Turn on both lasers and you will find the Viridian illuminates the target so it can be identified; the red laser will not.  In short, the green laser IS superior to the red laser.

Dave Carsley: A minute and 23 seconds before what was in the title was even talked about. freak

Ha Re: i put the viridian C5L on my M&P full frame, got the combo pack (auto on holster ) awesome setup. although a bit pricy seems well made. i was impressed with how bright the white light was for this smaller unit. green laz is definitely the way to go, day or night. btw don't know what state your in but this crap state i live in bring a firearm on city property, ie fire/ambo/police will get you in a whole lot of trouble. and if you are employed, upto and including termination. unless you are LEO.

20Mindfreak07: Not a clear and fair review green shows up more anyway had both been green then it would be a true test

Charles Marshall: The most dramatic difference in these two lasers is secondary lighting. Go into a completely dark room where you can't see anything and no other sight will work. Turn each on separately and you will quickly discover as I did that the CT green laser not only lights up your target, but also casts a green light that very much looks like night vision for a large portion of the room. That is as valuable as the concentrated green target dot for seeing other threats! The Viridian does not do this.

Chris Temple: I'd rock both of the lasers on that at all times haha double the badass and if one fails there's the other!

DarkMan 89: Dude is a complete idiot....period

dmger14: Crimson has the green dots out now.

Roget726: They can't even stand by their product. Constantly having problems with the c5L. I don't understand how something so simple to fix can't be and how their damn techs can't find a solution to this problem. Viridian.... You such donkey balls.

Roget726: Worst freaking laser company in the world! Almost $400.00 spent on a piece of crap, cheap laser that can't even function right. Something so stupid to where the lumen light and the laser can't even stay on correctly at the same time without the laser phasing out within 5-8 seconds. I had to send mine back 2 times and I'm sending it back for a 3rd because of the same problem. Not to mention they sent me 2 new units back to back! I'm sorry, but Viridian by far is the biggest, most retarded company.

suzidoer: Another great video. Again. Thanks for taking time out of your break to make it. I'm a woman CCW with Crimson Trace on both my .38 and .380. Yes I had to go up one holsters size for my Taurus TCP to allow for the laser. Worth it tho. Next gun, working on deciding which .40 cal to get, I'll go with the Green V for a change of pace. Great review, keep making them. Sincerely, Suzi

Barbieboyz28: goto to Tacticaltailor you can get a custom holster for it. There not cheap but they make em for all shapes and sizes even for large attached lights. Though they use malice style molle equip you can easily rig it to your belt. Just check your pistols dimensions then match it to like a glock or whatever they have thats the closest fit for you in thier light holsters or call and get a custom holster.

Andy London: May the force be with you. Nice vid. I think I'll get the crimson laser so I can have a light on the rail.

chuck winters: kinda sketch, pointing a gun at a firehouse while recording all from your car....

Swoosh4435: You seem like a cool cop.... Hopefully you didn't miss anything when you turned your radio off lol

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Viridian Green Laser vs Crimson Trace 5 out of 5

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Viridian Green Laser vs Crimson Trace